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  1. I'll be waiting for this plane, I recently picked up X-Plane 10 for a very cheap price, and I think that this could be replacing FSX for good. Atleast for me.
  2. Hahaha i know. No, i don't have the FMC version. I don't need it either, i don't need FMC anyways. It's fun in the glass cockpit jets, but i want to keep this jet old-school Thanks
  3. Im cruising at fl350 mach .78 right now with INS, seems to work fine I'd say get that airbus flying it's a great aircraft
  4. I finished exams and took some time again, this seems to work! The flight i tried today was without INS navigation, only heading hold so i'll have to check out again with INS later. Anyways, Thanks Lee i think this solved it This button order seems to work ^_^
  5. I haven't contacted a dev yet, but i'll be trying Lee's tricks now. If this doesn't work for me my aircraft is broken.
  6. Okay i tried today, but i can't seem to get it working :( It's always the same, it goes right untill i press the altitude acquisition button :( From that point the plane starts climbing with more than 4000feet per minute untill it stalls :( What i do: 1. Set flaps 2. Make sure i made no errors in my INS 3. Make sure i got my plane right 4. Take off, 5. At about 1500/2000 feet I press the autopilot on button, than the vertical speed button, than the NAV button. Still goes right. 6. Now when i press the altitude acquisition button it immidiatly starts climbing/diving out of control.
  7. I'll check this out when i have time, thanks I enabled AP2 because i taught AP1 was malfunctioning. I will make a video soon to show the problem. I have FSUIPC installed, because Vatsim won't work without it. Hahahaha unfortunately the screenshot was an inverted flat spin, so the plane slammed into the ground a few seconds afterwards :unsure:
  8. Here's what i do: Before takeoff i set speed for the autothrottle, and prepare the autopilot by setting the altitude i want to go and setting the rate of climb into the blue area. After takeoff i engage the autothrottle, enable the autopilot, push the VS button, (at this point the plane still flies correctly) than push the alt acquisition button, after i pushed the alt acquisition the plane rapidly starts climbing with more than 4000feet per minute, skips the altitude i set the autopilot to, keeps climbing very steep until it stalls. After it stalls it still keeps pulling back, causing the plane to start spinning... and if i don't do anything the plane will end up in a flat spin or such..... Thanks for the help already
  9. What you said didn't work, it still doesn't understand the difference between 1500fps and spaceshuttle, and it doesn't level of :( I will read the manual when i have time. According to the autopilot this is how +1500fps should be done: Im sorry but this plane keeps stalling itself out when i decide to use the autopilot, which sucks.
  10. Yeah, i cannot fly it like this too. For short flights i will handle the plane manually, but when doing longer flights i'd like to have a functional autopilot Okay i will do thanks Will do tomorrow, i don't have any more time today, it's starting to get late already.
  11. I recently got myself the simcheck a300, and was doing some INS autopilot flights. Now the problem is, that the aircraft refuses to hold the altitude we're on when I hit the altitude hold button, it will continue to climb very steep at 4000, sometimes 5000 feet per minute, it will keep doing this until the aircraft stalls and falls from the sky. When i hit the v/spd button, it will start flying up and down instead of holding the vertical speed. Sometimes it recovers and then holds the v/spd, but most of the time it will keep flying up and down with 500fpm and -500fpm. I know there once was a plane that had a malfunction that caused the autopilot to keep flying up and down, but i couldn't find anything. Right now im flying, i was cleared for fl100, and it simply keeps going 9000feet, sudden 2000/3000fpm climb to 11000feet, and then steep descent of 2000/3000fpm to 9000 feet and wouldn't hold altitude. FInally i gave up with the altitude hold function and started using the v/spd function. The plane is flying relatively stable now, but it still won't 0fpm correctly. still goes up and down in between 10000feet and 11000 feet. especially in turns, it tends to nosedive, and when it completes the turn it goes up incredibly fast again. Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong? Sorry for second post, i wanted to edit the OP and add the post there but there was no way i could type or do anything under the image Here's a second pic:
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