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  1. Medic1030

    Virtual Air Canada down?

    Everything appears to be back up and running normally now.
  2. It seems Virtual Air Canada (, Canada's largest virtual airline is down. Has anybody heard any update from the VA's administrators regarding why and if/when it will be back up and running?
  3. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Hi Joe, Thanks for the help. I'm aware of those shader cache folders that you mentioned, which rebuild themselves when deleted (and I did that). However, in this case Damian Clark from HiFi (ASN) recommended that I should restore any modified files in my ShadersHLSL folder to default because he suspected this issue was maybe caused by a corrupt shader issue. I happened to have a copy of the default version of this folder from a separate vanilla FSX install on my laptop, which I copied over, restoring all of those files to default. Alas, it made no difference anyway, as this ended up being caused by something corrupt in the weather folder and not the shaders. I'm still curious as to what caused the problem to begin with, but happy enough that it's resolved.
  4. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Well after trying just about everything, including uninstalling ASN, REX and Steve's DX10 Fixer, and replacing the ShaderHLSL folder with the default one, I was about to give up and do a reinstall or Steam "repair." But then I noticed a folder in the FSX root named "weather." I have no idea what the files in this folder do, but I erased the folder and replaced it with the one from my vanilla FSX install from my laptop... Astonishingly, that fixed the issue! All of my low level clouds and weather effects are now back. I have no idea what corrupted the files in that folder, nor do I have any idea which addons normally alter those files or why, but at this point it doesn't matter. Hopefully this doesn't happen again, but if it does I'll have to spend more time narrowing down which addon is the culprit.
  5. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Well, I remembered that I have a vanilla install of FSX:SE on my old laptop. I deleted the ShadersHLSL folder from my root FSX folder, then copied the vanilla ShadersHLSL folder over. I also erased my shader cache folders and my fsx.cfg for good measure (again). Restarted FSX and loaded a flight... Still nothing. No low level clouds or precipitation no matter which weather preset I try.
  6. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Thanks for all that info Damian. Do you know where I may find the original shader files? I don't think I have any of these backed up as originals. I was able to find the 2 specific ones you mentioned that were backed up by ASN as .BeforeASN and reinstated those two but this made no difference to what I saw in sim.
  7. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    None of those make any difference. No matter what I choose or do there are no low/mid level clouds, no rain, no snow, no fog, no lightning. Rebuilding fsx.cfg also didn't fix it. Previous saved flights also have none of these textures. There are 1,854 files in my texture folder. I'm at a loss here.
  8. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Yes it does. But even reverting to backups the clouds and precipitation remain missing.
  9. Medic1030

    All Weather Textures Suddenly Missing

    Thanks for the suggestion Cat. Unfortunately my FSX install is on a dedicated drive which does not have system restore turned on. I've been a bit neglectful, and my last backup copy of that drive was made a few months ago, so restoring from that will be just as bad as a Steam repair option I think. If anybody knows a way to find out which texture files are missing I could try reinstalling just those textures from the default FSX ones on the backup. That will at least give me my default clouds and precipitation back and I can go from there. I'm not convinced that it's missing textures causing my problems though, given that the missing clouds and precipitation persist even after I tell REX to restore my default textures. Is there a file that tells FSX which textures to call in given situations? If so I think that may be corrupt. I'm just guessing here. Any ideas? Regards,
  10. I'm experiencing a very strange problem with FSX. All of a sudden I have no cloud or precipitation textures/effects in my sim. It doesn't matter which weather theme I select, whether one of the default themes, ORBX themes, or ActiveSky Next, and there's also no change whether I launch ActiveSky Next or not. There are zero low or mid level clouds, and no rain, snow or fog effects visible. I do get a few high level cirrus clouds visible (depending on which weather theme is selected), but that's it. I run FSX:SE (stand-alone install) in DX10 mode with Steve's Fixer. I haven't made any changed to DX10, Nvidia Inspector or FSX.cfg in the past month so I'm ruling those out. I'm using Rex 4 with Soft Clouds for textures and ActiveSky Next for my weather engine. I'm not sure when this started exactly because for the past week or so I've been doing some self-training, flying practice flights with only clear skies selected. Today I went to fly in some weather again and that's when I noticed this issue. The last thing I did before loading up the sim with the intention of flying in weather this morning was to select a new cloud set from within REX, so that's my chief suspect, but I can't be 100% certain. The only other things I've changed since I last had properly functioning weather have been switching FTX Central from North America to Global, and making some changes to FlyTampa and SimAddons airport settings using the FlyTampa Configurator and SimAddons Scenery Manager respectively. I can't imagine how these would affect the weather textures but I figured I should mention it just in case. Things I've attempted so far to correct the issue: Using the REX option to "restore textures to what they were before installing REX"; flushing the shader caches; switching back and forth between DX10 and DX9 mode; reinstalling a new REX theme. None of this has worked. I'm guessing there's a corrupt texture file (or several) somewhere, but how do I locate and fix it. I would really like to avoid using the Steam option to "validate integrity of game cache." This would probably work but from my understanding it will also mess up most of my addons and require a fair bit of work and reinstalling of many addons. This is really frustrating because I finally had my FSX setup exactly how I wanted it with everything working just about perfectly for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Corey
  11. Medic1030

    Nvidia Inspector FSX Profile Question

    Thanks. I tried searching but couldn't find any info about it. Guess I didn't search hard enough.
  12. I'm gradually getting FSX set up on my new computer build and I've reached the point where I'm ready to start fine-tuning, including using Nvidia Inspector. I downloaded the latest version as of a couple of days ago. All of the Nvidia Inspector guides I've found online state to select the "MS Flight Simulator X" profile from the drop down. However, this doesn't exist in my drop down list. I do see a profile for "Micorsoft Flight Simulator 10." I'm assuming this is the right one but I just wanted to make sure. I'm running the latest drivers from Nvidia on a GTX 970. Regards, Corey
  13. Thanks for the advice. I was able to find a relatively cheap 4:3 10" monitor advertised as a CCTV monitor that has both VGA and HDMI inputs. The specs list it as a TFT LCD with resolution: XGA 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1280x1024. I was thinking of getting 2 of them. Does anyone have any experience with similar small displays for PFD/MFD/Gauges? Will the resolution pose a problem? I've read somewhere that FSX doesn't like it when there is a resolution difference between displays.
  14. I'm setting up my new system this week (built around an i7-4790K and GTX 970 and running Windows 10). I currently have a 27" monitor, which I plan to use for my primary display for now. I'd really like to get 1 or 2 rather small monitors to use for my PFD/MFD and a few other instruments if possible. The only problem is that I only have about 10.5-11" of vertical clearance below my main display in which to put any secondary displays. I'm not married to any specific aircraft yet as I'm still learning and trying to figure out what I like, so this won't be aircraft specific. For now I'll be doing a fair bit of flying in the Carenado B1900D, but I plan on working my way up to the PMDG 737NGX eventually. I'm looking for some input re display ideas for this setup that would be reasonably priced. I was thinking of using a second-hand iPad with Duet Display, but I don't know how this will impact performance, and I think it will only support use with a single iPad (not ideal given the small screen size). Any 15.5" or smaller widescreen monitor would work I think (with no stand), but these seem to be very hard to come by other than a few USB monitors, which I've read will really impact performance with FSX. Does anybody have experience with reasonably-priced and effective smaller displays for something like this? Thanks.
  15. Medic1030

    New Computer Windows 10 - What do I need to know?

    Thanks folks. Seems like great tips/advice.