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  1. Yes, reshade manipulates image using only rgb, but most post-processing effects in it (including your example) are not just x=x*a and not possible with driver interface (nvidia CP). Curves as an additional example. So -imho- just using the hardware provided options you can not get your preferred colour "profile". Only simple like contrast, brigthness, saturation, sharping.
  2. What shaders mod are you talking about that " are literally just doing a color balance on the red green and blue" ?
  3. I guess you can get the desired results (no VC shadows + VC brightness boost) only by modifying XP shaders.
  4. I guess the problem is in Lua scripts, which have a pretty strong default parameters. Have you tried a solution from FAQ p. #7 already? http://x-vision.pro/faq.html If yes, please contact me via info@x-vision.pro.
  5. Hi Matej, Yes, xV 1.20 beta 2 is available now: http://x-vision.pro/releases.html
  6. To activate preset please use Menu command "Open solution". Select the desired solution (file with *.xvs extenstion) and then use "Apply" command. If your X-Plane 11 setup doesn't include FlyWithLua plugin, or yor are using FlyWithLua Core edition, please use "Classic.xvs" or "Impressive.xvs" solutions. Otherwise - "Classic_for_Lua.xvs" or "Impressive_for_Lua.xvs". xVision works with "solutions". They are not LUA scripts, but packages containing visual resources (textures), shader tweaks, LUA scripts. Please refer to p.#6 and #7 in User manual: http://x-vision.pro/help.html#solutions for details.
  7. Hello, It depends on what parts of plugins you want to use together. I've sent you an e-mail to your request.
  8. Yes, *_Lua version of solutions have more tweaks. These adjustments contain in "xV_Impressive - summary script" resource. The script adjusts various private datarefs affecting clouds, lights, shadows, scattering and water. Keep in mind that solutions with "_Lua" suffix may be used only with FlyWithLua Complete edition or FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) Edition. (Not FlyWithLua Core edition). If *_Lua solution significantly drops your FPS, please refer to para #7 of xVision F.A.Q. http://x-vision.pro/faq.html
  9. Yes, I've noticed the same issue with this dataref. Thanks for feedback. Thanks, we'll check it.
  10. Yes, update is automatically installed and you have a proper xV version. You need just re-apply your solution again after update.
  11. To ensure that you have 1.01 version of the tool please use "About" command from main menu. Regarding visiblility: go to any airport and set manually "Foggy" or "Low visibility" weather conditions. If you see foggy landscape, it's OK with upgrade. If the environment still looks like CAVOK, the issue still exists.
  12. The problem still exists? We updated some files about an hour ago and data file was inaccessible for 10-20 sec. To see your version of xVision please use "About" in main menu.
  13. All what is required is to restart the tool and apply your solution.
  14. Unfortunalely, I've made a wrong visibility calibration because one of lua script was active. Sorry for this. I've returned calibration to state before this mistake, please restart the tool and re-apply solution. It takes some additional time to find correct values. Thanks for feedback!
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