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  1. I'm really sorry I've made post before you. I'm gonna leave this forum, wish you a good luck.
  2. Leatherneck sim. announces DCS F-14A&B: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2336042&postcount=1
  3. I'm really not sure how you end up with Russian installation. :huh: You can try to switch language to English or to download English installation. DCS world, gui and documentation are all in English with few optional localizations.
  4. Agree, that would be natural evolution given how much and how long all of these models (except MiG-29) were maintained and upgraded - more than 10 years. Next step, after Su-27 get new flight model, would be systems and clickable cockpit.
  5. FC3 aircraft and their standalone versions, are simplified simulators w/o clickable cockpits.
  6. Maybe, but then I will pass milviz 737-200 at discount. No money for all three.
  7. Oh, sh**. What to buy, Sabre or Dora? It will probably be Dora because Belsimtek tends to forget their product in beta.
  8. The real problem is that there's no documentation about .rte file PMDG uses.
  9. Or some other factor we fail to see. Anyway, simbrief or not, if you experience the problem again, you can document it as good as you can, so maybe we can find out what's wrong. Edit: Can you post that simbrief file somewhere, I would like to analyze it?
  10. I tested with -300ER and Simbrief generated route + wx. Everything works normally in legs page: trimming the route, deleting/editing waypoints/constraints. I do not add 001 at .RTE files.
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