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  1. Because of this being the first post I'd like to post a few favorite weather books to read. All for free thanks to the FAA. Aviation Weather for Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel: http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/advisory_circulars/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentid/22268 Aviation Weather Services (Explains how to decode and read weather reports, forecasts and charts: http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC%2000-45F.pdf
  2. Cessnaflyer

    Boeing 744 crashes in Afghanistan

    I saw it on Facebook and it was only the very end of the crash.
  3. Cessnaflyer

    Boeing 744 crashes in Afghanistan

    That is insane. I saw video from a different angle from the rear yesterday. Seeing it from this angle is scary. Not much that you can do in this case and it looks like they did a pretty good job keeping it up right.
  4. Cessnaflyer

    Students still use the E6B?

    I still teach it. It's a perfect tool because the batteries never run out unlike the GPS and the aircraft itself. You never know when you will need the extra help.
  5. Cessnaflyer

    How High should I fly?

    That's what we do in the airlines. You don't have to descend at the perfect time because 99% of the time ATC will change your instructions on the way down. The biggest thing is that you don't want to do it too late like a 2-1 descent because it is hard to slow down and go down at the same time. The 3-1 ratio works out really well for most all aircraft.
  6. Cessnaflyer

    aviation advice

    I waited and made sure I had the ATP written done so they could type me once I was hired. It is not as expensive to get your ATP as it is all the previous ratings but you might as well save a few thousand dollars and have the company do it for you.
  7. Cessnaflyer

    aviation advice

    This has never been a problem before. The whole history of airlines it has been high minimums and even required military time. There was never a lack of pilots. Only until the 2000's has this hiring with less then 3000 hours been around. Most people would flight instruct for 2 years then fly cargo for 3 years before they even thought of moving to a regional let alone a legacy. Now people view regionals as stepping stones to the legacies and with it we have seen a degradation of wages because of people not caring about the wage and looking at their time instead. Yes, it is an invitation to anyone that would like to chat more. You may be closer to a corporate job than you think. I was hired with only about 900 hours.
  8. Cessnaflyer

    aviation advice

    If you have further questions you can PM me anytime and I can help you out as well. I am a 121 pilot and sim instructor for my airline so I should be able to answer about 25% of your questions. I still fly a King Air on the side so I can help with the corporate questions as well.
  9. Cessnaflyer

    aviation advice

    I went the very slow route and taught only about 50 hours a month and flew a King Air. If you work at a busy flight school you can get all the hours you need in about 2 years. Don't worry how long it will take though, enjoy the ride. Because you will have 10 years of hating your life moving up the ranks of an airline.
  10. Cessnaflyer

    aviation advice

    If that's your attitude then we don't need you in our industry. We are the safest mode of transportation because of the many hours we put into training and our passion for doing our jobs well. This should be compensated appropriately. I chose my airline because we were compensated fairly and had great benefits. You should the same as well. Does the school you are going to hire graduates back to teach in the program? That would be the best way to become an instructor because you are comfortable with the airplanes and the curriculum. If they don't have one I would look at the big flight schools at Deer Valley airport in Arizona. They are hiring all the time and since you will have an MEI you will be able to build that coveted muti time. Once you get your ATP then you will be able to be hired by the airlines.
  11. Cessnaflyer

    Plane hits car on approach

    A combination of dropping airspeed and an increasing sink rate will give the aircraft a higher angle of attack without even moving the nose an inch that could cause a stall. I loved having students maintain a very low pitch up attitude while doing stalls and watching their reaction when the aircraft stalled when they thought they were keeping the aircraft straight and level. All of their reactions, even when they knew an aircraft can stall at any speed or attitude relative to the ground, was surprise. They were never prepared for the the stall and their recovery actions were delayed by quite a bit. This is something that could have happened when the pilot did not notice his lack of airspeed and dropped it on the car.
  12. Cessnaflyer

    Plane hits car on approach

    That would give a height of 34 feet using the proper glideslope from the AFD.
  13. Cessnaflyer

    Plane hits car on approach

    He was just going in for the ground effect. 91.119 says he can go that low for landing :smile:
  14. Cessnaflyer

    Plane hits car on approach

    At Boeing Field they have a saying on the ATIS "Pilots are reminded to fly the VASI" and it has been that way for years because of the dense location the field is situated in. This should have been plastered by the runway though: