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  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone has experienced any limitations with aircraft that use auto trim systems, if so what are they?
  2. Hi there, I'm a aerospace engineering student at Uni and have an assignment based around Auto Trim Systems. I was just wondering if anyone has an helpful information on the system and it limitations, or know of any useful websites or books that are avaliable for me to view. preferably information on the Boeing and Airbus systems but general information on the system will also help. Sorry if this isnt the right place to be asking this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I was flying the 737-800 recently and I noticed that the triming was kinda broken. I was using the AI auto trim setting, but with that active, the plane randomly starts to go nose nose up, nose down constantly. It stops after some time eventually. if I turn of the setting, it’s very hard to trim. I was on final at 2000 feet and the plane was descending, but the nose was up like in the climb phase. do you know how I can trim it easily? or how can I make the auto trim setting work better?
  4. Hi All, Sorry if I'm wrong section but couldn't see anywhere that I thought was apropriate than here. I am currently reading FSX Real world training. In here it's says that the trim should be set forward (noose down). Is that right? I would have thought noose up to help the climb. i am using the piper cub to learn. any advice is welcome. Please see attached a picture from the book if you can read it.
  5. TLDR Engaging the AP causes the plane to drop a wing and nose dive. FULL Ever since I got the game about 3 weeks ago I have had no issues with the autopilot. I am now on version and the experience of flying has been absolutely ruined. This happened in light default GA planes. Mostly the (steam gauge) C172 and the Cub. I plan a flight using the GPS. In the AP I enter ALT=3500, VS=500FPM, make sure the primary souce is GPS. The usual. I take off and fly manually until cruise altitude, make sure its all trimmed and engage the AP.....and then the fun starts...😏 Immediately the airplane drops a wing, the trim goes full nose down in less than a second and the plane heads towards the ground in a dive. This was in the C172. I then tried the Cub. Same thing. I did a test where I planned a GPS flight but deliberately went off course and then engaged AP to see how it would capture the magenta line. It corrected well for a few seconds and then went ballistic and flipped the plane around the sky before diving again. I'm out of ideas. More baffling is that just two days ago the game was just fine (same version, the AP was fine. So I cannot point a finger at the update. Would be grateful for any ideas. Below are two videos I shot. They are very short (under a minute). Please check them out to see what I mean. Thanks for any advice! C172 CUB
  6. Greetings All!, So i decided to do a re-familiarization flight in the J-41 as its been a while. So I go through the tutorial and all is well until I get to takeoff and it says engage the autopilot. After much frustration I know the issue, its my joystick... I have the X52, a great stick! Ok, I have the trim wheel set to the axis wheel on the "e" button (owners will know what i mean) the large wheel on the throttle. Now, I moved it to here instead of the two lighted buttons on the stick for greater control. It works FANTASTIC on hand flown GA aircraft, it allows me to make fine adjustments and hold an altitude easily! The PROBLEM is I think, because the trim is now assigned to a wheel its a manual control now, not a push button adjustment. So my theory is the J-41 can't automatically move that wheel in real life (that would be awesome lol) so it interprets the fact that the wheel isn't moving as pilot input, and disengages itself. Per the AOM for the J41: section G 8.11 Autopilot cut-out The autopilot will disengage if any of the following conditions exist: ... -Manual over-ride by the pilot beyond a point at which a servo clutch becomes disengaged. That's what I'm assuming, because the physical wheel is a analog control, the plane thinks I'm moving it (even though I'm not) and it cuts out. This seems to be confirmed by unmapping the trim controls, and then the ap engages just fine... So, my question, is there a way I can leave the trim mapped to that wheel and still get the autopilot to work in the J-41? Or am I looking at changing my control mapping every time I wish to switch from the J-41 to another aircraft? Thanks
  7. This is for those of you who fly GA aircraft and find trimming an absolute pain, like I did. Back in the FSX days there was a tiny little program, Realtrim. It was free. You set the pitch attitude (actually the airspeed) you wanted, pressed a button, released pressure on the yoke, released the button, and violard - the aircraft was in trim. To me it was one of the best addons in history. The original designer updated it for XP11, but he said the coding was too laborious for P3D. If you fly GA aircraft in P3D, you know what a pain trimming is (unless you have the Saitek panel with trim I suppose, or the Cessna trim wheel). Otherwise it's an exercise in futility. I came up with what I thought was a pretty bright solution: since I don't use a controllable pitch prop, I don't need the blue lever on my Saitek throttle quadrant. So I set that as my trim. Which works okay, but it's still not ideal. Just yesterday I was using the google machine and I checked again on Realtrim for P3D. I found Realtrim professional on one of the payware sites. I did some reading on various forums, and found that some people who had tried it with A2A aircraft in P3D said it didn't work. There's even a video on YouTube of an A2A Comanche going inverted using Realtrim Pro. But given its price, I decided to give it a try. It works slightly different than the original in that you click whichever button you set and release it, then release pressure on your yoke and the trim is then set, but essentially it's the same thing and is just as delightful. No fussing with the trim, no clicking the electric trim 800 times on an ILS approach, just click, set, and forget. I know this was a huge issue for me, and I'm guessing for others, so I wanted to take the time and let everyone know. If trimming is a pain for you, get Realtrim Pro. And I have no association with it at all. It's just a wonderful product.
  8. So, this is not my first run-in with this issue and I'm out of ideas on how to eliminate it. During most flights with the 777 I configure the aircraft while at a gate, setting all criteria including CoG. Usually while taxiing or on the runway I'll see the pitch trim lever spike to full nose down. Sometimes I can click the lever back to centered and it will remain, sometimes I literally need to fight with it until it stays centered. Frequently this occurs during my TO run, causing the MFD warnings and spoiling the experience. I have: Purged any custom configurations, panel states, etc Deleted the trim axis from my flight controller setup for ALL aircraft (in the sim general settings) Removed elevator trim from FSUIPC, as well as creating an aircraft specific profile that disables elevator trim axes. My trim lever still jumps on its own. Typically during cruise I will see this again, as evidenced by porpoising during cruise. What I cannot figure is what is sending these signals to the sim; I experienced this both in my FSX installation and now in P3dv4.1, so I am convinced it's not the 777 but something on my pc or hardware. I'm open to any and all suggestions
  9. Hi guys, what value do you use for trimming this aircraft at take-off, both on a full load and on a half load of fuel with two people in the plane? I find that you need to trim slightly more if compared to the Bonanza F33... Is that because the F33 has a more aft CG at max take-off weight? I also noticed that @ thrust reduction altitude the A36 tends to mantain the same picth it had before the trust reduction; On the other hand the F33 will picth down in the same situation..., fully loaded.The overall "sim feeling" is one of a more stable aircraft on it's vertical axis. I'm not complaining, I like this plane, I'm just curious to hear your opinions and learn the differences, if there are any noticable ones... Thanks,
  10. Hello all NGX operators/owners Two questions before I buy: 1. Can you see the runway at MLW (max landing weight) and regular approach speed? I am a 2D flyer and many sim planes seem to suffer from this, abviously not an issue in real life. 2. Is the stab trim animated? This too, even though it is trivial, some sim airplanes depict this and some don't, even from same releases/families of aircraft Thank you for your time in advance,John
  11. Hello, I got this 737-700 Load & Trimsheet when I made a flight on the jumpseat a couple of years ago. Now that I've finished groundschool (and so got the knowledge for mass & balance) I would like to try the Load & Trimsheet on the PMDG 737-700 NGX. But I still need some more information on the PMDG 737-700 NGX model: Basic Empty Mass? Weight of Catering (if applicable at model?) BEM index? By how much does the index move for a given weight for the catering and cabin crew? There are also four holds on the load & trimsheet. I assume hold 1 & 2 in the PMDG model is hold 1 & 4 on the load & trimsheet, just like in CAA's CAP 696 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP696.pdf)? Thanks a lot, PHXRE
  12. Hello guys, I just bought this book called: Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots: Real World Trainingand I am trying to fly a Cub and as stated in the book:When the airspeed reaches 55 mph, gently pull back on the stick, and the Cub will lift off . Now let go of the stick.We set the trim on the ground to give us a particular angle of attack as we climbed. Th e Cub should settle in to climbat about 60 mph. Depending on your realism settings, you might need some right rudder throughout the climb.At 55MPH, i gently pulled back and once the cub lifts off, I let go of the stick however, the airplane started to decend and not climbing with full power. Then I loaded the recorded flight and it seemed like I was doing everything right. I verified that the recorded flight was using the same engine power and trim that I was using however in the recorded flight, it was flying as described in the book.
  13. Help would be appreciated in finding out why, in X-Plane 9.7, I get a runaway trim using my FF2 Joystick? I Don't get the trim runaway when using my Saitek Cyborg Joystick. I didn't get the problem when using the Sidewinder with FSX on a Windows machine. I'm currently using a mid 2010 iMac i5 (Quad core, 2.8 Ghz, 12Gb RAM) Any help would be appreciated Alpha 342
  14. Hello! I am thinking about purchasing the Saitek trim wheel, but I'm worried about the clamp not working with my current desk setup. Does anyone think it might work if I ditch the clamp completely and just put the unit on top of the desk with velcro? I guess if the wheel resistance isn't too great, it may work? Thanks, Paul
  15. I am starting from a fresh install of FS9.1, ASE, RC4, TrackIR5 and B744 using the Cold and Dark mission. I've started the mission and relocated the aircraft ot KRDU/C2 as the start positions, then saved the mission, as well as the PMDG panel states. Exit, restart FS9. I'll initiate all checklists from the CAD point per the AOM and everything works fine, until some point after itiating pushback and up to approaching the active runway, when I'll notice that the trim settings have jumped >completely< out of tolerances, almost out of the window. Again, completely following the checklists and fully programming the FMC. Trim settings are entered normally and do appear corrrectly in the trim indicator, however, it seems that as soon as I stop STARING at the trim indicator, look at anything else and come back to it, BANG! Out of tolerance. Naturally, aircraft is unflyable. First time this happened, I couldn't understand why the AP wouldn't engage. My VA recently updated their ACARS which involved a .Net change and I've been tinkering around with my registered FSUIPC, however, I am unsure if these things had any effect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the 744 program. As this is the only aircraft I fly in FS9, I'm stumped and stranded. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers!! Ken
  16. Does anyone else find that the a320's autopilot trims unnecessarily up so that the nose is pointing upwards the whole flight, even when at crusing altitude. Anyone have a fix for this?
  17. Yesterday I was set up for an land 3 approach to EKCH, LAND 3 was annunciated, then about 1000ft AGL autopilot disengaged. I tried to figure out why it did it but im not sure. Could someone tell me the criteria for LAND 3 disconnect on fail op 738? Does it disconnect if I inadverently push the trim knob (I have set my elevator trim up&down to buttons on my flight sim yoke)? Im not sure if I maybe accidentaly pressed one of these. One thing I was considering is the turbulence effect. I have AS2012 and no turbulence supression on anywhere (FSUIPC, FSX menu or fsx.cfg) as I have never had problems before with S-turn issues. Is there anyone else flying with AS2012 and latest FSUIPC reg version? Do you have any problems with autopilot and turbulence? I know that the major problem should be the s-turn issue (with ASE at least) but is the autopilot disconnecting during turbulence also a known issue regardin ngx? I havent found posts on that.. Thanks!
  18. Just installed P3D v5 and all my aircraft have the elevator trim locked all the way down. I can get it to momentarily go up with my trim rocker on my CH Eclipse yoke, but then it immediately goes all the way back down again. When I try using autopilot in any aircraft the plane immediately dives. I guess this is because of the elevator trim being all the way down. Does anyone know what might be going on here? -Ed
  19. Hello, So, after I installed a fresh win7 64bit, FSX SP2, REX OD+ Essential, FSUIPC 4.92 and NGX sp1c [all legal for the sceptic...]. It is really that strange problem, so first of all here is a video [with annotations]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xIQaO0RaPs And now I do the explain (although I wrote it all in the video review): The problem can occur on takeoff (as in the video), or in the middle of the flight (a part of the video). On the ground, after the N1 is on 40%, and I push the TO/GA, the throttle remains on its position although I can't move it (it is on AT arms...), So, I'm disengaging the AT, put the throttle on maximum and return back the AT and TO/GA. After the takeoff, there is the other part of the problem, and this part can occur in the middle of the flight (if the first one didn't): The auto trim and the auto throttle stop to response, the plane start to draft from the magenta line and tilting to the right. as I push the VNAV, the trim "jump" once, and keep on freezing. When I'm trying to make an override to the controls, by moving the yoke, the plane starts to make a right hand roll that I can't control, just if I disengage the AP bar. I managed to find, that if I pause the sim for 5 sec while one of the errors occurs, it fixed it self. Really my friends, I try to reinstall all, to disconnect the yoke and fly with the keyboard ( ), fly without weather, in the day, in the night... but nothing changed. I also found, that the autopilot of the default planes is making some kind of problem, like pulling the trim all the way up (but after I reinstall the FSX it stopes). Here is 2 videos of the old problem: Default C172 autopilot Default 737 autopilot I hope you could understand my problem, and if someone have any idea how can I fix it without reinstall the whole windows again... god will bless him Thank you (Yes, I sent a ticket for the PMDG costumer service... didn't answer me yet, and it is important that other will see it too)
  20. Hi, P3D V4.5 WIN 10 64 BIT Can you advise why I have the above warning, I tried resetting trim on on ground and flight, warning on all time ground /flight. How can I cancel /fix Thanks Charlie McEwan
  21. I understand that the FO's setting of the trim to 5.68 is hard coded and needs to be reset by the Capt. before take off; but how about an option to change this? On the PF briefing panel there are many options, and while I understand that trim is not SOP, perhaps one option would be to input the trim setting calculated by the FMC and have the FO use this value versus the default. Pain to set the trim and then have to reset it.
  22. Name: SYSK - Trim and CG Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 07 October 2014 - 02:29 PM Submitter: scandinavian13 Short Description: None Provided Stuff You Should Know: Trim isn't exact. This video explains why. View Video
  23. Hi I am trying to use this tool but I get the trim full up or full down. As describe on the manual I should choose a button and press it when I set my desired pitch, then I can leave my yoke on neutral position. Well I can't use it, I always end up pitching all the way to the maximum extend. Any hint? Thank you
  24. Hello, Gentlemen! I like the original 737-s in reality, IMHO it is one of the great birds of the late 1960-es, along with DC-9, Tu-154, Il-62, 747 and others. I always wanted to fly it in FS, and one day, I realized, that there is such a good, highly detailed model of this plane. So, I have installed the Tinmouse II 737, and I loved this model. But I have some problems with it. It would be really nice, to solve them and fly the plane with only pleasant remarks. First of all, the stabilizer trim is VERY fast. I think my passngers are flying up and down around the cabin with their seatbelts still fastened Really, a single, hardly-felt 0.1-second click already shifts the trim a few units. I just keep trying to fly as soft and carefully, as I can, and still imagine myself in these possible g-loads. Also there is an issue with the CWS. (I think it is one of the direct consequences of the trimming problem) It is too agressive. I have to stop the rotation at the point, where I want it to stop, applying sufficient counter-pressure to the yoke, if I just release it the plane will continue to rotate rapidly for a few more seconds. One time, I was lucky (I have no idea of how did I get this) to have the normal-speed trim, just for a traffic pattern, and then a short trial flight to another local airport. I was surprised about how smooth can this aircraft really be, both in CWS and with hands. Is there any way to keep it this slow, exept the registered FSUIPC settings? I am using a wide panel, introduced in version 1.40, and many lamps and lights there are misplaced. I've seen a topic with the corrected locations for the speedbrake and marker lights, but they are placed completely incorrectly, while there are many other lights (I can say most of them, on the front panel), that are shifted slightly over their bitmaps, making the text hardly readable. Are there any corrected panel config sections? I am not good at all in panel building, so I would not like the idea to find and fix them myself, if there are any ready solutions availible. The red gear lights are illuminated all the time, while the gear are up. It is not normal, is that? What can I do with this? I don't want to go to the old 4:3 panel :( P.S Are the incompleted points of the 1.32 wish-list still topical? Are there any plans for a new visual model in some version, or some fixes to the current one, if its source materials are still avalible? It would be nice, for example, to have an ability to open the doors and hatches on the starboard side, and control the aft door independently from the stairs, and the flat flight-attendants near the exits sometimes look annoying, also it would be nice to have an ability to remove them. P.P.S Sorry, I can't upload the file here (don't know why, it just fails), I am talkng about this photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boeing_737-2V6_Advanced_Cockpit_Dubai_Air_Show_Ryabtsev.jpg?uselang=ru Who knows, what is the CDU in the top-left corner of the pedestal for? Is it an INS? Or some other type of long-range navigation? And what is located to the left of it, on the captain's panel? Thank You for your assistance, everyone! Sorry for my English, Best regards
  25. Guys, me & Joel have joined forces to come up with a few treats for you in regards to Ground roll environment for the NGX.A bit later on today this is where it will all happen in regards instructions and downloads. We are both aware there are already 2 posts about this as that was a mistake because i started out then starting talking to Joel who has done a great Touchdown sound as we know this can be found here .. http://forum.avsim.n...ffect-download/As far as the taxi roll and RW takeoff bumps go we are both working on finishing this tonight and having it ready for you guys to try.This will consist of two files that will be provided and have full instructions on where to place them. Baring in mind to always back up your originals FIRST! You will have a taxi sound that ticks over while your taxiing. then on the main runway you will start to hear a much louder sound kick in at around 70 knots which will give the impression of cockpit shake & rattle on take off this is being tested as we speak & is working. These sounds include mine from Joel's.** I've just dropped the speed brake sound a few dB's a lot deeper now.. We will both keep you posted. We both done this as a realism feature not because we think PMDG missed it out !! Regards Steve & Joel.
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