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  1. How did a weather balloon get to be in a Lagrangian orbit some 1 million miles from earth?
  2. I support TPB and use them regularly to save copies of tv programming I couldn't save otherwise. I've also used them as well for doing large file transfers for school projects. I hope it never gets blocked in the US but if it does there are always proxies around it.
  3. I think overly dramatic would be making a 5+ paragraph post about how you will never be coming back here, haha.
  4. Well technically American West bought US. That is why they operate still as AWE and use the Cactus callsign. America West kept the USAir name because it is usable internationally.
  5. That was all lost in 1978 and we will never be heading back in that direction.
  6. Fly a Cessna 152 for a few laps around the pattern and get paid mega millions for it. Whatever pays me good and allows me to go home every night and that is what I got now! Sorry, I've been jaded with all aviation has to offer.
  7. Brown is a shipping company with airplanes and purple is an air cargo company with trucks. That's why there is a difference between them.
  8. What also helps is that the CG is below the aircraft and it acts as a pendulum keeping the fuselage on the bottom side of the airplane.
  9. I have a really good contract where I am teaching at now, which is fairly close to Horizon first year pay. I am 23 years old with close to 200 given and I have to count all my lucky stars to be in the position I am in now. Now if only I can get my multi and some trips with the plane then I'll be closer to where I would like to be now.
  10. Haven't applied just yet. I am still building up the hours. Right now my times are 500/0 and I hope to be at around 1000 by the end of July. Then I'll throw my hat into the ring.
  11. It's good they had an autopilot and didn't end up in a large bath.
  12. It's part of the group that looks like it has Barbara Bush on the tail.
  13. Yeah reseting the time will be nice! I'll just have to remember to change the expiration date on all my students log books when I sign them!
  14. Friday I finally got my CFII!Wasn't that bad of an add on since I already have my CFI. There really isn't much to do in the oral besides the basics of instruments and the common errors of first time instrument students. The flight was just as easy as well because the majority of my free time flying is done IFR.Then today I got to talk to an airline that I thought I would never be able to fly for. We'll see how that goes in the next few months!
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