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  1. Hello, It depends on what parts of plugins you want to use together. I've sent you an e-mail to your request.
  2. Yes, *_Lua version of solutions have more tweaks. These adjustments contain in "xV_Impressive - summary script" resource. The script adjusts various private datarefs affecting clouds, lights, shadows, scattering and water. Keep in mind that solutions with "_Lua" suffix may be used only with FlyWithLua Complete edition or FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) Edition. (Not FlyWithLua Core edition). If *_Lua solution significantly drops your FPS, please refer to para #7 of xVision F.A.Q.
  3. Yes, I've noticed the same issue with this dataref. Thanks for feedback. Thanks, we'll check it.
  4. Yes, update is automatically installed and you have a proper xV version. You need just re-apply your solution again after update.
  5. To ensure that you have 1.01 version of the tool please use "About" command from main menu. Regarding visiblility: go to any airport and set manually "Foggy" or "Low visibility" weather conditions. If you see foggy landscape, it's OK with upgrade. If the environment still looks like CAVOK, the issue still exists.
  6. The problem still exists? We updated some files about an hour ago and data file was inaccessible for 10-20 sec. To see your version of xVision please use "About" in main menu.
  7. All what is required is to restart the tool and apply your solution.
  8. Unfortunalely, I've made a wrong visibility calibration because one of lua script was active. Sorry for this. I've returned calibration to state before this mistake, please restart the tool and re-apply solution. It takes some additional time to find correct values. Thanks for feedback!
  9. We got hundreds of user letters about the tool. Some of the most commonly asked questions we publish at F.A.Q. page: (Issues with Lua scripts, FPS drops, working in VR). The user manual also is updated according to user's feedback. Thank you!
  10. Hi! Like the other shaders tools (PTA for example), tweaks and adjustments totally depends on shaders code of sim. 11.30 is now boiled in LR kitchen. We developed shader adjustments since 11.05 with no problems, but who knows...
  11. Update to Fog & Scattering tweak Fixed the issue with low visibility and foggy conditions (visibility stayed at normal level). How to update: If you are using old 1.00 version of tool, you need to update it to 1.01 version (see July 26, 2018 post). If you are already using actual version (1.01), you need just restart the tool and apply you solution. Done.
  12. We are working on this issue with low visibility. Thank you for feedback.
  13. Yeah, why not. Since, because of the rather short deadline, we've included in the first test release not all developments. Thanks!
  14. Thanks a lot for a kind words! Got an idea, thank you for feedback.
  15. "Install to" column in the resources manager contains the exact file name and can be edited manually. If you download to resources manager disabled script with ".~lua " extension, just change extension in this column to ".lua". Install path contains the directory and file name (relative to main X-Plane directory) where resource will be installed.For example: if resource path is "\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\xVnatural.lua" and your sim is imstalled to "D:\X-Plane", file xVnatural.lua will be installed to "D:\X-Plane\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\xVnatural.lua".