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  1. Decided to upgrade to Windows 10 followed by a clean re-install of FSX-SE. All went well until I tried to install 737 Pilot in Command ad it just will not install, I get the initial screen but after it disappears. Has anyone experienced this ad found a cure?? Thanks raffer
  2. Thanks Poppet - i have deleted all except libraries/documents which I could not find and still the fault remains - FSX offers to repair or uninstall but to install. re the hidden folders - I can see them but still don`t know how (or if) to delete them. IUnless someone can offer another solution to try it looks as though I may have to reinstall Windows 10 to get a clean pc but that really is the last hope raffer should read "but NOT to install"
  3. Tried ccleaner but still got the problem How do I remove hidden folders - bearing in mind I am a very elderly non-tech idiot raffer
  4. I recently had to reinstall C:/ from a Backup but now am unable to install FSX. I get the Repair/Uninstall page and not the install page. i have searched Regedit for FSX reference and deleted where found. Can nayone offer help please Many thanks raffer
  5. I`m sure this has been answered before but I can`t find it ....sooh Why does FSX-SE want a screen res of 1024x720 when I am using 1280x800 and how can I stop this error Many thanks raffer
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