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  1. A320driver

    Jim Vile at FS Developer Passed Away

    Very sorry to hear this news. Jim helped me a great deal over the years. His contributions to the flight sim community will be greatly missed.
  2. A320driver

    Dassualt 200 Aircraft by Mike Stone

    Isn't Mike Stone long out of the simming arena?
  3. A320driver

    Dirt effect on (concrete) apron?

    If I remember right, that is an afcad issue. Something to do with elevation. Memory is a little foggy, been a while.
  4. A320driver

    US approves 6 airlines for flights to Cuba

    Yep...and I'd love to have one.....if I could afford it.
  5. A320driver

    Baku 2017

    Wish they would do New York for FS9 as they said they would a couple or so years ago.
  6. A320driver

    Enforced FS Break (again) :-(

    May God bless your recovery Phil. I will remember you in my prayers.
  7. A320driver

    The 727 Crash Documentary

  8. A320driver

    FSDreamTeam Chicago KORD question

    I believe that was meant to represent a part of the airfield that was under construction at the time the scenery was made, but I could be wrong.
  9. A320driver

    Ground textures 'peel back'. Any explanation?

    That's a question I've wondered about for a very long time. Finding a fix-all would be great, but I think it's different in each circumstance. Anyone with some knowledge of this please enlighten.
  10. A320driver

    Drzewiecki Design LUKK Chisinau released

    ......still waiting for them to complete their New York project for FS9. It was claimed that was to be released a year or so ago.