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  1. Thanks Mr. Rob! Later today i will try again. (At work now)
  2. Will work on this and report back. Thanks!
  3. Not working for me too with ngx in p3dv4. VA Interface Control Panel identifies the hardware (mcp), Simulator Version (P3dv4) and plane (ngx 7378 Gol Linhas Aereas), but no imput in mcp is sent to simulator at all. Tried 3 times already. Any hints?
  4. Can´t download. Unable to connect to Maybe too much people there right now.
  5. People must specify for what version they updated. Current win10 Creators version is 1709 Compilation 16299.64 and this version is ok with p3dv4.1. FSX has the "child window issue" still.
  6. Nope! I never participated in Fastlane and all the airports are now available to me from FTX Central (After it updated to
  7. Everything available to p3dv4 here too!!
  8. Here Avast Behavior Shield blocked Active Sky AS4, Active Sky 16 and PMDG operations Center. Took a while to understand what happened because i have Avast forever and it never gave me any problems. Now, one more thing to worry about.
  9. To staff: a posterior attempt was made and the installation succeeded. Thanks!
  10. Hi staff! Trying to install VFXCentral in a fresh new machine and allways getting this error: After this message, installer just shut down. What´s wrong? Thanks.
  11. Downloading .... 12mb/s! Nice speed!
  12. I don´t know where to ask. Any directions please? What topic is he talking about this?
  13. I have other repaints with the same issue. Can Alex explains what is wrong and the way to correct the package to make it install?