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  1. WOW thats great. I have missed all these new liveries.
  2. Oh thank you i must have missed that one cheers buddy
  3. I know this is fictional but would be nice to see a Emirates on a 900
  4. Yeah that will be nice. The last one touched down yesturday at EMA :(
  5. Not sure who it was but someone has recently done a group set of Ryanair repaints and they are in the AVSIM download section.. Just wanted to say thumbs up fella there are cracking m8 and thank you Stevo
  6. Beautiful. Any chance of an RAF one please m8
  7. heheheh thanks Bryan your a star... I'm sure it will get there in the end i need to have more patience...
  8. Ok guys, i think i was jumping the gun alittle here with thinking of closing NGX-LIVE down. I should give it more time and also make it work... Scheduled Flight 28th June 2012 is the next flight... Thanks Again Ste
  9. Yeah i thought it might take off abit better but hey ho never mind at least i tried... Steve
  10. Well after careful consideration it is looking quite grim for the NGX LIVE project. It has not gone aswell as i thought and to be fair it was a risk when i started the project. At the end of this month it will become no more.. Sorry to be a carrier of bad news.... Steve.
  11. Hey painters this would be really nice if any of you want to have a go at it when your free .. on the B737 - 700 Dan - Air London Thought i would ask again to see if anyone is free to do this thanks Steve
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