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  1. I just got my Alpha invitation!!!!!!!11!!1!!11!!!!
  2. OperatorLand's screenshot also gives us our first performance figure - 23FPS
  3. Nice catch! I didn't think real airlines would be included due to copyright/legal issues. I guess it's possible that OperatorLand468 designed the livery themselves, however.
  4. According to someone on YouTube, the current Alpha doesn't have any jets.
  5. Looks like this sim will have more realistic water than Ship Simulator...
  6. Looks like most of our wishes were answered, then?
  7. Rod Machado's lessons are some of my earliest and fondest memories of flight sim. I printed out the certificates and my mom had them framed. They're still on my wall.
  8. Now I want to land a Piper in a grass field in the middle of nowhere, step out, sit on the grass and just listen. They didn't have any urban sounds with road traffic and people talking... That would be a nice feature.
  9. The glaciers look gorgeous, but I wonder if they're actually 3D or just orthophoto?
  10. Definitely a small update, but it would be unreasonable to expect a major announcement every single week...
  11. “25,001 – wishing everyone a safe and wonderful start to the holiday season!” Did Microsoft just make a reference to this thread??
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