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  1. What I don´t really understand is how is so difficult for some to "understand" again and again that giving an opinion is not spreading fake news. You can talk 3 hours in a row about xbox gamepass for PC that it will (still) have nothing to do with Navblue or Navigraph and their subscription model. We don´t know anything about Navblue and their partnership with Microsoft (probably we´ll get some light in the next few weeks). If Navblue offers Airacs, airport+ and charts+ I still think it will be subscription. Cheers Carlos
  2. I recall seeing a screenshot of airport+ on the 320 (maybe it´s in the IFR video..can`t remember). Airport+ is another service of Navblue (Usable on-board with the Airport Moving Map function running either on Airbus avionics systems or on any Electronic Flight Bag) that I really hope we get besides Airac updates and not only with the 320. Now, the unpopular opinion, (but it´s just that, an opinion) and I really wish to be wrong, but I think NavBlue will be a subscription. Navblue is Airbus, not Microsoft, and I don´t see them giving data to simmers "forever". If I have to bet, I´d say we´ll have it free for sometime after buying MFS2020 (put it 3-6 months) and after that period, subscription if you want to be Airac and Airport+, and maybe charts+, updated. I repeat, I hope I'm wrong, and I´ll be extremely happy If I am, but that's the way I see it. Cheers Carlos
  3. Too bad 😞 Actually I can´t play racing sims cause if there are too many bends on the track I die, but no problem at all with flight sims. Maybe is the low pace or whatever, but flying is perfect for me. I use Il-2 Sturmovik quite often, and there you do a lot of dog fighting and maybe is the thrilling of combat or watching a stuka in flames next to you but no motion sickness at all. Cheers Carlos
  4. Most of us have yokes, pedals and throttles and that´s not a problem, it becomes very intuitive after a few flights. Switch panels, maps and other monitors is a bit complicated to find them good use in VR since there´s no sense in using external switches when you use the "real "ones in the life-size cockpit. And about maps can´t really tell if there´s a tool to use them on VR (I think there is one for X-Plane that lets you have Windows where you can put maps, or pdfs for charts in the flight deck) but I fly with flight1´s GTN750 and programming it before taking off, inside the silent cockpit, is a ritual for me. And believe me, doing the external pre-flight check in VR (with a life-size plane beside you) is an extraordinary experience. After watching the new graphics and atmosphere in airports and landscapes I can´t wait to try VR in the new MFS2020. Cheers Carlos
  5. I`d kill for a force feedback yoke, but 1200 euros... 😩 Cheers Carlos
  6. I signed up on day one, and guess what... 😞 cheers Carlos
  7. This just destroyed V5. Is that landing .gif Gibraltar? And nice to see lights in photogrammetry buildings at last. Cheers Carlos
  8. Indeed. Here things are starting to look really gloomy. Just one month ago, maybe less, If you had told me that some cities pretty close to mine were going to be lockdown (mine in a few more days), malls, restaurants, etc... closed, I would have laughed at you as if you had a bad trip or something. But now is real, and I find pretty hard to focus on positive things, while people are starting to act paranoid (me included) and a bit nervous since I´ll have to spend the lockdown alone cause my girlfriend is taking care of her mum (a very very old woman) in a different city. I just watched a couple of videos of people in Italy singing together from their locked homes and balconies while the streets were completely deserted. I admire you so much guys, my thoughts are with you and all the people no matter the country that one way or another are suffering in these hard times. Cheers Carlos
  9. A bit OT but I understand how you feel. Catalan government just locked down a city and a couple of towns just 60km from where I live 😞 Great update too Cheers Carlos
  10. Living in a country that will be locked down next week I must admit that I had the same thought. That would help to control the anxiety... My thoughts are with our fellow italian simmers. Cheers Carlos
  11. I pretty much think you mean Barcelona 🙂 Cheers Carlos
  12. Am I the only one thinking that not all the planes we´ve seen will be free? (Asobo´s ones) cheers Carlos
  13. Can´t believe what I see...Somehow my brain keeps saying "Microsoft Flight Simulator avalaible on April 1st" 😄 Amazing. Cheers Carlos
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