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  1. El padrino

    Camera movement in VC

    You must edit your fsx.cfg file. There's a setting about head movement that you must zero. I'll have a look when I get back home and I'll let you know...
  2. I seem to have trouble printing the document. Is it possible to upload it in another format please? Thanks again for your effort!
  3. El padrino

    How do you program to an Alternate airport

    Isn't there any??? S##t! 747 habbits... :Peace:
  4. El padrino

    How do you program to an Alternate airport

    Or pre-program the diversion route as RTE2 and activate it instantly!
  5. El padrino

    Taxi Issue after landing

    Don't really know why your wheels does this. As for the autobrake, you should do what I said. Just tap your brakes a couple of times when your speed drops near 30-40kts (but surely before 0kts) otherwise the autobrakes lock even if your turn the switch to off. It's an FSX issue not PMDG's.
  6. El padrino

    Taxi Issue after landing

    So what does it do exactly? Are you sure that your autobrakes are deactivated? There's a known FSX issue where autobrakes during landing do not deactivate unless you tap a couple of times you brakes before the plane comes to a complete stop. Just an idea...
  7. El padrino

    Is the FMC manual avialable for 737NGX?

    A solution could be to tune SMO, put the course at 154 and then hand fly below 3000 till you cross the line.Creating a custom waypoint might be a bit tricky as you don't know the distance from SMO...
  8. El padrino

    PMDG 744X - Can't change QNH

    It's not a matter or wrong atmospheric pressure so the <B> keypress (which is the FSX default for baro resetting) won't do anything.Why don't you try to reinstall the plane while making sure you run the installer as an admin (assuming you use Vista or W7)?
  9. El padrino

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Mark...You're a great man! Thanks once more for the Olympic livery! Brilliant!!!
  10. El padrino

    Forthcoming Repaints

    :( Really appreciate Mark! :(
  11. El padrino

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Mark, can you please register the Olympic livery as SX-DEG when you start it? Thanks again for this and for all the other great liveries!!!
  12. El padrino

    Forthcoming Repaints

    :( Thank you Mark!!! No worries about time. Considering that I cannot find (and cannot create it myself) I'm sure I can wait for some weeks. It won't make any difference. :( Thanks again! :(
  13. El padrino

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Any thoughts on Olympic Air new colours (fictional of course)?Cheers!!!
  14. El padrino

    Step Climbs, FMC and RVSM

    Are you sure you've set the initial cruise altitude in the FMC? If I'm not mistaken it's somewhere in the VNAV pages...
  15. El padrino

    B 747 and ILS problem

    249 is the runway heading so the plane knows where it's heading to...But from reading your posts Federico I think that you must be doing smth wrong. It's not very possible that ILS works for some airports and for others it doesn't. It either works for all or not! Even if you have addons it's also impossible that all these have corrupted AFCAD unless... you have very old AIRAC cycle (the original that comes with the plane is 2006 if I'm not mistaken). Maybe your solution is to update this (?)