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  1. This is interesting to me (also a RW Airline Pilot). I feel like flight characteristics are so subjective. It’s like driving a car, every single driver has something different to say. Some say the car has a right steering tendency some think it doesn’t. It’s just so completely subjective.
  2. Some of these comments..... I spent about 3 hours last night fooling around with MSFS 2020. And it is incredible in my opinion, the graphics, performance (tried GA and Airliners) and the actual feeling of flying for me was spot on. Every sim... every single one has it’s downfalls and perks. Give this one time, just like we gave X-plane, P3D and DCS time and before you know it we will be posting stunning pictures approaching some random airport in a PMDG airplane with 3rd party atc.... be thankful we have another sim to fool around with! edit... comments
  3. Honestly, I would focus on good scenery (photorealistic, or open world like Arma) with a graphics engine that will support long term inivation and updating, VR is the future so be prepared to implement that as well. One thing I have seen from flightsim is they take years worth of development in order to reach their full potential. Even P3D has been in the works for 5+ years. As far as aircraft go, less aircraft with more realism is what is going to keep your audience invested. It’s easy to create easy modes for an in-depth aircraft but hard to keep sim enthusiasts interested if the aircraft systems aren’t fully modeled. Ultimately start small with a lot of players input so as you develop you get the most help and criticism as possible. Starting a flight sim is not easy. Look at LM P3D, this company makes multi billion dollar aircraft for the military and didn’t even want to start over to create a new platform. So the more help and input you can get the better. again this is all just my opinion. FWIW
  4. Oh man, no I don't think im installing it as administrate ill give that a shot
  5. haha, my bad didn't realize i posted it in the wrong forum
  6. I have reached my wits end, I am hoping someone here can help. Everytime I try and do a full install of P3d 4.3 I get most of the content, with no .exe or any of the other files you find in your root directory. I have tried to install the packages individually, and also as a full install. I have attached a picture of the p3d folder and the content I am getting.
  7. It really has come a long way and it looks fantastic with better performance.... one thing though those pictures are awesome and where did you get the A330...?..
  8. Ok, so here is my 2 cents. I upgraded to 4.2 and got a dramatic increase in VR performance as well as regular performance. I am running a GTX1080 on 2 screens, the ability to switch from VR to non VR flying is a game changer for me for long flights as well as single pass (VR option) I only installed the Client though, I did not upgrade anything else.
  9. That’s awesome, I was flying into Atlanta last night and saw fireworks. Is this part of the default P3d scenery
  10. Oh this is a good idea. How high up have you noticed the desk doesn’t interfere with the controller? Thanks for the suggestion Thats the best part about flight sim and aviation in general is everyone has their personal style and it all works because flying is so subjective. And it’s fun to see how other pilots adjust their flying space.
  11. See I don’t use my touches because while sitting at my desk I can’t see, to get the sensors placed in an area that the touches aren’t blocked by the desk when I lower my hands.
  12. So a couple things I have noticed, with P3dv4 native VR vs FlyInside. First thing is the native VR is way more perfomance taxing in P3dv4 than FlyInside which if this is any indication of how X-plane would be it would be good to purchase FlyInside. That being said, my experience with X-plane is that when they roll out something it generally is pretty optimized. Word on the street is it may be released by Christmas, so if you can wait another couple weeks than do it. But FlyInside is a great program and has taken over my flight sim experience in both P3dv4 and X-plane. I just uninstalled P3dv4 because X-plane vr is second to non due to performance and flight dynamics in VR feels like the real thing to me! But everyone’s interpretation of flight is different and unique to the person. Happy flying.
  13. Man, this is a cool looking aircraft. How is it? For 20 bucks it seems like a steal
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