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  1. Ok, so here is my 2 cents. I upgraded to 4.2 and got a dramatic increase in VR performance as well as regular performance. I am running a GTX1080 on 2 screens, the ability to switch from VR to non VR flying is a game changer for me for long flights as well as single pass (VR option) I only installed the Client though, I did not upgrade anything else.
  2. FSX-SE

    No there is not, not to my knowledge
  3. p3dv4

    That’s awesome, I was flying into Atlanta last night and saw fireworks. Is this part of the default P3d scenery
  4. Oh this is a good idea. How high up have you noticed the desk doesn’t interfere with the controller? Thanks for the suggestion Thats the best part about flight sim and aviation in general is everyone has their personal style and it all works because flying is so subjective. And it’s fun to see how other pilots adjust their flying space.
  5. See I don’t use my touches because while sitting at my desk I can’t see, to get the sensors placed in an area that the touches aren’t blocked by the desk when I lower my hands.
  6. So a couple things I have noticed, with P3dv4 native VR vs FlyInside. First thing is the native VR is way more perfomance taxing in P3dv4 than FlyInside which if this is any indication of how X-plane would be it would be good to purchase FlyInside. That being said, my experience with X-plane is that when they roll out something it generally is pretty optimized. Word on the street is it may be released by Christmas, so if you can wait another couple weeks than do it. But FlyInside is a great program and has taken over my flight sim experience in both P3dv4 and X-plane. I just uninstalled P3dv4 because X-plane vr is second to non due to performance and flight dynamics in VR feels like the real thing to me! But everyone’s interpretation of flight is different and unique to the person. Happy flying.
  7. XP11

    Man, this is a cool looking aircraft. How is it? For 20 bucks it seems like a steal
  8. So this is what I have done.. I have just pulled out my old 780ti and installed the 1080, I went from med world objects to max. I was able to go from 2xMSAA to the full right on the antialiasing (not looking at my settings so bare with me). I’m running two 19” monitors side by side.. and use nvidia span to go from 1980x1080 to 3960x1080 (again not looking at it so it might night be the right measurement). I no longer take a huge frame hit from running xenviro. Ultimately I’m able to run xplane maxed out with exception to the HDR+SSBO (?) setting. I am getting a solid 30FPS in cities. this isn’t even the best part my VR results are incredible. I’m able to run a solid 30/90 framerate, highest resolution with 100% FOV draw (C172). The only change in the graphics settings in game i have made is no AA. In populated cities I am running the IXEG 737 (VR) at 25/90. Which isn’t to shabby. And it fluctuates between 25-30/90. Anyways this card is incredible. I’ve taken such a jump in VR resolution I took my second monitor down and am flying sole VR now. I haven’t seen the same performance increases in P3dv4 which has been semi dissapointing. Ultimately I would wager to say I have had a 75% perfomance increase in Xplane.. I feel like p3dv4 is more CPU heavy hence the disappointment with P3dv4
  9. So i have installed my 1080! And it has made a world of difference!! I have a 75% performance increase and it is amazing. I have yet to try VR but am excited. Thanks fot all your replies and opinions.
  10. Ok so it's an issue with the program itself and not the graphics card. How is the card itself? do you like it? Thanks for the reply by the way.
  11. Hey just curious, is anyone running X-plane 11 with a GTX 1080.... and on top of that does anyone run FlyInside XP with a 1080 and can let me know how it handles it. I just bought one and am upgrading from a 780Ti any input is appreciated. Happy flying V-pilots.
  12. X11

    Very nice photos, which airplane is that? Payware?
  13. OMG this is hillarious!!! Thanks for the laugh Jim. *ACARS* message reply. When you land find Vladimir Sergey, give him the envelope full of cash. He will give you a hard time but will eventually let you through customs, and will quite possibly ask you to take some Kalashnikovs back. Do as he wishes and he will let you pass. -dispatch *ACARS* message end
  14. XP11

    X Plane is amazing, with photoscenery you cannot beat it. And soon there will be winter textures.... Amazing photos
  15. Man simulation encompasses so much more than just pressing the direct-to button and flying to a "destination". While the task of pressing a button is boring; pressing the button gives me the ability to explore places on a daily basis that would cost me an incredible amount of money and time that I do not get in real life which is in turn exciting. And it gives me the sense of accomplishment when I get there (in real time, no fast forwarding) in the sim. Which if you have done an actual 4 + hour flight is a difficult task in itself, just to stay occupied and engaged and requires a ridiculous amount of self control. Maybe not the kind of difficult you want but difficult non the less. I have flown places in the sim that I dream to go in real life. I have created photo scenery and shot approaches on the sim that when I was able to do the same thing in real life was identical and that place was not foreign to me because of simulation. For me simulation has made me a better airline pilot and so spending "x" amount of time is not a waste of time for me. It is able to be tailored to each individuals needs and wants and you never beat the game, because the user creates the game and sets the parameters. Ultimately while "cruise" and "autopilot" and "button pushing" is in itself a boring task. It's just the means to explore a place, or environment that you don't normally get to explore in daily life. The difficulty is it is always different "ie real weather, time and season" and flights while they may be similar are not ever the "same". And for yourself you have the ability to fly the constellation or a 747 that you may never experience in real life. Just my view on the subject.