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  1. Haha that´s cool! I´ll definitely use it. Thanks Hiflyer!
  2. Sounds beautiful! Thanks mate. Can`t wait to build my new pc, but I guess I´ll have to wait another couple of weeks or so until the stocks of i9 and 2080ti settle down a bit. Cheers Carlos
  3. And what´s your experience in VR with a 2080ti so far? Cheers Carlos
  4. Hmmm. really really interesting. Thx guys!
  5. I´ve seen some Oculus Quest reviewers saying that the USB-C connection that the Quest has, shouldn´t be too complicated to use it to connect it to the PC and play our games, sims, with it. No idea if this is sci-fi, but sounds interesting if it really can be done. cheers Carlos
  6. Last night a friend of mine brought his Oculus go at home so I could see the difference in resolution since the Go has the same resolution as Odyssey and Vive pro, and I was quite pleased with what I saw. Of course I won´t pay 1000 euros for that (vive pro) but I could go for an odyssey if ever comes to europe. I was expecting less difference, with that screen door almost gone (still there tho) the gray image you get with the Rift even in Athens LGAV in august is definitely gone. The colours are brighter and probably you can read gauges much better. That´s personal, of course, but in my case a resolution like this is what you need to wait for a rift 2.0, valve 2.0 or whatever. I´m looking the pimax as well, since I plan to get a RTX2080ti and an i9 9900k but there are too many questions about these googles yet, but they will be compatible with steam and oculus which is a point. Btw, is the Odyssey fully compatible with p3d? Since in the menu only lets you choose vive or oculus. Cheers Carlos
  7. Hi,I I was pretty disappointed with oculus for leaving the Rift out of a revision for 2 more years until a 2.0 is out. I won´t wait another 2 years for a better resolution. I was happy with the idea of buying a revision next year and then waiting for a 2.0 release, but if it´s not going to happen I´ll jump to another HDM without looking back. Wonder how the Samsung Odissey works with P3D, and that Pimax 5+ tho I´m not sure about the quality of this once since I hear nice reviews and horrible ones the same day. The vive pro would be ideal but the price is a joke. Are you guys going to wait for a Rift 2.0 or are you going to try something new? Cheers Carlos
  8. Here there are some VR benchmarks and they are really promising. Can´t wait to see DLSS in action.
  9. I fly only VR, and new googles are a priority for me, but I´ll get a new PC as soon as the i9 is out, because if I wait for a new VR glasses the cost of a new PC + new VR at the same time could be too much for my wallet. cheers Carlos
  10. That´s what I wanted to know, thanks Simbol. Of course It´s fair to pay if it´s a lot of work involved. Probably It will take some time too until all their planes are PBR ready, something like what happened with p3dv4 where my favourtie plane (phenom 300) was one of the last ones to be v4 ready. Cheers Carlos
  11. Carenado already have several planes with PBR textures in XP11. I assume that using these textures on p3d planes shouldn´t be too complicated? Or are we seeing another upgrade at a cost? Cheers Carlos
  12. From my point of view, most reviewers tend to think that price is the main factor here. Let me say this clear, for me a rtx2080ti price is ridiculously high, but with previous GPUs gens we were just expecting more power, higher fps, lower power consumption, and pretty much that´s it. With the RTX gen we have a very powerful new technique, we have DLSS, we have specific cores that we´ll help with different and certain tasks. I was really expecting this: most people looking only at the difference of frames of a 2080ti from an 1080ti (as everyone had one), but I think it´s not fair to compare both GPUS based only on FPS since the new ones have a lot more to offer. I, for one, think that DLSS it´s not just better than TAA, the improvement in perfomance can be a game changer for our hobby. And I still think that the price is too high, but I´ll stick too my new 2080ti. Rob, do you have VR by any chance? I´m dying to see any reviews of the new GPUs in VR. Cheers Carlos
  13. Hiflyer, you are getting a 2080ti, aren´t you? I´m really interested in reading your experience with that card with VR in P3D and XP11 mainly. I´m getting one too, but since I have to wait for an i9 9900k (need to change my whole PC) I´m afraid I´d have to wait for another month or two. cheers Carlos
  14. I explained myself pretty badly I guess. Today Nvidia made a conference in Japan and they showed these numbers, but they used different charts to show the Gpus and its power. One guy in reddit took that charts and made one easier to follow with all the gpus compared next to each other and so on... It´s not a leak, it´s Nvidia showing how powerful DLSS can be. Could be Nvidia bragging, but looks promising anyway. Cheers Carlos