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  1. This thread is so circular... I haven't had time to read through all replies. Has anyone mentioned that a painted 'STOP' on the road is not taught or enforced by almost all DMVs in the conUS? I stand by my original assesment. Both are at fault. The driver should have yielded and the pilot ought to have been aware of his surroundings...being a student is not excuse..he is still at fault. The fact, however, is that bickering over the assignment of fault is pointless. No one was hurt. Both operators should have prevented the accident. Legally, however, I doubt either one can be held liable. If anyone, the airport manager should be held responsible for not assuring operational safety. ^this!
  2. anyone notice the lack of flaps? js IMHO both driver and pilot are the blame.
  3. Sure they show similar scenarios but one is in an environment covered by snow and the other in an environment without it.
  4. Not the same as the OP's video but still... Needless to say, thanks for sharing
  5. WOW! The A320 t/o is absolutely criminal! Did a bit of research.... Here is the pprune discussion: http://www.pprune.or...keoff-roll.html Also, here is a video of an almost identical incident. A lot less snow but visible ice... Can't believe that any PIC would elect to proceed with t/o under such conditions. Also came across this..."Special web page was created by the witness of the incident (Mr.Anopov). The first officer of the aircraft during that flight got in touch with Anopov and said that Captain Mr. Zolotaryov ignored his warning concerning the undone de-icing procedures."
  6. Taxi/Landing lights off as soon as I have my marshaller in sight. During my initial training I got a nice slap on the hand for blinding a guy on the ramp.
  7. ^this And also, can't believe no one has used this one yet... :h0134:
  8. Agreed on all fronts. But I still stand by MY OPINION hehe that Flight, from all of the sims out there, has gotten closest to simulating real world flight.
  9. I have and neither one is authentic in my opinion. MS Flight was closest to the real thing dynamics wise...which is why I recommended in my original post that those dynamics be paired with quality birds and landmass graphics. Either way, we all have different preferences. For now, I'll keep spending my $ on rw flying.
  10. Yeah you're right...I was referring to Part 91 non corporate GA. :)
  11. Blah but X-plane is far from authentic in the flight dynamics department if you ask me. Also, with made-up VFR scenery for a big chunk of the landmass...it's just not up to par with a 2012 flight sim. Yeah it would surely be a big task but it's not impossible.
  12. Absolutely great read! Thanks for that article OP. I always try to fly a point high on the g/s if the a/c and airport allow for it. Altitude is our friend :)
  13. JK! But damn it wouldn't that be great. They ought to take the Flight skeleton (mostly dynamics) and pair it with some basic graphics. That base with their fleet all for under $150. I would be sold in a heartbeat. ...and now back to life.
  14. Murphy Moose, Noreseman, or a Grumman Goose. That's my short list...money's on the Goose.
  15. DME can be VHF or UHF and ILS G/S are always on UHF.
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