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  1. Rich... that looks like real, seriously, a masterpiece!
  2. Awesome repaints Ricardo, can't wait to fly the Privatair:-)
  3. Guys, finally, a MALÉV 737-700 is gonna be available on Avsim in a few hours! So, we can choose from any MALÉV NG series aircraft, -600, -700 and -800. This -700 has been done by Omar El Razzaz, after my request! Let me thank him here: You wrote history with this repaint, and on behalf of all Hungarian simmers, thank you for making this one available! MALÉV lives forever! Cheers, Zsolt MALÉV Boeing 737-700 HA-LOP http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=168264
  4. Looks wonderful Steve! I am sure Ryan or somebody from the devs read these lines and take a note on the paintkit issue, I am sure they will fix it soon.
  5. I would like to ask some of the talented repaint artists here to please be so kind and make a nice Privatair 737-700. As far as I am aware this is actually a BBJ1 and in reality they are currently wearing the colors of Gulf Air, but who cares. The Privatair livery is wonderful, and anyways we only have the -800 available, and not the 700 with Swiss flag. With as few as 64 passengers it could do quite long flights, I already have a flightplan ready in case someone would make this, from Zurich, Switzerland to Muscat, Oman.
  6. I have a feeling that this new Thomson repaint is gonna be a hit:-) Can't wait, can't wait:-)
  7. The Thomson one would be nice with ETOPS:-)
  8. Steve, it looks wonderful, I can't wait for this one to be finished! Can you please make it an ETOPS-bird, with the ETOPS text on the gear bay door just as you did with the ETOPS -600 BBJ earlier?
  9. I had this too, exactly as described above. when I didn't switch off the A/P...
  10. Thank you! Can someone confirm that there is a slight error on the SATCOM antenna on this one? A little black (unpainted) rectangle on both left and right side of the antenna. I think there is no such on the real aircraft. Thank you!
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