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  1. cell phone call? at 30000 feet? unless black boxes found and confirm, all this is suggestions and speculations and personal theories...
  2. didnt they partner way back with some flightsim cockpit group and were gona offer sim products to train in cockpit etc. dont think they are intro new plane just a new maybe service or home builder cockpit product line bet ya.
  3. While, i agree its big progress, however they stated from day one that they would do it for FREE, so not sure why its such big deal to state this multiple times what they promised, i am pretty sure if they would of decided to charge, we would have uproar on the change. again kudos to pmdg following promise. just 2 cents
  4. had same thing to happen to me, sat on tarmac for 2 hours with prep and external power connected, when time to came to disconnect got everything disconnected except power, kept trying everything i know and i know in past worked fine with my procedures, eventually gave up and restarted sim and lost 2 hours. and chucked it as a bug or bad luck thing, try again and if it occurs on regular bases then maybe is something amiss, like i said mine did it once after sitting on tarmac for 2 hours.
  5. how does one get this version if we bough original via simmarket, checked my downloads still nothing see pl100x version listed.
  6. dont think this ever will happen , i think they stated multiple times not gona happen. perhaps version 3 :)
  7. I find it to run better than 777 and definitely better than 737, so far very impressed with it.
  8. T H I S T H I N G I S A W E S O M E ! ! ! !
  9. The problem with this is once u go this route, you will start seeing planes like carenado jump into that price range soon (they are already at 40 dollar mark, with planes that half functional, but look good really only worth 19.99) as hey why not we are just as good as the rest, and then bigger guys like pmdg will say well we invest more time/money start going 200+ route and u get the idea of prices starting to inflate as everyone thinks their product is the shiznitz personally i think anything over 120 bucks should be SOLID performer out of the box, no things like go, well wait till path 2, 3 to get up and running solid. which is why i like pdmg , they make u wait but when they release, product is operational 99% and few other quirks dont impact overall expirience. also in regards of "When Lefteris claims on the FSL forums that the P3D release was their best sales product of all time you pretty much have to conclude that the price is right (even though none of us really like it and many think it is overpriced)." how do we know what their expectation was, perhaps it was low to start off as they were like well 140 bucks maybe we will sell 10 copies and they sold 11, and that could be considered better than expected see kinda relative thing.. now said that i am saddened that spending this amount yelled not to stellar of flights i expected and now it sounds like i might have to downgrade to 3.3 to make it working right. again ill defend my position of spending the money but truth is if i had to do it again, prolly wont
  10. So i shelled out my 140 last night and bought this thing........... so mixed feeling, quality of layout, texture top notch, flight model seems to be on mark, however stability of product is not as good i hoped to be, out of 5 test flights crashed 3, and not sure if there is memory leak, or what, tuned stuff even to manual that they provided and still crashed. below recap of scenarios that caused crash crash one was odd, after first install started p3d went to kden (fligthbeam i think) scenery was half loaded so was like odd... exited to exterior to see more, p3d crashed, reload same setup with 777 all solid and in cockpit. restarted p3d same setup with fsl 320 all loaded fine and great frames. so happy.... did quick take off and land, seems to be solid. crash two load up p3d at kjac (orbx) all loaded up scenery seems fine nothing missing, changed view outside and started walking outside, switched views few times, boom p3d died crash three, default scenario and just going through menu opetions and settings, and then got distracted and left running sim and plane on tarmac at the setting screen under units section and ran for looks like several hours, come back and hear my pc beeping and tried to figure out what but isolated to plane, no idea why, clicking in FMC yelled nothing so locked up, switched view again and boom p3d crash. other two flight seem to go through ok. so will play more with it today and see how it goes.
  11. How FPS performance compared to PMDG 777 is it on par or slower? i am happy with 777 pdmg performance and looking at buying this and curious on performance if my machine will handle this.
  12. isn't this kinda of oxymoron thing? even if we guess right no one will acknowledge it as it would spoil the future expectation, as far as i am concerned we are guessing of a number between 1 -- 1 billion. but good luck to those who trying
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