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  1. Hi Guys, I managed to solve this problem from this thread: For those who are new to painting or texturing like myself, this might be handy for them.
  2. Thank you so much Haskel. This worked for me beautifully. I used gimp as my photo editor and dxtmap to make dds file
  3. Hi guys,I am 98% done with my livery of Air Blue A321 Sharklet in fslabs for p3d v4. Btw this is my first ever FS related project that I have finally managed to complete it except....The last thing bothering me is understanding the alpha channel especially when it comes to entering aircraft registration under the wing and nose gear doors.In the provided paint kit for registration psd files there is a comment that says to change alpha channel.In Gimp when I flatten my image and then add alpha channel what should be done where only registration number is seen under the wing ?When I don't change any default values it looks like there is a sticker with registration number attached underside of the wing when it should only be registration number.On one side of the wing there should be number and on the other side should be airblue logo.If anyone can help that would be most appreciated.Thank you
  4. Thank you for the tip. Its been a while I haven't seen any updates on FS Real Time. Hopefully this can be a decent replacement.
  5. I also have the same question. Currently I am still on p3d v4 and seeing so much addons being released for msfs has forced me to wonder should I go ahead with p3d v5 (hopefully there is still time for p3d v6) or msfs. I like to fly civilian ifr routes and my computer setup is pretty simple with still using 1080 8gb graphics card and dual monitor setup. My question for msfs would be can I do long haul IFR flights with civilian aircraft. Are MSFS team interested in bringing seasons into the sim? With p3d my question would can I still utilize 1080 8gb graphics. If I can't I may need to invest in new pc as my current setup is bit outdated in terms of cpu and hardware storage. Also with p3d should I wait for p3d v6 or its safe to buy v5.3. And is it safe to stick with p3d considering msfs popularity growth.
  6. Wow thats awesome and good to know. I am heading out shortly for my first team driving trip. Depending on my availability I might start a short blog describing my experience.
  7. I can see that. As a flightsim and aviation enthusiast I am glad to have developed this sense of following SOPs and developing customized best practices based on my own experience and learning from others. I am just super excited to put all that learning into action as solo driver.
  8. Hi Gentlemen and Gentle Ladies 🙂 This is a shoutout to all the truckers who drive heavy semi trailer trucks around US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world while also have a strong passion in aviation. I hope you are all doing well and that you are all safe and chugging forward. I myself just recently passed my CDL A license here in Toronto and I am anxiously waiting for my first solo long haul. Quick question - do you guys treat your trucks as a pilot does to his/her aircraft ? 🙂
  9. I have Nvidia 1080 8Gb. Would that be able to handle p3dv5 with medium setting but a lot of scenery addons?
  10. It was a definite must buy for me so I went ahead and bought this scenery. I definitely like the scenery. Its a decent quality. Though I wish the price was little lower by 5 euros. It would have made more sense in currency conversion. I do feel there are certain standard where Taxi2gate holds a better quality but its still pretty good.
  11. Can you share those files as well ? Thank you
  12. That's encouraging to hear. I have similar specs to yours especially ram and video card. My only bump in the road is my c drive ssd is has only 9gb free space. I need to find a way to migrate to larger ssd without the need to buy new windows 10 license. I already upgraded it from windows 7. My other concern is my vram space on my 1080 graphics card is 8gb. Is that enough to run p3d with many addons like activesky, pmdg and fslabs and orbx?
  13. Will it also work for scenery addons as well?
  14. I can't seem to get this to work in P3D V4.5. I am adding it via the add-on.xml method and for some reason it isn't picking it up.
  15. Hi Is there a way I can install simtoolkitpro to a different folder ? For me it defaults to c:\....\appdata\local folder. I would like to put it outside of my OS drive .
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