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  1. chass32

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    This was posted by Simbol in the release thread and helped me and some others who had the same problem. You can: Open your documents folder \ Prepard 3D\ Make a backup of all add-on's inside. Remove all the Add-on's.XML files. Go to Local Disk (C:) ► ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v4 Make a backup of exe.xml and dll.xml Delete exe.xml and dll.xml Got to Local Disk C:\Users\AppData\.....\Roaming\L-M\Prepar3D v4 Check if there is any exe.xml and dll.xml, if there is make a backup of these and remove them. Launch P3D again. If it works, you then start enabling each Add-on one by one until you find the culprit. Regards, S. If it works give thanks to him (simbol), I´m just the messenger Carlos
  2. chass32

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Thanks mate! It worked for me!! Now time to find the culprit... Carlos
  3. chass32

    Incompatible P3D v4.3 addons

    Great! Thanks Greg! Carlos
  4. chass32

    Incompatible P3D v4.3 addons

    F1GTN 😞
  5. chass32

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Damn and I can´t try it till tomorrow evening when I get back from work...and it´s midnight here 😞 Anyway, thanks for your reply, sounds really great!
  6. chass32

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    What´s the perfomance compared to dynamic lightning of 4.2? much better fps?
  7. chass32

    Looking for Sweden photoscenery....

    I´s a pity cause Sweden and Norway photoreal would be awesome. I mainly flight around the mediterranean with sporadic trips to the north but I´m sure that a scenery of nordic countries would sell pretty well. I`m in if it ever happens.
  8. chass32

    P3d v4.3

    We´ll have 2D windows (perfect for simmconect and pdf charts) in VR flightdecks, and improved VR.
  9. chass32

    PRO-ATC/X and VR

    I finally took the bait and bought it. I´m using voice attack to bring up the panel but there´s a bug with it (they say is p3d´s fault) and closes after any request as you say. But once it works you don´t need keyboard at all. I agree that keyboard breaks immersion. Cheers Carlos
  10. I`d wait a few more days since rumours say that the GTX1180 is going to be announced on June with a release date for July. I´m preparing to get a new PC, aiming to an i7 8700k with one of these GTX1180 by the end of summer. I´m not going back to a flat screen so it is just for VR.
  11. chass32

    Which version should I buy?

    oh, got it completely wrong saying that proatc does not work with ia. Don´t know what I was thinking about. My fault. Probably got confused with the background chatter you can include.
  12. chass32

    Which version should I buy?

    If you´re somehow happy with fsx atc you´ll be fine with p3d atc. And yes pro-atc does not work wit ia traffic, but is probably one of the best investments I´ve made on P3D. If you fly IFR that is. I mainly fly thru Europe on a phenom 300 with GTN750 and VR. cheers Carlos
  13. Hi Does anybody have a template of the phenom 300 for Professional flight planner X? I´ve been looking around and used to have one but not anymore. Thanks!
  14. I´m thinking about getting PRO-ATC/X for my P3D VR flights but would like to hear from someone who owns it to see wether it works well on VR (lot of text). I use flyinside and it displays atc on a deattached screen in VR, can it be done with Pro-atc? Thanks! Carlos