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  1. This is my first FSX video and first time on YouTube.Several mistakes with the landing 😅 I hope we'll all be flying again soon!
  2. I found it provided some stability running Realbench. I've tested for 1 hour and when I had it at 1.35 I couldn't get 15 mins. CPU VCCIO could be coming into play here too. The guy explained that he puts nail polish over the contacts just in case there's any movement of the liquid metal before it's fully set. An abundance of caution you might say. I have a couple of photos but don't remember how to upload them here. I had no AVX set for 4.8 GHz and had this overclock before the de-lid, very stabled at vcore 1.28 This is the real clincher for me and your post puts my mind at rest to go a little higher on the vcore. With no AVX the temps were creeping up to 88 but it has been very hot here, cooler now. At AVX = 1 then I don't anticipate any issues and can keep the temps to low 80s which I'm more combatable with. So probably what I need to do is set this to auto and run RB for an hour. All being well I can drop the RAM back to 1.35 and test again. If all good then I'm pretty much done. If first test fails I set it back and drop the RAM and re-test.
  3. As I suspected but I need to do some more testing to determine the affect of increasing the RAM voltage to 1.365 (XMP is 1.35). I've pretty much decided it's time to move to P3D and that requires some planning, not to mention the time and cost. In FSX I'm at 30 fps most of the time with the NGX, although FTX Airports and UTX have some impact. I have both of those wound back a fair bit. I have a nightmare with VAS. I guess for me 5GHz is the holy grail, I've been trying for many years but only recently, by accident found someone who can de-lid. Is the IHS the lid? He basically split it open with a special tool, removed the thermal paste, used nail polish to protect the small three contacts, applied with care liquid metal to the chip, put the lid back, waited 15 minutes and it went back on the MB. Really glad I didn't attempt myself after seeing him do it 🙂 Saw temps come down 15-20, so I figure I should be able to get 5GHz easy. Setting the AVX seems to make a big difference on vcore. For 4.8GHz, 1.28v is stable, temps in low 70s, so 1.4v for 5GHz seems like a huge jump really.
  4. I also had the msstdfmt.dll problem when doing a new install on FSX. I don't recall exactly what I did but the file is found in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (dated 31/03/2014). I re-installed RC4 run as administrator. Possibly I had to un-register and re-register (open CMD run as administrator) to get it working. Also do a restart after installing RC4. Doing the above should get it working.
  5. I've read some more on AVX, not sure if setting it to anything other than 0 represents a true overclock but it does allow me to reduce my vcore. At the moment I'm testing AVX at 1 and my vcore is 1.39. I'll test around this and see how it goes. I prefer to keep HT for video processing and reading the replies here I can relax about my vcore if I want to push it up a little, so long as my temps are acceptable. I'll set CPU VRM back to auto. The de-lid makes a huge difference and FSX performance is awesome, although VAS still gives me issues. I'm seriously thinking to move to Prepare3D but that's for another post.
  6. Thanks for your response guys. I didn't know such a thing existed as a pre-selected CPU, mine is just over the counter. I made some adjustments and tested RB stable for 1 hour today with a max temp of 81C. I should mention I'm in Melbourne and it's 35 outside today so the ambient is quite high! I've had a good look across the forums, one mention of Intel recommended max vcore of 1.42, so thought I'd post here. AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset: Auto to 3 BCLK Aware Adaptive Voltage: Disabled to Auto CPU VCCIO Voltage: Auto to 1.15 CPU VRM Thermal Control: Auto to Disabled (not sure this is relevant) VCORE 1.4 to 1.405 RAM 1.36 to 1.365 Running latest BIOS Hyperthreading On Cooler is NZXT X52 The CPU has liquid metal I'm thinking now to start lowering my vcore and re-test. Making progress 😀
  7. Hi, I had my CPU professionally de-lidded and running at 5GHz with a massive 1.4 vcore! I've run Realbench for 30 minutes with temps in mid 80s. At 4.8GHz/1.28v I have no issues, with temps under 70. I'm running RAM on XMP 3000 MHz with 1.36v. I upped this from stock 1.35v to get Realbench running for more than a few minutes. I don't understand why I have to throw so much vcore at this cpu. Most BIOS settings I've left on auto and have LLC at 6. Any suggestions for tweaks to try and bring the vcore down? ROG Strix 370e/NZXT 240mm cooling/GTX 1060 3Gb
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vsbFBdKuGnyfcg9A2 Great view of Bunaken Island where I was diving. Six dives over three days, max depth 40m...it was awesome 😊
  9. Interesting dialog, it's been a few years since I've been using the sim and I need to build a new rig soon, a lot of work! I asked the pilot one question, what was the auto brake set for landing and his reply was 2.
  10. An amazing coincidence, when the cabin crew announced the flight crews' names my Indonesian companion said "oh I think I know this man, we went to school together". So we waited for all the passengers to depart and sure enough it was her friend and he kindly let me sit in his office and took the photo. 😊🙏
  11. Folks, please refer my comments regarding USB 3 drivers Posted 28 December 2013 - 09:19 PM http://www.avsim.com/topic/430326-saitek-x52-pro/page-2
  12. Yes, in 1973 from LHR to Helsinki with my father. We flew a BOAC (or maybe it was BA) Hawker Siddeley Trident.
  13. Try settings clouds to simple - that's helped me with CTDs.
  14. Brian, out of interest, how are you doing your system image backups. Are you using any third party software?
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