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  1. Within the realm of MSFS given it's limitations, the Milviz Bell 407 is so far the best model I have experienced in that realm.
  2. Great write up brohamino. But you mean we are not going to dive into how to beat Signatures ramp fee after they bury the airplane during a quick turn?
  3. My favorite bird and one of my favorite flights. I probably walked past you in person last night as I walked out of MIA after finishing my trip.
  4. Im hoping that the XLS finally gets RTM this year. I am sure Carenado will pump another 3/D model with a textured VC out at some point as well.
  5. The FSDT scenery for FLL is completely outdated however. 10R was completely rebuilt, widened, lengthened, terminal's 1 and 4 were rebuilt and a huge ramp of hangars and parking were built along the southwest side of the field. I would love to see it re done as this is my real world home base airport.
  6. All of the currently in work projects will also be in 64 bit. Personally, I am very excited for the Challenger as there are no real marketable mid to long range biz jets that are worth spending money on right now beyond the FlySimware Falcon 50 which I would very much recommend as well!
  7. So being a big Dassault guy both in the sim world and professionally I could not pass on the 50EX. This morning I finally installed it and decided to take it on a test flight from K/HOU to K/TEB to take advantage of the stage length to see how the airplane flies as well as the good weather variety (rain and low visibility in Houston, Texas, strong west to east winds touching almost 170 knots in the flight levels and the snow and visibility in Teterboro right now. I will skip systems talk all together because as far as systems go, it is all lights and candy with Carenado but I expect it and still consume their products on the biz jet level. Ground handling is really good during taxi. She steers well and power required to break ground and start rolling is consummate with what I would expect in a 50EX that is full fuel with 4 pax plus crew. Lining up on the active, I push the power up and she responds very well. Smooth and seemingly accurate acceleration down the runway and with a firm pull, pitching to 17 degrees she climbs and accelerates. After cleaning up I accelerate to 250 knots while turning on course and as we accelerate I notice the yaw damper will not engage. Either by the button on the FCP or by hitting key strokes. Approaching 250 the airplane is beginning to handle like a slippery dolphin and not so much like the docile Dassault Falcon it should be. Autopilot on and FLCH/LNAV coming through 10,000 feet and we are starting to get into a little of the wind. The airplane climbs pretty well in Flight Level Change but the lateral axis of the airplane feel like the aircraft is sitting on top of a sewing needle. The entire enroute portion the airplane was bobbling and rolling. Really disappointing. Coming into TEB, there was nothing unremarkable to speak of other than the airplane rolling side to side and dutch rolling with the slightest wind until landing roll out. Thrust reverse will not stow either with F1, throttle control movement or pushing power all of the way up. I had to shut number 2 down on the runway to get the reverser to stow. Another docile taxi into Jet Aviation at TEB and the flight is done. I will probably stick to the Flysimware 50 Classic until some more of the bugs specifically with respect to aircraft handling are addressed. I still give it a buy rating because it really is a gorgeous model but it needs some work still. Cheers out! Ryan
  8. 1.) Happy Birthday, Noel 2.) thank you for your lifetime of service 3.) I had a very similar thought not too many days ago. I flip in and out of the need to do military flying, I go through moods with it but I agree. I fly the VRS Superbug and it just does not have the same vibe. I too hope that P3D catches up to the absolutely stable and amazing world that FS9 had. Cheers out! Ryan
  9. In hover a rotor craft will not sit over it's exact position without minor cyclic correction.
  10. I was wondering if there is anyone that does repaints for the Sky Sim DC9? If so I have been looking for someone that can do a series of liveries for me. Compensation is a possibility. Below would be a list of what I am looking for. Their paint kit is available for free on their website. USA Jet Airlines DC-9 30F in both the original colors and current livery Spirit Airlines DC-9-30 Kalitta Charters DC-9-30F ABX Air DC-9-40F Legend Airlines DC-9-30 Respond here or send me a direct message. Warmest Regards, Ryan
  11. When you consider you can depart from a 4,000 foot runway at sea level with 5 pax plus bags and fuel and do 5.5 hours with NBAA reserves, that is pretty impressive or land in Nevis with 8 seats full or depart with 8 seats full from Nevis and get to Miami. It's a very impressive supermid as is the 900 family. Professionally, I love the Falcon 900 and 50EX for these reasons. And less ramp footprint than a IV-SP doing all of the same things.
  12. The Falcon 50 and the Falcon family by far has amazing performance. It is not unusual to fly a 50 or 900B under Part 91 rules into 4000 foot runways. The 50 is also certified to land on unimproved surfaces as well.
  13. I'm not a train buff and don't even do train simulators but this is kind of appealing because I am from Long Island and spent 10 years commuting from Long Beach to Penn Station 5 days a week. I would love to see how detailed the Long Beach branch and Jamaica Station is.
  14. I am having installer issues as well. Enclosed I have added the message I get. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 747-400\texture.common400GE\pmd857A.tmo Error:The system cannot find the file specified Ryan Spellman
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