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  1. It's the X-Cub that has mods from Bush League Legends. Check here it's awesome! I have all of them. https://www.bushleaguelegends.com/addons/msfs/msfs-aircraft
  2. If I remember correctly, yes. I think there is a way to just Delete a waypoint too, but can't remember to be honest. Someone here can tell you? Can't hurt to try it while you are learning! Just search on YouTube for A320 MSFS FMS or FMC, you should find what you are looking for. Are you flying the default or the Fly By Wire A32NX version?
  3. Found the Machmell Fisheries and Bella Coola sceneries. They are on flightims.to! https://flightsim.to/file/1046/machmell-fisheries-2020-v1-1 https://flightsim.to/file/564/cybd-bella-coola-valley-water-level-fix https://flightsim.to/file/1288/cau8-rivers-inlet-airport If anyone cares?
  4. You should be able to select the item below it and move it up to the Discontinuity to get rid of it? Go to the 2:00 mark in the video!
  5. I just hope people with these problems eventually get them worked out. And I have also seen post like this that the community actually helped them in some way to get it working. At some point maybe he and others will get this problem fixed. Of course with ton's of different computers configurations, and also that this sim depends on the internet, who knows what causes problems for some and not for others. I want everyone that WANTS to fly this sim, get it working for them! Good luck everyone!
  6. When I first saw it I thought someone had screwed up and posted the PropStrike Studios WorkHouse 172 Bush Kit for XP-11. That's what it reminds me of and it is awesome. Wonder if anyone has done a Machmell Fisheries scenery for MSFS ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that scenery in XP-11! I am having a Multiplayer Event next Saturday and this is one of the planes we will be flying, For info check out my Discord link in my signature if interested in flying this plane with a Group? Info about the event will be posted here soon! Man I hope a float version is in the works of this aircraft?
  7. Was just flying it and love it. Thanks for the Tail Dragger link, getting it now!
  8. I actually wish they would explain this in one of their Streams. Although I know people want to hear about Updates, not buying the game. It's just very confusing! You could also check out Steam I guess to, see if it is on Sale? But all my other games and sims are on Steam, and I wanted MSFS from MS Store, but that's just me! And I only own about 10 Steam games, including 2-3 sims! Regular price on Steam too, for now!
  9. See if you can Locate the Digital Rights stuff! Like I said it won't show for me anymore cause I own it. And you WON'T see the regular prices while you have Game Pass. It's really strange and should be Super Simple, but it is NOT! See if you can find this in the middle of the page? When I got it, was $99.99 almost sure! Like I said VERY confusing! Unless that is a SALE for everyone, also people without Game Pass too? Once again, be careful and good luck!
  10. Well I actually did this after having Game Pass for about 3-4 month's, one for $1.00 and the other 3 when it was $4.99. Many people tried to purchase the Premium Deluxe like me and some failed at it and I don't know why. I did BUY the Premium Deluxe right before my Game Pass expired, I think a few days, and DID get the sale price, I think it was $99.00, and might still be that price. I was extremely nervous about it as I had heard many horror stories, but in the end it WORKED for me. I did make sure that I bought the Digital Rights version, it's been awhile now. But after many months, so FAR I am fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though I actually ended up spending about the same price cause I paid for Game Pass for extra months at $5.00 a month. But it could have been $21.00, plus the $120 and it was NOT for me. I am telling you it is not easy, and your mileage may be different for some strange reason! Good luck is all I can say @jfri! I don't even remember how I found the Digital Rights version to be honest! I am almost sure this is why it worked for me, but not 100%! And I can't see this info any more cause I own the sim now! Maybe I just got lucky! Right before the END of Game Pass I either Cancelled it or let it run out. It was just a few days! I also chatted with Support and in my case they were wrong, but others have had problems with trying to do this, be aware!
  11. Clickable Discord link in my signature. We will be flying in France with the NEW World update scenery and visit the Asobo Studios to talk to the team ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a surprise when you visit Asobo too! We will be landing in some water, so recommend the X-Cub and the Bush League Legends mods. At least the Amphibious one! Date / Time 04/17/21 - 02:00 PM CDT (1400) /// 1900 UTC Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator Server: EAST USA Departure ICAO: LFBD Arrival ICAO: N/A Aircraft: X-Cub (See link below) Parking N/A Route N/A
  12. Where is the stand alone? And will it be in the Market Place at some point? I prefer it from the Market Place in the future.
  13. If you ever want to upgrade the versions it's expensive if I remember correctly. However if you only want the Standard Version and ONLY plan on adding 3rd party stuff down the road, and NEVER want the other packages, then no big deal. I think it is still the same pricing, for the sim upgrade versions, and such?
  14. This videos shows you what is in each package, planes and airports! It also shows the instruments in the right side smaller video panels. You might have to pause it to look closely! Also, depending on what you like, you might want to download some mods. It's your sim, so up to you! I had REP for a few aircraft in XP-11 but can't remember all of it's features? Depending on what you want, for instance MSFS has Checklist that help you start the default planes, etc... you can either follow it and flip switches or let it do it for you.
  15. I think this will be great news. It will sit next to the default one correct, even if it has or they add the built in checklist, but I doubt it. Only they know for sure what their plans are, well them and Asobo/MS? I prefer NOT to use many mod's as sometimes they can cause issue's. I felt the same with other sim's too. I keep it as simple as I can. But that's just me! I would think they would be very selective at first for the Freeware in the market Place? The A32NX has been requested by the Community Wish List thingy for awhile now right. And I prefer to ONLY buy from the Market Place. BTW, I do not buy very much sim related items. But, now that I have that choice I want to get it all in one place. That's my personnel choice only. If it takes extra time for updates, so be it. That's why we all to get Choose how we use the sim, WE bought! Time to go clean my Community Folder ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, I know NOT enough people want them, but if they could have separate X-Cubs with the Bush League Legends , Float, Alpine, Tundra, ( complete aircraft like the A32NX ) in the Freeware Market Place, I would appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it's not gonna happen, but I can hope? Those are Mod's I use ALL the time, almost daily! BTW, the main thing is you have a Choice to buy where it is available. And where you choose! Which is what the community asked for in the beginning.
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