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  1. I have Nvidia 1080 8Gb. Would that be able to handle p3dv5 with medium setting but a lot of scenery addons?
  2. It was a definite must buy for me so I went ahead and bought this scenery. I definitely like the scenery. Its a decent quality. Though I wish the price was little lower by 5 euros. It would have made more sense in currency conversion. I do feel there are certain standard where Taxi2gate holds a better quality but its still pretty good.
  3. Can you share those files as well ? Thank you
  4. That's encouraging to hear. I have similar specs to yours especially ram and video card. My only bump in the road is my c drive ssd is has only 9gb free space. I need to find a way to migrate to larger ssd without the need to buy new windows 10 license. I already upgraded it from windows 7. My other concern is my vram space on my 1080 graphics card is 8gb. Is that enough to run p3d with many addons like activesky, pmdg and fslabs and orbx?
  5. Will it also work for scenery addons as well?
  6. I can't seem to get this to work in P3D V4.5. I am adding it via the add-on.xml method and for some reason it isn't picking it up.
  7. Hi Is there a way I can install simtoolkitpro to a different folder ? For me it defaults to c:\....\appdata\local folder. I would like to put it outside of my OS drive .
  8. A tragic news and it occurred when stranded families and working employees were returning home for Eid holidays this long weekend. Last ATC audio released into media the pilots indicated loss of engines on approach and indicated unable to land the planes on any two runways made available by control tower. An eye witness described the plane was getting heavy on its tail end of fuselage as it was on final approach before it crashed into 4 houses below destroying 8 houses in the area. So far a pilot has been found dead. While rescue operations are still underway. May God bless the souls deceased and help families inflicted by the accident.
  9. I have debit visa but I have never tried using that card for online purchases so i am not sure if it will work or will it incur any costs. I will need to find that out from the bank.
  10. Hi Does anyone here know how we can purchase P3D V5 using paypal or other means than using credit card. For personal reasons I had to cancel my credit cards and would prefer to make payment through paypal instead. If anyone is aware your help would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. I can't use my credit card, is the another way I can buy p3d v5? Can I use PayPal?
  12. I am having this issue as well. I have updated my p3d to HF2 and installed the latest FSLABS A320 which supposed to be compatible but got the same error message...
  13. Quick question. I am already on v4.5. To update hf1 do I need to install client only or do I need to also install other components? Do I need to update other addons as well?
  14. Yes it can take it's time. What happens is one of the developer's server does not report time left so you think its frozen when its actually downloading the repaints.
  15. Thanks Adam, I just did that. Quick question regarding the new pta 2.66. PTA 2.66 I downloaded doesn't have Matt's ini file. Can I use the one provided in v2.65 zip file ?
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