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  1. Hi. Last week I tried to install Active Sky 2016 X Gauge for Wilco Tilt Rotor in FSX but it was not successful. I tried both automatic and manual ways to do so .Neither worked. X Gauge was installed but when I opened the gauge , it filled the whole screen as the picture bellow.
  2. Hi everyone. With the new Istanbul airport (LTFM) opened a few months ago I want to transfer AI traffic from old Ataturk airport (LTBA) in the city to the new one in FSX. I use Ultimate Traffic 2 . Is there any way to do so ? Nike
  3. Hi. I have had difficulty in controlling of PMDG 737 NGX on ground in FSX . Unlike the other PMDG planes I fly with ( MD-11 , 777 and 747 ) , 737 on ground is very very sensitive to both steering tiler and rudder inputs specially during takeoff rolling and landing after touchdown. Keeping it in runway center line during takeoff and landing is very harder than the other planes.
  4. Hi. I really appreciate your work and eagerly waiting for that to come. Wear-out cockpit textures of PMDG 737 in my opinion is the only negative aspect of the otherwise superb plane.
  5. Hi. I have some saved flights in FSX of my takeoffs and landings with PMDG 737 and 777 which I did last year. With the recent overall updates of PMDG aircrafts ( Including several uninstalls and reinstalls) will it go problem-free for me to load those saved flights?
  6. Hi. I recently installed a new W7/64 and then FSX-Acceleration in an exclusive 500GB hard drive. When it came to FS Global 2010 R3 FTX Update with its new installers, it took very short time to complete ( less than 15 minutes).Two years ago installation of the FSG 2010 R1 version took about 5 hours to complete. The installer asked for all 6 DVDs, some of them more than once.I have the images of DVDs and as two years ago used Alcohol 120 to mount them. The size of final installation folder is about 24GB and all the regions have been added in FSX Scenery Library. Now my questions: 1- Is the installation time normal? 2 - In two mountain sided airports I saw any noticeable difference in FSX before and after FSG 2010 installation. Is there something wrong?
  7. Hi Today I downloaded and installed the beta version of hotfix 4 both for AS16 & ASCA. The problem is still there and FSX crashes on exit. Even with Ctrl+C I got FSX CTD.
  8. Hi everyone I have an issue with ORBX OpenLC Europe & OpenLC North America in FSX. I have had both FTX Global Base & FTX Global Vector for several years with no problem. Last week I decided to install ORBX OpenLC Europe & OpenLC North America but there were problems with both of them. When I install each of those OpenLCs and apply it in FTX Central 2 , everything is ok in FSX but after installation of the other ( no matter which one) my ground texture in any airport outside of Europe and North America is deformed in many ways including water bodies in places where should not be. Unfortunately I am at work now and can not post any shots of the problem. I have installed only these four ORBX products and all of them are uptodated. By the way, will I need ORBX Libraries if I install only these four ORBX products?
  9. Hi About two years ago I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 in my system. After installation I fully updated the Windows , installed FSX and went to Windows "Update Settings" in Control Panel and selected " Do not check for updates".Then I took a drive image of both C & D drives. Next I installed my various addons and did not update Windows again. My system and FSX have been running well . Two days ago I decided to go with a semi fresh installation of FSX . I restored my Windows to the mentioned drive image. After restoration both Windows and FSX worked great. Then I went to Control Panel to check for updates. As you know at first Windows installed a prerequisite called Update Agent and then " Checking for Updates" started and continued for several hours but nothing happened. Now I want to know is this due to the large amount of updates offered by MS to W7 during this long time and I should continue my waiting or there is something wrong with my system.
  10. Stretch1365 thanks for your advice but it didn't work for me and I have not been able to use AS16+ASCA yet unfortunately.
  11. Thanks for reply Damian. No my FSX is boxed version.I also have ASN for several years and have had no problem with it. Regarding XGauge I want to add that when I switch to wx mode there is no sweeping on it's screen.
  12. Hi I bought and installed both of them yesterday but I have had two problems: 1 - There is no weather depiction in Xgauge in WX mode 2 - FSX crashes on exit after using AS16 + ASCA, It crashes after asking " Are you sure you want to exit Flight Simulator?" Any idea?
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