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  1. Flight simmer

    Jetstream Fun

    We've been getting some hardcore jetstreams over SE Aus lately, so perusing FR24 has been quite fun. Jet airliners at altitude well under 300 knots ground speed Except this SAAB 340, these things are ordinarily not very fast!
  2. Flight simmer

    Crazy Descent Rate

    Interesting stuff! The Concorde sounds like it was quite a ride, it's a tragedy this legend of aviation is no longer with us. I don't get why a regular airliner would have to descend at such a steep rate, there was no traffic or any other extenuating circumstances, well on FR24 anyway. It was also still a long way from its destination (300km+) where even flights at FL430 don't typically start descending, quite late in the evening when traffic is relatively light. This particular flight clearly went from FL340 to FL250 in a major hurry. There was a jetstream present (as you can tell by the speed), but still that is generally not a reason to go into such a steep descent. Just seems so random. Maybe they encountered heavy turbulence? Wish I was a pax on that flight though
  3. Flight simmer

    Crazy Descent Rate

    Was browsing FR24 the other day and came across this: Evidently backed on on another flight tracker app.
  4. Flight simmer

    Ground Speeds of Airliners in Jetstreams

    Yes we all know it's not supersonic when we consider airspeed, that's common knowledge. I'm trying to point out the movement of the aircraft relative to the ground. If there was 0 wind, those ground speeds would be supersonic.
  5. Flight simmer

    Ground Speeds of Airliners in Jetstreams

    752 knots, that is one insane jetstream! Nearly 1400km/h, as far as groundspeed is concerned, well and truly supersonic, as fast as a bullet. Amazing. Be interesting to see how slow aircraft in the opposite direction were travelling. Both extremes would've been a unique sight from the ground. Something unusual, just now a flight from Sydney to Perth has diverted to Karlgoorlie. Fuel issues due to headwinds?
  6. Flight simmer

    Ground Speeds of Airliners in Jetstreams

    That is awesome! Lufthansa 777F 692 knots = 1281km/h, faster groundspeed than the speed of sound at sea level. Awesome. Must've been one hell of a jetstream. Wonder what GS aircraft going in the opposite direction registered? Great link, cheers!
  7. We have a thumping jetstream here atm, and looking at flights in Flightradar24 is quite interesting. There is one NZ Boeing 787 flight PER-AKL that just flew right overhead doing over 610kts / 700mph Groundspeed at 41,000ft. She was hauling &@($* to say the least, visually looked to be going faster than aircraft inbound to Tullamarine descending through the low FL100's at 300kts or so. Faster than Mach 1 groundspeed at altitude if there was no wind affecting airspeed. I find stats like this quite fascinating. At the other end of the scale, I've seen westbound aircraft near Perth on FR24 doing less than 300kts at cruising altitude. Be interesting to see this from the ground. Share your observations and stories of overflying aircraft or being onboard one in jetstream conditions and how it affected travel times. This particular aircraft is due in Auckland some 70 mins ahead of schedule!