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  1. Rich... that looks like real, seriously, a masterpiece!
  2. Awesome repaints Ricardo, can't wait to fly the Privatair:-)
  3. Guys, finally, a MALÉV 737-700 is gonna be available on Avsim in a few hours! So, we can choose from any MALÉV NG series aircraft, -600, -700 and -800. This -700 has been done by Omar El Razzaz, after my request! Let me thank him here: You wrote history with this repaint, and on behalf of all Hungarian simmers, thank you for making this one available! MALÉV lives forever! Cheers, Zsolt MALÉV Boeing 737-700 HA-LOP http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=168264
  4. Thanks for your input, I believe I can live with these possible miscalculations, at least until the ERs and/or BBJs come out. I hope it will happen soon! Hint, hint, PMDG, deliver them fast:-)))
  5. Hi all, I just couldn't resist the temptation and committed blasmphemy. Really wanting to fly a real world PrivatAir route from Zurich to Newark, I modified the aircraft.cfg file of the 737-800 Winglet version by multiplying each fuel tank capacity by 1.5, thus resulting in a total capacity of approximately 30K kg of fuel. Now, the 738 really has an intercontinental range. I loaded only 56 pax following the cabin layout of PrivatAir (C56), and added some cargo according to this: - 20 kg after each passenger - plus 1250 kg other cargo Cargo evenly distributed in the two cargo compartments. I then did everything as usual, loaded the flight plan, performance initialization and the rest. Everything went fine, did fuel calculation as per the second tutorial, using the FMC. According to this method I needed around 25K kg fuel in total, including reserves. No issue since my fake BBJ2 has a fuel capacity of over 30K kg. Okay, everything's cool, no overweight, everything seems to be perfect. The fuel indicators display the actual (increased) values. I took off, and at the moment I am climbing through FL290. Those of you who expected some action, like crash or whatever will be disappointed now - all I want to ask, what are the side effects of what I did to the tanks. I know that it's absolutely unrealistic to have this fuel capacity, but other than this, what other factors of the simulation will be affected? By what other means am I now flying an unrealistic aircraft?
  6. Looks wonderful Steve! I am sure Ryan or somebody from the devs read these lines and take a note on the paintkit issue, I am sure they will fix it soon.
  7. I would like to ask some of the talented repaint artists here to please be so kind and make a nice Privatair 737-700. As far as I am aware this is actually a BBJ1 and in reality they are currently wearing the colors of Gulf Air, but who cares. The Privatair livery is wonderful, and anyways we only have the -800 available, and not the 700 with Swiss flag. With as few as 64 passengers it could do quite long flights, I already have a flightplan ready in case someone would make this, from Zurich, Switzerland to Muscat, Oman.
  8. I have a feeling that this new Thomson repaint is gonna be a hit:-) Can't wait, can't wait:-)
  9. The Thomson one would be nice with ETOPS:-)
  10. Steve, it looks wonderful, I can't wait for this one to be finished! Can you please make it an ETOPS-bird, with the ETOPS text on the gear bay door just as you did with the ETOPS -600 BBJ earlier?
  11. I had this too, exactly as described above. when I didn't switch off the A/P...
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