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  1. Approach light strobes does not work anymore. I did in the past or if I recall it from box FSX. Anyone knows anything about this? I have asked in the STEAM forum but no reply at all. Does anyone have the "running rabbit" working in FSX:SE? I've checked with ADE and there are approach lights set that should have running strobes, just tested MALSR but no strobes. TIA /Per W Sweden
  2. Did a restore of texture backup from Rex HD airports, did not help. There is one file that affects runway lights, halo.bmp. Only change with different files is the size of the "light bulbs".
  3. Yes I have Rex HD Airports. Should I uninstall it and revert the texture change? If possible.
  4. You will not gain much with a bigger graphic card with FSX/FSX:SE. I went from a 960 GTX 2Gb to a 1060 GTX 6Gb because of X-Plane. And when I tried FSX:SE I did not see any change in performance. Only thing was that I could turn up things in nvidia inspector. No more FPS. It is CPU bound. If you thinking of changing plattform check out X-plane, there you gain hot graphic cards. I did it on a boring weekend and I'm stuck with it now. First of all no other flightsim today can beat it's aerodynamics. As close to reality as possible. Just surf around and check videos and forums about it. If you know about the famous youtube star Captain K he have moved to X-Plane because it is outstanding as he says. I did not like the versions before 11, the scenery looked crazy but now from ver 11 it is based on Openstreet maps and the default is very good. Lots of freeware scenery/airports and many have very high quality. Almost level with payware and you can create airports like that yourself for free. Or fix some. It is also developed whole time, adding more stuff whole time. One of the latest things in aerodynamics is Downforce over wings. One of first things I bought was IXEG 737 Classic(300) and it is at PMDG level and quality. But because of the superb aerodynamics it took me a lot of practice to fly the approach by hand and do a nice flare. I just did not work to handle the plane as I did with PMDG 737, especially the flare. You are really flying. It is a true 64 bit using the GPU for the graphic work. And a lot of things are totally dynamic, eg. change time of day minute by minute or hour by hour with a button in middle of the flight, cool. Night lightning is just WOW, check it. Give it a try. There is a free demo version, limited area. And if you buy it just enter the code to activate it. I have long time ago put P3D aside. It is just FSX with another name and far to expensive. I have no relationship to Laminar and X-Plane, I just happen to love it and think that it is the next generation of flightsim. Still have some minor flaws but are getting better whole time, only month between upgrades.
  5. These strobes have vanished, all other strobes are working. Beacon, strobes on aircrafts. But not approach lights with strobes. Or Running Rabbit as some call it. Anyone know about this and how to fix it. Already checked with ADE and they are defined. It is a freeware ESSA Arlanda Sweden. Tested other airports and it does not work. FSX:SE Win7 64 Ultimate i5 16Gb mem nVidia 1060 6Gb drive 388.31 TIA
  6. Mine is solid stable no matter where I set it. No jitter at all. Must be your yoke/stick that have problems.
  7. I have not setup my Saitek yoke through FSUIPC. That might be the difference, pure FSX:SE setup.
  8. I have Saitek Yoke with a quadrant + Rudders and have set the one lever for Spoilers in FSX:SE setup. I do not use FSUIPC for joysticks. I only pull it back a little to arm and it always works as it should. Sound is only played once and the lever in vc is moved all way back. FS2Crew also confirms that speedbrakes applied. Last flight yesterday and it worked this way and have always done.
  9. I do not have any custom theme. Only some blue color desktop. Buttons in the other windows looks ok. I'll check how to put in pictures.
  10. In the window Gate and Taxiway Maintenance all buttons top Left are Black, can't see the text. How do I add a image/picture here?
  11. I use PlanGv3 (it is free) for low level planing with small planes and PFPX for high level jets.
  12. OK Great. Found it and is downloading the Update. Looking good so far, I mean P2A and what it can do.
  13. Just checked the manual and there are info about Callsigns. Will read it letter by letter. Looks like my fault from start
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