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  1. RyInTheSky

    747-400 v3 installer not work

    I am having installer issues as well. Enclosed I have added the message I get. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 747-400\texture.common400GE\pmd857A.tmo Error:The system cannot find the file specified Ryan Spellman
  2. I could see a 900B and 200 coming along. Those would sell really well regardless and they are great airplanes.
  3. RyInTheSky

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    I am so pumped for this airplane. I LOVE the Falcon 50 in every iteration. I plan to buy this one as well as the Flysimware bird for sure. Would love to see someone do the green Flight Options livery from the early 2000's or Jet Club's 50's.
  4. RyInTheSky

    Why are there no long-range biz jets?

    I wish someone would do a proper Bombardier Global Express XRS. That really is a great airplane. I've always wondered why there was not a proper long haul bird on the market really ever myself. I spend more of my time doing biz jet stuff on the sim than not. I will say though, you can stretch the 737 as a BBJ pretty well. I have no problem doing Switzerland to New York with the 737-700 and landing with around 8 or 9,000 pounds of fuel most of the time winds permitting and I did FXE to EIDW a few weeks ago with my 800BBJ and landed with around 9.4 fuel remaining and would have landed with more gas if I stepped up to the low 40's and dialed back to .78 instead of doing .80 all of the way. I'd love to have something that could do south of France or Switzerland to Miami and Tampa myself though.
  5. RyInTheSky

    Which version of KSEA/KJFK/KMIA is better?

    FSDT for JFK, T2G for SEA and Dzrewiecki for Miami.
  6. RyInTheSky

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Quick thread bump. I was wondering if there were any ATA Airlines 738 liveries floating around and additionally and SWA 700's in the orig delivery and spirit canyon blue liveries with no winglets. I am a sucker for nostalgia and have not found any. Carry on! Ryan Spel
  7. RyInTheSky

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    It depends on the model. the EX either has the Proline 4 or Proline 21 depending on when it was built
  8. Greetings All! I know there is a ISG panel mod for the V1 SkySim DC9, I attempted to appropriate it to the V2 DC9 with absolute and total failure. I was wondering if anyone has done one for V2 and if not any advise on how to do it? I've spent about 3 days trying to figure out how to on my own with no luck . Thank you in advance for help and or suggestions. Ryan
  9. RyInTheSky

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Reno Air! Man did I forget about them!
  10. I suggest spoilers to 280 then slats to 250 with spoilers and then go to flaps 11 and retract the spoilers, reduce your rate of descent or level off to decel to flaps 15 and then 210 knots from there on in to make up for the distance you ate in the level off and from there you can catch your profile up in VS mode generally speaking. If that does not work, once you are at flaps 15 you can throw the gear out early and that generally helps. You really have to fly this airplane to get the best performance out of it. The airplane is slippery by design. In the real Maddog the landing lights are good for 200 fpm descent alone in terms of drag without acceleration but I have not experienced that as reflected in the FSX model. They designed the slats and flaps 11 to come out at much higher speeds to make up for the fact that the airframe design is like a wet salmon in your hands.
  11. There is one in the default scenery near Key West to the northeast of Naval Air Station Key West.
  12. RyInTheSky

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    OHHHHH! Bowling Shoe!!!!!! Be still my heart! Did any of the MD's ever make it to the 2003 silver? I can't remember but good God would that look awesome.
  13. RyInTheSky

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Good call! I loved the 90's livery on that bird. Flew it many times from LGA to TPA and back.
  14. RyInTheSky

    Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Perhaps a list of suggestions for Maddog repaints? I will start. Delta Air Lines 88, 97, 99, 07 liveries Spirit Airlines Orig and Digital Sunjet International World Atlantic TWA Stripes and single globe BWIA AeroMexico USA Jet
  15. I am enjoying this series. The west coast of Florida is semi home to me so this one hit me in the feels.