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    MSFS user since 1989. Today mostly P3D and some XP11.
    - Motherboard: ASRock Z170 OC Formula, LGA 1151
    - Processor: Intel 6th Gen Core i7 6700K (4.6 GHz Overclock) Quad Core
    - CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro H115i Dual Stage Liquid Cooling
    - System Memory: 64GB (4 x 16GB) HyperX DDR4 SDRAM 2666MHz
    - Graphics Processor: 12GB Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X, PCI Express 3.0
    - Primary Solid State Drive: 2TB Samsung 850 Pro Solid State Drive (SSD)

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  1. Luis_KMIA


    I'll be happy with just the MAX in NG3, but I'm sure they will update the NG to include the -900ER and split scimitar winglets for the airlines that opted for them on the -700, -800, and -900.
  2. Luis_KMIA

    PMDG 787

    Given their relationship with Boeing, the 787 would be right up their alley, keeping in mind the development times for the 747-8 and the NG3. I truly hope they take on the Dreamliner.
  3. Luis_KMIA

    Quality S. American airports?

    I rely on LatinVFR and TropicalSim for good SouthAm airports. However, only a few are ready for P3Dv4. They are slowly but surely updating them. LatinVFR will also do a full rework of SCEL.
  4. Luis_KMIA

    One Year on P3dv4 and PMDG

    Since the release of P3Dv4, my rotation is exclusively PMDG 737/747/777. CTDs are extremely rare, and i love having no OOMs with the complex sceneries I like to use.
  5. Luis_KMIA

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Hi Gerard, First of all, thanks for the great tweaks you've made for PTA! I really find your observations to be very insightful, especially regarding blurries and FPS loss. I'm trying to figure out why FPS does become slower over as a flight progresses. Here are departure and arrival videos on a 2.5-hour flight from Dallas (FSDT) to Miami (Latin VFR), using PMDG, Active Sky, UTL, PTA, and ORBX OLC NA. I left the FPS displaying to show the drop. As you can see from my profile, I have a more than an adequate system for P3D and these add-ons. Cheers! Luis
  6. Luis_KMIA

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Luis_KMIA

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    I made these two videos using the rudimentary 737 that comes with XP The third party community has made some amazing sceneries. I just need a PMDG 737 to fully enjoy XP 🙂
  8. Checkout the monthly shader pack by Gerard on the PTA forum.
  9. Here is a quick video. My settings are pretty much maxed out, except that I don't need anti-aliasing since I'm using a 4K monitor and resolution. My other add-ons are GSX, PTA, UTL, and ActiveSky.
  10. It's my system. I got a lot of things maxed out and UTL + PTA bring my FPS down a bit. I'm trying to find some balance. I can tolerate FPS in the low 20s but sometimes they go into the upper 10s with more complex sceneries. I love LatinVFR and look forward to P3Dv4 updates of their older airports and whatever comes after Baltimore.
  11. I have DD Washington and FlightBeam IAD and get very good performance form both. My scenery preferences are also revolve around my PMDG fleets. I'll try to post a video when I get home.