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  1. Eagle Spirit

    How do I Setup/initiate J-11B Altitude hold?

    ? all in the same ? Bought it from Just Flight. Are they different products? They have the very same product info. Eagle
  2. I have have issues with the J-11B manual. It's lacking in user friendliness, so it hasn't been a good teaching tool for me. I have managed to get my FSX flight plan working and followed, but for the life of me, haven't figured out how to setup/initiatie Altitude Hold. I'm ridding the heck out of my Trim controller. Can anyone give me a walk through for this? Will be greatly appreciated. Eagle
  3. Eagle Spirit

    Installing FSX, Orbx Scenery on Separate Drives

    Hi guys, ty for your input. Noel, you were banned from "Orbx Club" too? Well, I ended up going with two SSD's. A 500 GB for FSX and Orbx and other sceneries, the other for my "C" drive. I have stopped the purchase of Orbx sceneries, as they sell only download versions now, it seems. Runs beautifully! Very happy with this setup. Has this been moved because we have a "good ol boys" atmosphere here? Eagle
  4. Soon I will be taking possession of a new high end i7, 4770 system. My plan was to install the OS on one 120GB SSD, FSX on another 120GB SSD, and my sceneries/Rex on a 1TB VelociRaptor drive. Three separate drives, which I thought would be beneficial, as things would load faster. However, reading recently, this "non techie" mind's interpretation is that Orbx sceneries must be loaded on the same drive as FSX. So, if this is true, I've wasted a bit of $$'s with a drive I don't need. Am I wrong with my read interpretation? Would greatly appreciate any input from you. Please don't advise me to visit Orbx forums. I was a member, but find them, imho, to be very "thinned skinned" and very intolerant of criticism of their product. Although I hold their product in high regard, I did offer criticism, and subsequently, was banned from their forum. :unsure: Regards, Eagle
  5. Eagle Spirit

    Where are the FSX pilot log / records located?

    Thanks very much fellas! You made my day!! :lol:
  6. Eagle Spirit

    Where are the FSX pilot log / records located?

    You'd think would be an easy task. Chris, read my post again! Reinstalling in a new, high end Haswell system. I don't want to lose my flt. hours.
  7. Eagle Spirit

    Where are the FSX pilot log / records located?

    Looks like it should be, but Adobe Reader says "not a supported file or file may be damaged". Tried Note Pad and the script was garbled words, unreadable :wacko:
  8. Location: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ The above is the path I followed, then "Granted Rewards" (I think :wacko: ). I saw a PDF, but it wouldn't open it. I tried Note Pad, but it was garbled / unreadable. I'd like to save it to a thumb drive, then paste it into my new reinstall of FSX, in my new system. Don't want to lose all those flight hours :blush: . Thanks, Eagle
  9. Eagle Spirit

    Can I install FSX on my "C" drive

    I know the path my brother. AMEN! :smile:
  10. Eagle Spirit

    Can I install FSX on my "C" drive

    Thank friend! Yes, flying one handed does offer it's challenges, but nothing wrong with a challenge or two. Makes one appreciate the real meaning of life. Just roll with the punches B) . However, I'll add that this is the heaviest "pack" I've carried to date! I'll add, there is one real happy Navy phys. ther. nurse who relished those moments when she could twist, bend and contort this Marine w/o retaliation. I owe her big time. :wub:
  11. Eagle Spirit

    Can I install FSX on my "C" drive

    Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your good suggestions. I've decided to go with another Samsung 120GB SSD. I'll use one for OS, the other for FSX, and a western Digital 1TB VelociRaptor for sceneries, airports etc. just had a brief discussion with AVAdirect, who are doing the build, and they concur. Price for the second 120GB SSD was roughly $180.00. Not bad! A 240/500 get very pricey. I recently fractured me neck in Afghanistan, and making an effort to regain the use of my extremities again. Over the last 10 months I've regained the use of all but my right hand (a work in progress :unsure: ). FSX helps to keep my mind off of the negative side of rehab, so thought I go all the way with this build. Real nice of you FSX vets to provide feedback. BTW Dean, Have placed a lot of orders with PCA/USA. Mark there, is one helluva nice guy and provides great customer service and care. :Hug:
  12. I'm having a system built for FSX. I watched a video where it was suggested that we install on a separate drive. In his case, "G" drive. He said that it made FSx load faster, w/o Windows 7 slowing it down. My new system is an i7 4770, 3.5-3.9 TB, HD graphics 4600 / Nvid. 780 3GB GDDR5 7000MHz, Samsung120GB 840 EVO series SSD, SATA 6GB, 1TB WD VelociRaptor. Left a few items out, but thought this would show, basically what I'd put on the "C" drive, along with many addon AC and FTX regions and airports. As a total noob when it comes to computers, seem to make sense to me, but then again, I'm a noob :blush: . Eagle
  13. Well a big hello from a new member :excl:. I'm having a new system built, specifically for FSX. That means the looong dance of reinstallation. I have a fair number of the FTX sceneries from PNW to Central Rockies, and also Alaska. Question: what is the proper order of installation? Presume PNW, Fjords, N Rockies, Central Rockies and so on. Or, does the library automatically install in correct order. Been awhile since installation took place, so a little amiss on what to do. Regards, Eagle