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  1. Say what you want about FSaerodata their support is fantastic. It seems that the default FSX has KVPS with two ILS stations one at 100.3 and the other 109.1. Anyway when FSaerodata updated FSX, it made KVPS accurate to current real world frequencies. Well, in the real world now BOTH ILS stations use the same frequency, 109.1 with different course headings of course . FSX apparently gets very confused by this and causes the behavior I described. Interesting lol.
  2. HMM ok then, I guess i need to fiddle with my FSaerodata and see if it caused the issue. Thanks for testing it for me.
  3. Yes default KVPS, the onlt scenery-ish thing I have is FSaerodata, which is my chief suspect right now lol.
  4. Last night I was flying the Texas Bikini Team to Destin Florida (KVPS) for a competition (my mind is strange but beautiful place). It was WAY IFR, like super foggy. No problem though we are in a ILS equipped plane and other than the fog the weather is not bad. So I dial the ILS-W runway 19 approach the autopilot flies it just fine. The aircraft gently glides down, locked onto the localizer and the Glide slope, then at about 500 feet AGL, well short of the runway, I lose the signal of both the localizer AND the glide slope. The aircraft veers to the right, nearly crashes (since the autopilot now has nothing to follow) and I have to change my pants. Is there ever a situation where ILS' are designed to cut out like that? I understood that the Glide slope, and localizer especially, are supposed to continue to send a signal all the way to at least decision height if not touchdown. I recently installed FSAERODATA on my PC, it is supposed to update the actual navaids and fixes inside FSX, could that cause this problem (if it is indeed a error)? Like the sim thinks the airport is 500 feet higher than it really is? my other add-ons are all aircraft (no scenery). I've flown approaches into other airports since installing FSaerodata with no issue. I flew this approach in multiple aircraft including default FSX ones and the error is repeatable, they all lose signal and veer right towards the ground. If anyone is bored try flying the ILS-W rwy 19 into KVPS, see if it leaves you hanging 500 feet AGL. Let me know what happens. Thanks for any help
  5. Thanks all. I've just never seen (in my flight sim experience) a rudder input seem to make no difference at all lol. As I said I tried the takeoff again with the winds at zero and it worked fine. So your explanations seem to be dead on. I will try the rudder fix and see how it works. Thanks again!
  6. I'm 98% sure it was. The EICAS indicated it was, and the TO/CONFIG did not alert me. However, I just tried the exact flight again but I turned off Active Sky Next and cleared all weather. It flew just fine. Maybe it really was just too dang windy, but even with that high wind it seems unrealistic this aircraft would be SO uncontrollable. I mean the real aircraft of similar size were flying today (according to flight aware). Is this aircraft unrealistically sensitive to wind?
  7. I can't seem to stray straight on my takeoff roll today in the e-jets 195. Admittedly there is a pretty bad crosswind but I don't think that is it. - I am at Lubbock on runway 17, the wind is 270@25 knots. So it is blowing hard from right to left (from the perspective of the pilot sitting in the aircraft). I have my aircraft setup for takeoff ready to rock. I begin my takeoff roll and at about 40 knots I start to lose steering control (as expected according to the AOM) The aircraft immediately drifts to the right and rolls off the runway. It drifts RIGHT, INTO the wind not away from it (this is why I think it may NOT be the wind). No matter how much left rudder input I give it swerves right, off the runway. Things I've checked: Autopilot is disconnected, Trims are neutral (slight up trim on elevator) Heading bug is set for RWY heading (but AP is off so it shouldn't matter), and joystick (X52) is calibrated. Is 25 knot crosswind too much for this aircraft? I hope this is the right place to post this, if not please let me know and/or move it.
  8. okay thanks for clearing it up, as I said, I can't help but feel a little disappointed, but business is business i suppose.
  9. Just to make sure I understand. If i want to use AS16 with both FSX and P3D, I will need to purchase two different products? ASN worked with both, and one license allowed you to use it with both. (in contrast) I like to use both and I must say I'm a bit disappointed if this is indeed the case. Perhaps I will stay with ASN. Still love Hi-Fi's products though, ASN has made my simming so much better!
  10. It seems that 16 is sim specific as well. One version for FSX (and steam ) and an entire other purchase for P3D. ASN was one price for for all sims. . (Unless my memory is going)
  11. Okay, i'm confused because I saw this on the 777 product page... PMDG Operations Center - Includes the new PMDG Operation Center, a stand-alone application which manages livery downloads and installations, livery options settings, documentation, support and much more. The OC also supports the PMDG Jetstream 4100 and PMDG 737NGX. We will be updating this application frequently to add new features and functionality. So, although the product works with the J-41, it is not available with the J-41, only the 777, is that correct?
  12. Hi, I bought the J-41 about two years ago. Should I have received a copy of the operations center with this aircraft? if so where would it be? How do I access it? Thank You (oh will the 747 ever come back lol)
  13. Hello, So I recorded a landing using the record feature, but after playback ends, I am "time warped" so that I am where the plane was at the end of the recording. I was expecting that after playback I would be returned to the time place and aircraft state I was in when I hit playback from the menu. Is there a setting I am missing or is this just one of the oddities of FS Recorder?
  14. I would advise strongly against an analog control for trim on the J41, as it will cause the autopilot to disco constantly. Because it is a analog control and the autopilot can not move it, it will interpret that as pilot input and will disconnect. Per AOM- The autopilot will disengage if any of the following condition exist: ... - Manual over-ride by the pilot beyond a point at which a servo clutch becomes disengaged. I had my trim mapped to a wheel and it didn't work at all, mapping trim to buttons still works fine. Get one for GA though, they are awesome! (I know this is an old post but I wanted to share my troubleshooting for future use)
  15. Greetings All!, So i decided to do a re-familiarization flight in the J-41 as its been a while. So I go through the tutorial and all is well until I get to takeoff and it says engage the autopilot. After much frustration I know the issue, its my joystick... I have the X52, a great stick! Ok, I have the trim wheel set to the axis wheel on the "e" button (owners will know what i mean) the large wheel on the throttle. Now, I moved it to here instead of the two lighted buttons on the stick for greater control. It works FANTASTIC on hand flown GA aircraft, it allows me to make fine adjustments and hold an altitude easily! The PROBLEM is I think, because the trim is now assigned to a wheel its a manual control now, not a push button adjustment. So my theory is the J-41 can't automatically move that wheel in real life (that would be awesome lol) so it interprets the fact that the wheel isn't moving as pilot input, and disengages itself. Per the AOM for the J41: section G 8.11 Autopilot cut-out The autopilot will disengage if any of the following conditions exist: ... -Manual over-ride by the pilot beyond a point at which a servo clutch becomes disengaged. That's what I'm assuming, because the physical wheel is a analog control, the plane thinks I'm moving it (even though I'm not) and it cuts out. This seems to be confirmed by unmapping the trim controls, and then the ap engages just fine... So, my question, is there a way I can leave the trim mapped to that wheel and still get the autopilot to work in the J-41? Or am I looking at changing my control mapping every time I wish to switch from the J-41 to another aircraft? Thanks