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  1. they land basically anywhere in nearly 8 feet distance with big fluffy tires.
  2. FPS tends to drop after the end of a loading sequence FPS tends to drops during intro cutscenes Low FPS (10 to 20 FPS) in big airports when on the tarmac, both on the take-off and landing There are possible FPS drops when moving the camera around the plane. " FPS drops can easily be fixed if you allow frame blending in this situations. Low FPS in big airports occur because you are probably abusing in verts counting and probably with many useless huge textures. You have to bake this big airports in .gIFT format, only one set of texture for each airport with a great UV work and you have to cure the geometries to compress vert count before baking and you will see how smooth FPS you will get in huge airports. I'm available for this task just feel free to drop me a DM, I can fix 80 airports in 40 days.
  3. I stopped reading your post right there.
  4. Internet must be demanding to play, if you want to pre cache a trail is ok. .gIFT files are very light, it is like a JPG 3D and that I why this format was created, if you are in Windows load 3D viewr and check the size of assets that come with it. Of course, a plane 3D while on craft, is hundreds of megabytes but a baked .gIFT with animations should be under 100kb. I'm not sure about avionics through web assembly though. I don't mind waiting 5 minutes each time I load the game if this guarantee the possibility to see all planes the sim met published on the marketplace.
  5. "Player Representation – Anyone using your plane will show up in the same aircraft as yours – if they are using a different aircraft than yours, they will appear as a “generic” aircraft." For the release version I expect seeing all sort of aircraft in other players even if I don't own them or have them installed.
  6. well I hope it changes or it will be a huge disappointment for me, it is just an animated .gIFT geometry, people should be able to see all sort of aircraft from other members even if they don't own it or have it installed. is it that hard to deploy ?
  7. @RazorBlade Do you know what is the actual internet vibe on MFS? You can measure by the number of active members on this Forum, Google analytics, Reddit suscriptors, Facebook members in the group and other simulator current users so forth and so on. Do you think everyone can fly? Do you think all pilots are into simmering? Did you know that Google maps work with VR headsets and this been around for sometime now?
  8. @WarpD it would be nice if you explain why you are not being able to re code your aircrafts on web assembly thanks.
  9. I'm willing to pay yearly subscription but I want a nice SDK and a beautiful marketplace.
  10. I don't like sim-connect or wasm, both sound cody cody, I want a high end application to calculate dynamics in geometric shapes with a sophisticated open CL viewr, I want an engine design API and being able to embed pre-made electronics in cockpit is that too much to ask?
  11. You won't have 1 million users on release date probably 150,000 in which 3/4 of users will connect to the american server and a quarter will connect to the european server. Your computer will probably get in charge of your plane and all the rest isn't that heavy in terms of size as it is lite data transferred throught the internet, represented as a projection on your monitor on pre baked graphics so it is like watching a video really.
  12. I prefer a centralised marketplace with a fee to maintain quality requirements inspections, SDK feedback, user reviews, assets displayed on rating and novelty and I want to be able to see other users aircraft live in game even if I dont have that specific model.
  13. I expect others to see my custom aircraft in live mode even if they don't have it.
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