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  1. There's no such thing as minimum display specs.
  2. We're getting regularly updated charts and nav data included in the sim!
  3. They said in the Weather discovery episode that they use MeteoBlue for weather data, even showed a couple screens of what the data looks like IIRC.
  4. Yes yes, you're God's gift to 3d graphics, we got it
  5. Whoever told you FTTC would be fine at that distance ripped you off. Anything copper is good up to 2, maybe 3 km if you can accept low speeds. 4 miles is garbage and i'm surprised you're getting a stable signal in the first place. At those distances you're looking either at FTTH or wireless stuff.
  6. May i recommend a Ryzen 5 3600 for those looking for a new pc? Gaming benchmarks put it at or above an overclocked 7700k's level depending on the game and always above the recommended Ryzen 7 2700x, it only costs 200 bucks and comes with six cores, 12 threads, a decent cooler and it's overclocakble.
  7. It's still just a fraction of what it takes to develop an entire fligh sim of this level from scratch. Additionally i'll just quote this bit from Lorby_SI: In the end a virtual plane is nothing but lines of code, be it Abacus or PMDG. The difference is made by the resources and effort put into it. It's not some black magic witchcraft.
  8. The point of the post you quoted is that the new sim can be optimized really well.. Especially DLSS 2.0, if it gets implemented it basically means we'll get higher fps and a sharper picture with less aliasing.
  9. I finished yesterday. Man what an amazing game. Those last two levels in particular were some of the best gaming experiences i've ever had. And that ending, that word not allowed ending.
  10. According to the aerodynamics video the trees do indeed affect the wind!
  11. Regarding payware developers i'll go back to the X-Plane model: when doing updates to airports that you want to be adopted as new default scenery you have to limit yourself to what comes with the sim when creating the airport. No 3rd party libraries, no plugins, no custom models, because it has to work out of the box for everyone on a vanilla install. Payware developers aren't going to be affected by this because they're the ones that are going to provide the full detail airport with custom models and so on and have no interest in their scenery becoming the new default.
  12. In a way it's both. It allows developers to control things much more directly, so instead of having to rely on an API such as DX11 or OpenGL to interpret what they want, they can create their own code specifically tailored for their use case. It's more difficult but if done well has excellent results, as shown with the recent X-Plane 11.50 beta where the Vulkan graphics engine was shipped and people had massive performance and smoothness improvements across the board, particularly AMD graphics card users who saw even doubled FPS. This increased performance headroom obviously allows you to improve graphics, because you now have the performance headroom for it.
  13. Oh god. I was gifted their 787 when i was a kid yet i still feel like i wasted money on it.
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