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    Private pilot in France, aspire to become a airliner pilot
  1. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    I tried that and the it gave me a fuel bias of 105% (104% was the default value) so the difference should be much more smaller than the difference I have
  2. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    Thank you for the explanation, I checked the fuel bias of the 777 I used in pfpx and it is 104% I think the OFP just removed the '10' (It is the template provided by PFPX for the 777-200 PMDG) Here if the aircraft config used by pfpx:
  3. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    I don't understand what fuel bias is, but the release fuel I had was 43992Kg. And before take-off, the fuel remaining at the destination was correct, it just decreased with time Florentin Guyon
  4. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    Hello, Indeed, I was controlled in spain so the controller gave me a direct to GALTO, otherwise, the flight plan was imported from pfpx and I didn't see any problem on it. As you did on GALTO point, I compared the predicted fuel on the OFP and the fuel on board when I passed the point, that's how I noticed the problem when I was "only" 2000Kg short a few minutes after I arrived at cruise altitude. Unfortunatly, I didn't compare my flighs elapsed time, only the fuel on some points. I'll think about that next time I'll fly 64, as I had in PFPX Thank you, Florentin Guyon
  5. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    I'm using the optimum altitude of PFPX (it was 360 in the FMC and I was at 370 so that's not the problem) PFPX is using NOAA weather server, OPUS too I don't think it is the wind because I had tailwind/crosswind so it should be better Florentin Guyon
  6. flodu77170

    Non-Normal Fuel Consumption

    Hello everyone, I'm doing a flight (Paris to Dakar) with the PMDG 777-200LR and when I'm checking the fuel in the Prog menu of the FMC, the fuel remaining at the arrival is decreasing constantly since the beggining of the cruise (from 9.1 ton to 1.6 ton now). I already checked the Unit (Kgs and not Lbs) and the calculated fuel and the totalizer fuel are the same. I'm using PFPX for flight planning and OPUS for weather. I though first it was the wind but it isn't (I load wind data in the FMC and there is a slight difference but it is advantageous) Here is a dropbox link to a few screens and the OFP:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gu6kjmbdn2z9a2c/AABjarSkRoMhDx7nK67JFNega?dl=0 I'm still in flight trying to figure out what's happening, if you need some other informations or screens Thank you, Florentin Guyon