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  1. Merry xmas to you too from sweden.
  2. Yeah Randall you are absolutely right. But i wanted to be in time if i fall to sleep. 🙂 Kind regards
  3. Thats correct Kyle. Hope you guys have a good one. Kind regards
  4. Take the time to wish you all a happy new year here from Sweden. Kind regards
  5. I have the same problem. It works for a little while and then shuts down.
  6. Nice one Kyle i know you could. Kind regards
  7. Sure we help you out we promise not to laugh at you. It would be cool to see the announce ment written in a scandinavian language. I understand both Norwegian,danish, swedish and some icelandic,some french, some german, some spanish and offcourse english Kind regards
  8. I know Kyle understand some Svenska too if im correct.? Kind regards
  9. Just completed a 10 hour flight with the 747. I loaded the scenery with default F22 and when the scenery was done loading i switched to the 747 no crash at all. BUT if i choose the 747 with AS activated in the beginning it will crash. Do a test and load the F22 first at your scenery and the gate you want and when its done loading switch to the 747. Kind regards
  10. In my case it seems like its Active sky that causes the crash. Tested without Active sky and no crash with active sky its a crash every time but only with the 747. Kind regards.
  11. I rolled back to 1.222 and no pauses any more. I think the culprit in the major lag is the new FSUIPC version. Kind regards
  12. Happy new year to all of you from Sweden
  13. They don't support V4 just yet I guess. Maybe it will be supported very soon. Kind regards Mattias
  14. Dan is the developer Kind regards
  15. I mailed Dan and he sent me a new activation key. I emailed him my PayPal receipt of the purchase. Kind regards
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