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  1. Not going to happen as history shows. They moved on to other sim versions before fixing problems in the older ones, FS95, FS98, etc... Windows XP, Windows 7, I think there was a Windows 8, Windows 10, etc... It's how they roll. And most here know that as they have used the older versions, and each new version. Most simmers thought MS would never make another sim, after FSX, and then MS Flight. How many of us were so happy ( well not all of us ), when they announced MS2020? Maybe one year, decade, they no longer make a flight simulator. I am not going to worry about it till it happens. And then I won't worry, cause there is NOTHING I can do about it. Now they might bring some of the Road Map items to MSFS2020, but who knows how many are sent to MSFS2024? Enjoy the MS sim now, or don't. Your choice!
  2. One definition, also called a monthly bill for some: "the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something" Still the consumers choice, in most cases. Most you need to be part of the world 🙂
  3. Some people said thy never use Sub's, and for most that's not true. It's just a different name. What is the definition of a Subscription, is all I am saying?
  4. MS offers both, subscription or buy it out right for PC. Not sure about Xbox, although they Do have to pay for playing any of their games online, me thinks? I used the Game Pass subscription to make sure my low end gaming PC would run it, before I bought the Premium version. Its a choice for PC users, not for Game Pass. Most of us have subscriptions, but we just call them bills, cell phone data plans, utilities, cable, streaming, etc... So IF they would just change the name to Bills, the world would be fine 🙂 Also, with some subscriptions you can try things before you buy, or decide from the monthly or yearly ( most with small discount ) price. But the bottom line is it is your choice to make, and no one else! So go turn your internet, cell phone, etc... OFF right now. It's a bad world out there, companies trying to make money 🙂 I know, I know, it's a Bill not a Subscription, that you pay monthly, sounds like the same thing 🙂
  5. To get more Money, aka FS95, FS98, 2004, FSX, Windows 7, 8, 10, and people thought it was the last one, surprise Windows 11 🙂 At some point in the past and in the future, updates come in a brand new version for a brand new price. But the consumer doesn't have to buy it, the reason 4 people are still on Windows 7, playing there older version of MS flight simulator. The key is the choice is theirs, and no one else! So skip MS2024 and get MS2028, 2032, etc... or never move on?
  6. Well here is what some people have been waiting for. I would imagine it will make it if not already there on the Xbox merchandise store? Sportys Store https://www.sportys.com/flight-simulator/microsoft-flight-simulator-apparel.html Article FSElite https://fselite.net/content/microsoft-partners-with-sportys-pilot-shop-to-launch-flight-simulator-merch/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=microsoft-partners-with-sportys-pilot-shop-to-launch-flight-simulator-merch Anyone buying anything? NO I do not work for them or Microsoft, just saw the article!
  7. The Couch playing Console guys is the ONLY reason you have it on PC. The big wigs would have never green lit it without that market! Console players unit 🙂 And I already bought an Xbox S for MSFS! And blames a company for expensive hardware he bought, just silly! Way to support the growing of flight simulation. Hey, I'm a PC, and I'm a Console, one sells thousands of copies, the other potentially millions, well not really, but more, possibly! PC Masters, what a joke 🙂
  8. Yeah that bug has been around for awhile. Thought they fixed it though? Guess not or it came back 🙂
  9. Well I just bought an Xbox S, and I am going to consider it after some reviews of course. Looks pretty cool and compact. Cost as much or a little more as an Xbox S, but it also is suppose to work on PC also, I think. So I could use it on either and I like that option. I already have the Thrustmaster 16000m Joystick and HOTAS, so I am not sure as it works great! But ONLY on my PC! A lot of people are waiting for the release of that item, so there should be a ton of reviews in short time after release!
  10. Hopefully you can find a keyboard binding in the settings somewhere to fix it again. I know it very frustrating. Good luck. For a second there I thought I knew another language 🙂
  11. It appears the OP has had issue's with actually running the sim, as some others have for some reason, since the release. He is the only one that knows if this is true? Every sim, that I am aware of, can be flown with the most simplistic piece of hardware that every PC has. A mouse and a keyboard when they are installed. Which Real aircraft is flown with a keyboard and mouse? Like we use them? ( Yes I know FMC/FMS's have key's for input ) But didn't people use them in the first versions of flight simulator? Sorry only got into it in 2009 with FSX. And I flew it with a keyboard and mouse and it stunk so went out the next day and got a cheap joystick, with No twist. It has nothing to do with the Xbox Controller cause he will never use one. It's about the performance he is getting, or it hasn't matured to his liking, and may never do so, if he wants it exactly like the other sims? I have no clue, but he does. Many people use flight sim's with ONLY a joystick with twist and nothing else. No HOTAS, No Pedals, etc... but they can still fly them. Not as realistic as others but they can. And bottom line, Mouse and Keyboard are always a horrible option. But a ton of brand new simmers, only had that option at first, some left cause it sucked, others went on forums, etc... and asked for controller advice. Also, reason a lot of people never stick with flight simulation as opposed to say sim's/games meant for what they have already, keyboard and mouse. I have American Truck Simulator and didn't stick with it cause I wouldn't buy a steering wheel 🙂 Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Farm Simulator, Train Simulator, and a million other titles are played with keyboard, as far as I know. I hope the actual performance of the sim gets fixed for all the thousands of different PC's out there. Doubt it will happen. Hasn't for other sim's! Some people just have issues with the sim and hardware getting along, no matter the sim!
  12. You talking about the Right Click, say when you are outside of the cockpit, or inside, and HOLD the right mouse button down and scan the area? I had this problem after the update and I either restarted the sim, or was screwing around in the setting and turned the Locked/Legacy thingy OFF and ON, and now it works. I'm just not sure exactly what I did to fix it 🙂 Have to go lock at this Locked/Legacy thing again. Don't really get it yet? You get it working?
  13. I am glad to see so many people happy, and feel bad for those that didn't see any improvements. or have items such as TrackIR and many other items available for PC, not working very well. Hopefully at some point these things will be addressed for them and others with issues. I also have a low end graphics card, but a decent i7 processor and 16 GB RAM. I am NOT a fps person, I just set my settings the best for me. The speed at which, for me only, it now goes from menu to menu, loading times, is amazing. I even bought a SSD a month ago to get it off a spinning HDD, which did help a bunch, but nothing like this combination of SU5 and my new SSD. I just hope it continues this way, and others issues are also worked out in future updates. In the PC world with so many combinations and so many hardware addon's, someone is always going to have an issue, I think? I even think the Xbox will but they will be an easier fix cause it's all the same hardware. The Sky is Calling 🙂 I know there is gonna be a response to this line 🙂 Good luck everyone! The future is bright! Me thinks!
  14. I don't get the attention span thing. How many young or for that old people bought FSX, or better FSX-SE on Steam and stuck with it. Probably not many, so it doesn't matter the platform PC or Xbox it's about if the person stays interested for a long time for any title. People here seem to be worried about the attention span of others, why? They will eventually leave Fortnight ( have no idea what the real name is ), when another title comes out to replace it. What's the percentage of PC flight simulation people that move past a keyboard, it has to be big, cause it sucks flying it with a keyboard. At least MSFS is programmed to work with the Xbox controller, and those Xbox folk's can rock a controller, better then I can a keyboard or joystick, and guess what it comes with the console. If they stay interested, they might get a joystick or others items. I don't care if they do or not. People are freaked out about this big time, when they won't even come across these people. They are in their tiny bubble of the few here. And that's a good thing, it's what Avsim is for, but it is not for the future, that's for sure. Well most here, a lot have already expressed interest in an Xbox, along with their PC, kind of like they buy a NEW Joystick, Yoke, Pedals, $600 monitor, etc... Also all the Honeycomb items are suppose to work in the future, I think? But who on earth would spend $500-700 ( pedals too ) on those items for a $300-$500 machine? Yes, people here that already have them. But not most new people on PC or Xbox. Enjoy the niche here and the others will help, hopefully, support your hobby on other platforms for MSFS. I said hopefully!
  15. I have an Xbox S, I don't need an X, being delivered today so sometimes I can sit my fat **** in a chair and fly. And of course other titles more comfortably too, like Tomb Raider titles. But mainly for portability to move to another room ( with 4K TV, yes it upscales somehow ), or take with me. It's amazing a flight sim works on a $300 or $500 console. And it is NOT for everyone, or even most here. But if you want it, it's there now. Smart phones, and tablets are next 🙂
  16. They already make them for smart phones. I even saw a tiny joystick for Infinite Flight and somehow I hooked up my big joystick to it and flew it on my phone with a regular joystick. Was ages ago, and it worked, but yes can already be done! No telling what the future will bring.
  17. MS/Asobo are absolutely thinking about the Xbox users first and foremost. Have been since, and I have no proof, since the powers that be, spoke to the big wigs at Microsoft about bringing it back. And the question was, can we make that stuff called MONEY on it? And the reply was, if we can get this on Xbox, and also on PC on the side and both with a Market Place, yes, we can make money. But if you think for a minute that the income that comes from Xbox, if it works, will be a thousand times more than PC, and once again I have no proof. On Xbox they will make money on the Market Place, Game Pass, and you even have to pay ( PC get it free ), for multiplayer, and who knows what else they sell to Xbox users. Which you don't care about but console users will pay for. I do not think the PC version would exist without the Xbox. Your the customer, you either go with the new vision or you walk away. It's always your choice. This time around they make money on flight simulation, or it does not exist at all. Plain and simple, like it or not. The days of the old ways of MS Flight Simulation are gone, never to return again. They either make money this time or flight simulation at MS will be a thing of the past. And could be anyway, if this doesn't work. But I think it will. Man, your really gonna be mad when that Xcloud stuff kicks in and you can play it on mobile devices. MS either adapts to the new ways of flight simulation and gaming or go bye, bye, in the gaming field, not as a company!
  18. I doubt it, and since this is an ever changing thing. Heck they could bring back the ESC key, but doubt it. This is an ever changing sim, for both good and bad for some people. As long as they keep trying to improve it, and sometimes they fail, I'm all in for the updates and changes.
  19. I am one too. I have purposely been learning the keys to navigate around in MSFS, Home,End, etc... Escape ( ESC ) was my bread and butter one. Guess what not anymore. But I am a big fan of the constant updates and others hate them. So I'll learn the new stuff, and I am too lazy to change binding to make it work like before. They took my ESC key away, but they finally made the plane selection area so much better, to me, with the new menus and smaller images. And the scrolling upand down instead of side to side. I love it. MS/Asobo give and take away. Bring it on, I can adapt . Signed, Curmudgeon #2 🙂
  20. Isn't VR in the same sim? Yet, they have their own forum for just one feature in the sim. I'm done now, it's not gonna happen anyway. Some of the PC people have already voiced their opinion about people having FUN in the sim! And they don't like it at all. They don't even want people to have fun in the PC version. It's just weird that people expect other people to go around in life exactly as they do? Makes no sense!
  21. Well VR is a part of the PC version of MSFS and it has it's own forum, and they were segregated from the rest of us. And good thing as I haven't heard a peep out of the VR folk's, and they deserved their own forum. Cause if you go into that forum, it is about VR, duh, and on PC, duh again. It's not a bad thing to have an area by hardware platform. And it's specific just like most Xbox questions will be. A lot of controller questions will be asked specific to Xbox, especially at first, just like when we got the PC version and were learning the new UI. But it's not gonna happen here as I have said. Most have already found their homes for the other Xbox users. Me fears Xbox users are going to get a lot of grief for simple and fun questions. You'll see it will happen here. Already has on some Xbox areas of the internet from the PC folks. BTW, just ordered a Series S, I did not want an X, but I do want to fly MSFS on it. As this is brand new to flight simulation. PC and Xbox, me happy. Or will be when I get it this week! And portable too. About 4 of my friends ordered them today, and we are far from young!
  22. I only have about 20, yet I still use Add On Linker, best program ever, cause it is so easy to use and turn everything off or on, or just choose what you are going to fly for that flight. And it has an option to skip the Intro screens. Since getting it and an SSD, startup is really fast now and everything is faster cause of the SSD. Best money I have spent for flight simulation! Besides my first gaming PC in 2019 🙂 And MSFS runs great on it, no problems at all. Umm you might want to keep that to yourself. Time for the Update prayer 🙂
  23. Ding, ding, ding, and YES we have a winner. Told you they knew who I was talking about 🙂
  24. For some folk's it's a little too early for the IFR question. But it will change in the next 6 months to a year. Yeah, you know what aircraft I am talking about. There really should be a both option! Just saying. For me at this time and probably will be always, lean towards VFR in MSFS 🙂 Ask again in August 2022, might have different results, but maybe not, since the scenery is amazing! I mean you have to take off and land even in a big plane 🙂
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