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  1. And you know what they say about that? "Do you want it done 'right' or do you want it done fast?" (Rarely can you have both)
  2. Okay got it working pretty easily actually. I guess I was being a little dramatic. Lol
  3. Level 2 with FSX steam doesn't really add much especially since I activated it and see no people. With this developer it's always such an ordeal to get things up and running with clunky add-on menu's, Coutl whatever, etc. It's just never click and go!
  4. Picked up the 747-8 on my high end computer running FSX/SE I’m at 3.93-4.06 VAS usage even with sliders turned down, no addon scenery. I’ll do some tweaking later to try and fix this.
  5. I'd rather be able to use my J41 in Steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to get on this.
  6. I’m going to take a look at this, I have MCE but NEVER use it...as soon as I have to repeat a simple command 3x I’m done. MCE drives me nuts with the copilot never on the same page same and always misunderstanding my commands.
  7. Just picked up the Lear! you guys weren't kidding. It is a must-have and one of the absolute very best of all add-ons, hands-down!
  8. I meant that the Lionheart Creations Lear 24 has the issues with the VC in my sim NOT the Flysimware model which will be in my hangar very soon!
  9. I have the LHC Lear 35 already but it has weird (glistening) texturing in the VC. Is the Flysimware much better? I'm quite tempted to get the Lear 35!
  10. I bought the Flysimware Cessna 441 and Falcon 50. They are fantastic airplanes and a true bargain. These are my first from this developer and I’m quite impressed!
  11. The Md-11 is STILL my favorite! I was so grateful that my boxed version worked on my new Windows 10 set-up! Without the boxed version I wouldn't have had it available! : (
  12. It seems the 1.3 version fixed this but now I have no landing gear. Lol The new version doesn’t seem to ask permission to load new gauges so not sure if this is causing the missing gear.
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