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  1. That's why there is a support forum - hence why this is called "General Discussion" :):):) If you read the thread you would find that there is no hostility in the forum, only friendly discussion from people who are vivid PMDG supporters so please don't be hypocritical and spark something you're trying to avoid.
  2. Hi guys, As of late, I've been switching between the two simulators (XP11 and P3DV4) but have been more leaning on XP11 due to P3DV4 still being in "devlopment" when it comes to add-ons so I've naturally become slightly "out of the loop" when it comes to P3D and their developers. I understand that PMDG have plans to develop for XP in the future but what's next for PMDG? From what I have seen, there's been no post from a developer since Robert's Merry Christmas post (which was your typical american heart warming empty office post lol) which didn't contain any official news, only a teaser for what's ahead for 2018. Please don't eat me for not searching if there has been news but is there any news as to what's planned for PMDG for 2018 or are we all subject to rumours? Thanks, Greg Clifford
  3. Hi guys, I was just looking for some feedback on both as to which one is better, if at all. I currently have AS16 and Cloud Art and I understand that REX Sky Force is a weather engine also and I'm trying to find out if it would justify paying for Sky Force if I have AS16 already. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  4. Sorry to bump this but I don't get very good performance on LatinVFR's Barcelona for V4. Performance is perfect at other airports - am I alone here?
  5. My aircraft is set in KG's which would make 64.6 correct. I think I may have fixed it. I was using a panel state that I brought over from V3 I don't think it's compatible. Not loading that panel state seems to work.
  6. I have, haven't found a problem that fits my description, they are all related to Pro-ATC which I don't use.
  7. Hi guys, I've recently ran into an issue with the NGX FMS regarding a "Program Pin Error." I would enter all data into the FMC and when I try go to the takeoff page i get this error. I also have this issue where my CG is really high and I'm getting invalid entry when entering the GW. This always worked in the V3 version as I always took these steps and it's not now? Any help appreciated. Greg Clifford
  8. Hi lads, I'm having some trouble with P3D at the moment, the program starts up perfectly and loads like normal gets up to 100% and the scenery loads but then crashes. I've looked up the app crash and the crash is caused my Kernelbase.dll. I've updated my drivers to the latest version, restarted the computer and still nothing. Any idea what is happening here or a fix for it? Thanks, Greg
  9. I just noticed that in a few photos of the updated version of the NGX for V4 that there seems to be more reflections like the ones added to the 744. Anyone else notice these or am I just seeing things?
  10. Hi Lads, Quick question. I was just wondering do the FTX Regions require Global Base Pack as it doesn't say it on the page like OpenLC does? Thanks, Greg
  11. Hi lads. Just spotted these on an advertisement for the forums. http://seebee-creations.com/index.php Just wondering has anybody bought from them? Greg
  12. Yeah i'd like the Travel Service one.
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