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  1. Great video, thanks
  2. Walter Almaraz

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    The right man in the right place, congrats Rob!
  3. Walter Almaraz

    Is this a fake?

    Actually it's true, the Antonov have been making some flights in Chimore Bolivia, as far as I know some special procedures had been defined to operate with no problems.
  4. Walter Almaraz

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Very nice guides, thank you Chuck! 🙂
  5. Walter Almaraz

    Totally amazed with FSFX

    Hello, Recently I adquired ChasePlane and 737 Inmersion and what can I say, it's just amazing, thanks to the developers! Cheers, Walter
  6. Walter Almaraz

    Any good Landclass for North America/U.S?

    ORBX openLC is a good choice, here are some pics in P3Dv3
  7. I can help with the QW146, using the RJ85 I have this: Exterior model: Interior model:
  8. Walter Almaraz

    Flashing shadows

    I have it too, certainly it's "normal", I saw this in P3Dv3 but in v4 is a little bit better.
  9. Walter Almaraz

    Tweaking PTA

    Looks amazing! :)
  10. Walter Almaraz

    MSAA lag

    Unless he's using P3D in high resolution 1440 or 4k and/or high resolution clouds in 32 bits.
  11. Walter Almaraz

    is P3D V4 more of a GAME than any other ( sim )

    No sloped runways does not mean that P3D is a game, seriously your logic is wrong. I bet for good reasons some features are not available or not included, at least not yet.
  12. Walter Almaraz

    Updated AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide Released

    Same here, maybe a temporary problem?
  13. It's sunday, have you considered that? The developers have a life.
  14. Walter Almaraz

    Never liked the STEAM concept

    Steam is good for games, I'm using it for 10 years and love it. For another kind of software or simulators, I'm not sure if is a good option, and after reading the PMDG topic, they say something true and fair.
  15. Interesting, thank you for share.