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  1. In X-Plane you can press the "B" and you can toggle the brakes on / off "B" stands for "brake". it always been a basic action in the ecosystem of X-Plane without any problem.
  2. Aerial imagery have shadows and its heavy to DL. Xplane needs a procedural way to create glass blades, trees and procedural concrete textures as well as a nice ocean shader. Premade Autogen 3D buildings should sit around the world terrain devided in style by regions, who cares to match reality? new volumetric point clouds and Xplane Vulkan becomes un-beatable.
  3. I don't think these two could improve anything in the flight dynamics in regards to what the devs have done so far at the default aircraft.
  4. interesting, besides the vanilla which you classify as not far aeay one to esch other, is there anything else that contributes to your current decition such as dynamics, the library of planes you already have in XP, etc?
  5. I saw some video leaks and the ATC there is wonderful the way it is resolved indeed.
  6. i'm not a simmer nor a gamer, i only have XP demo since mid 2019. i specialize in dynamics and I only like to make planes. I'm currently working on my latest design and development of my M-944 a long range aircraft capable of very high speeds and take off in only 1,500 metres of distance. I dont have time to learn ATC, i want an embeded window for me to perfom with easyness and intuition. I also love to do volumetric clouds.
  7. i have no idea what is vatsim nor pilotedge, i want XP to do it for me, so i want a nice A.i Atc with humanized voices for me with clickable buttons, so i have intuition in what to do or respond to ATC.
  8. in real life, is all about the flight harmony, the instruments, the functions, the navigazioni and following a tower control indications. XP can replicate all this. Scenery is secondary. XP needs to have out of the box: volumetric clouds, better lighting, better original terrain mesh with well defined generic geometries for buildings on a random allocation with lights for the night. water displacement linked to sim/wind/ and a friendly smart and clickable ATC window. high fps, dynamics and airports are all already there !
  9. Nobody or just a few will commit to pay $25k in order to be an alpha tester, if a leak happens without the knowledge of the alpha tester, it is a lot of money involved and better not to be involved at all.
  10. no what you are saying is stupid, if things were organized the way you support with a possoble fine, there wouldnt be any alpha testers collaborating in bug research.
  11. Do you really think an alpha tester would sign such condition when a computer or xbox is a physical device that can be stolen and may cause a leak ?
  12. grazie Matteus, it really feels like Miami
  13. My approach is smoother than -2500fpm, I`m just trying to show that I can deflect and bounce at 400 kts too.
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