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  1. I wouldn't. I talked about this on page 40 of this thread. Don't know about cdkeys.com specifically, but for other sites, what I said holds true:
  2. Have they announced anything related to paint kits for any of the aircraft, airliners or GA?
  3. Why wouldn't they? It literally makes no difference, and if anything, Steam version is going to be better than MS Store version since it won't install the sim to a protected, "secret" folder.
  4. Judging by posts here on Avsim, it seems most people are going the Steam route anyway, so addon developers would be dumb to favor one version of another. Besides, don't forget MS Store downloads are saved to a protected directory which can't be changed (only which drive is used can be changed). Steam on the other hand, lets you install a game to wherever you want and there's no directory protection/lock. If anything, the MS Store version might be the "interesting version" of the sim where addon developers will have to make special install instructions.
  5. It appears MSFS will have a launcher where the updates and the actual sim download will come from. As such, I highly doubt Steam users will have "delayed" updates as MS/Asobo will directly control what version you have through their launcher. I honestly can't think of one game that gets "delayed updates, months later" on Steam.
  6. 1) Advantages: Not having to deal with MS Store with its horrible UWP disaster interface. Disadvantages: None, really, unless you want to run MSFS while offline, in which case you'll just have to switch Steam to "Offline Mode". Takes 2 seconds. 2) If you buy it on Steam, then yes, Steam is required.
  7. Hi Chock, good to see you back on Avsim. You brought up interesting points, but I believe your concerns are all addressed if, like you said, you simply purchase addons and whatnot outside Steam (that is, on the developer's site, SimMarket, etc). I remember the FSX:SE days when addons' installers were updated to take the new installation directories into account, and I believe the same thing will happen with MSFS. I don't think the big guys (PMDG, FSLabs, A2A, etc) will be selling directly on MSFS's Steam DLC page, but instead, on their own sites with external installers, just as I've always done with P3D. With that in mind, I wonder why you're still not going to buy MSFS on Steam, was there another reason? I don't think we'll have the same issues from the FSX:SE days with different addon pricing. Another thing I'm curious about.... I think MS might want to keep their Steam DLC page solely for their own upcoming addons (likely airports or other default aircraft), with MSFS's in-game Marketplace being the "open platform" for developers. I just don't know if Steam allows this (a store within a game that doesn't use the Steam DLC page)
  8. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.... Kinda want to preorder now. However, I really, really hope VATSIM isn't integrated in the Xbox version as well....
  9. These sites, along with others like G2A, sometimes acquire keys from "poorer" regions where the keys are cheaper and re-sell for slightly less than you'd pay normally in order to make a profit. While not a terrible idea, sometimes the keys from "other" regions come with restrictions. For example, on Steam, Russian keys for Borderlands 2 activate a Russian-only copy of the game. Also, I've read cases of people running into other issues with key resellers, so.... caveat emptor. Remember, if it's too good to be true....
  10. True, I could get a refund, but like ChaoticBeauty said, I need something between now and August 18. Besides, most addons won't be out for MSFS on release day.
  11. .... I just bought P3D v5 yesterday! Oh well. Anyone else wish other regions also got the physical disc release?
  12. I'm so sorry to hear this! Jim was an incredible asset to AVSIM and the flight sim community as a whole. My condolences to his family and friends...
  13. I'm sure we've heard Meyer's problem with patent trolls suing him for "infringing" on vague patents. Here's the update, uploaded a few days ago: Very infuriating stuff... Thankfully, his videos are receiving quite a lot of coverage and hopefully some action will be taken against those that participate in this.
  14. That looks claustrophobic as hell without any windows.
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