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  1. Hello Have scanned various post for an answer. Can anyone confirm if Dell UltraSharp U3415W - 34.08" Curved is capable of running at 30HZ? Thanks Keithy
  2. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion. I am wanting to buy a new machine for P3D but am stuck between choosing a 4 core I7 7700k @5Ghz or a 8 core I7 7820X @4.6Ghz along with 1080Ti and 16GB Ram. The I7 7700k @5Ghz build will cost £2,400 and the I7 7820X @4.6Ghz build will cost £2800 from Scan.co.uk £400 difference I have read that the 7700 is a great chip but have been reading Avsim and P3d hardware forums and it seems the newer x series processors are also very good. I have also read from Rob Ainscough that L3 Cache is important and the 7820x has 11mb were as the 7700 has 8mb. I have also read from Rob that 7900x is giving great performance too, but I cant stretch to a 7900x only to a 7820x. I have also read that processor speed is obviously important. Hence I am looking at the 7700k at 5ghz I cannot overclock my self and the above clock speeds are the maximum that Scan.co.uk will supply for these chips so I am just wondering if anyone knows which chip would give the best FPS / performance in P3D at the following clock speeds? 4 core I7 7700k @5Ghz or 8 core I7 7820X @4.6Ghz ? Thanks in advance Keithy
  3. Seriosuly impressed by PMDG's NGX HUD

  4. Easyjet please.A must for flying round the UK / Europe. Thanks.
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