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    MSFS user since 1989. Today mostly P3D and some XP11.
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  1. Update all default major airports and add those built since the 2006 FSX release.
  2. Luis_KMIA

    The Cost of flying in P3D - relative worth

    I've been PMDG-only for more than 10 years. Never gets old and enjoy it a lot more on P3Dv4.
  3. ORBX SoCal + FSDT KLAX tend to be frame killers, but the aircraft is performing well regardless, and it's much more smooth in lighter sceneries.
  4. Once again PMDG has an initial release that is thoroughly enjoyable fully flyable. If there are any bugs, they are hard to notice. I wish other developers would learn from these high quality standards, instead of releasing products we have to put away until a service update is released. I've been flying PMDG since the original 747 and 737 releases early last decade. The 747-8 series was well-worth the wait and the new features are very intuitive and easy to learn. I made this departure video yesterday. Great work PMDG!
  5. Luis_KMIA

    San Jose, California arrival

    Thanks! TrackIR
  6. Problem solved! I turned on v-sync with triple buffering (which also bumped up FPS) and ran the FSDT Live Update. Below is an arrival video showing crisp textures at the end of the flight. Thank you all for the tips!
  7. Luis_KMIA

    MK Studios Tenerife

    Wondering the same. I just bought their Lisbon and really liked it. I wouldn't mind adding their Canary airports,b ut would like to know more about what other users think of those.
  8. Thanks. I'll do that.
  9. Hi Bert, now that I think about it, my texture deterioration began after buying the GSX expansion. What are the details on the fix?