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  1. I'm trying to figure out how loud to turn my speakers to get a realistic level of volume for the 777 cockpit. Does anybody have any rules of thumb? Looks like you can get Decibel Meters apps... surely this could be used if there were some numbers on how loud things ought to be... Cheers, Sam Kharey
  2. Hi guys, For the 777 I know there's the integrated standby instruments and the non-integrated (airspeed indicator, altimeter, and artificial horizon are all separate). It seems the non-integrated system was the original (found in the 777-200, 777-200ER, 777-300). I can see that PMDG would implement both systems in case they decided to develop these older models, but I wonder why it was left in as a configurable option for the -200LR and -300ER. Has there ever been a case (or airline configuration) which used the non-integrated instruments on the -200LR or -300ER? Anyhow, for my two cents worth: I would be happy to pay for the expansion packs for the older 777 models -- there's something about flying aging, broken-in airplanes that I enjoy (bring on the 747-400!! ). Cheers, Sam Kharey
  3. I just downloaded the latest installers an hour ago. I can confirm the problem still persists in the -300ER (for some of the middle windows) but is completely fixed in the -200LR. Thanks, Sam Kharey
  4. I'm running FSX on Windows 7 with a Nvidia GTX465 and I can confirm opaque windows on the 77L and 77W after a fresh install of the new updates. I also did a by-the-book uninstall. - Sam Kharey
  5. I'm running FSX on Windows 7 with a Nvidia GTX465 and I can confirm opaque windows on the 77L and 77W after a fresh install of the new updates. I also did a by-the-book uninstall. - Sam Kharey
  6. I feel that my explanation was poor, I'll try to redefine the problem and how I solved it better: I just installed that PMDG -600 and -700 and immediately noticed the following: - Main gear touchdown sounds work perfectly and at the right time (-600/700/800/900) - The nose gear touchdown sound, however, starts to play before my nose gear touches the ground; that is, I hear the "thump" of the nosegear touching down while it's still a few feet in the air - I fixed this problem by adding a 500 ms silence delay to the beginning of the 737NoseGearGroundRoll.wav file and it fixed my problem - Since this problem never existed with the -800/900, I probably have screwed up the timing for those plane, but that doesn't bother me Am I the only one who has experienced this? Regards, Sam Kharey
  7. SOLVED: For anyone else experiencing this, I used Audacity (sound editor) to add a 500 millisecond silence at the beginning of the 737NoseGearRoll.wav file. This made the nose gear touchdown sync up with the actual touchdown; it worked perfectly for the -600 and -700, but I may have ruined it for the -800. Any one else experience this?
  8. Gents - I just bought the -600/700 expansion, and have noticed that the nose gear ground roll sound an brief moment BEFORE the nose gear actually touches down. Has anyone experienced and have a solution? Steven - wishing you a speedy recovery back to health. I am a loyal "customer" of your amazing work - looking forward to all your creative output when you're feeling better again. Thank you, Sam Kharey
  9. Also, I was wondering does anyone have an Alaskan NG checklist? Thanks, Sam Kharey
  10. Steve, Joel, I wanted to reach out and thank you for the work you guys have put in. These small touches have made a orders of magnitude in difference with respect to immersion in the sim. We'll all be anxious for you to do something similar for the 777 when it comes out! Thanks for taking the hobby to new heights. Sam Kharey
  11. I just set the Global Textures slider all way right and the problem went away. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  12. OK gents I've attached two screenshots to show the problem. - I have confirmed my NVidia Inspector settings are as per the PMDG sticky (I've got 8xSQ selected, though)- I am running the latest 280.16 (?) drivers from NVidia- Note the blurriness of the text on the overhead panel image; particular obvious near the alternate battery swtiches - this was not always the case; the switches and dials sems to be very clear- Note the bluriness of the buttons on the CDU - while the CDU screen is crystal clear, the buttons (text) are blurry. This also was not always the case. I have seen both the overhead and CDU crystal clear before. Please let me know if you have any other questions - all your help would be appreciated. Thanks,Sam Kharey
  13. Hi everyone, I just finished my first official full flight on the NGX after weeks of training/circuits! What a treat! The only snag: somewhere during my flight I noticed that the virtual cockpit overhead panel textures had gone somewhat blurry (i.e. the text) - and same with the FMC buttons when I zoomed into the FMC with EZDOC. Has anyone experienced this? What could be the possible cause? I'm running NVidia GTX465, and i7 3.3 GHz 10 GB RAM. Thanks,Sam Kharey
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