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  1. Considering VR

    leave it running. Just set your ideal SS, minimize and start simulator. You have to restart the simulator (or any app) everytime you change the SS in the tray tool. cheers Carlos
  2. Amazing. Just made a quick flight from Rome Ciampino to LIRQ (Florence) and: Don´t know what Dan and his team did but easely doubles my FPS with default p3dv4 VR. And (and it is a big AND), no spinning clouds in VR!! Active sky in VR in its full glory! Love it!
  3. "We’ve got some big updates to VR coming in 4.1, so stay tuned." "we have a strong team focus on immersive technology and virtual reality" "We believe the future of VR is bright, especially in the training and simulation space. We are excited to see where things go from here. One of our primary goals has always been providing the most immersive training experience possible. VR takes immersion to the next level" "Flight simulations are definitely an ideal situation for VR and Prepar3D is focused on being the best flight simulation VR platform available" Will be released October 10th that´s what the prepar3d team said in their AMA on reddit today. The future of VR in Flight simulation is bright...just in case someone has any doubts. Can`t wait. Hope we get ATC windows inside VR. cheers Carlos
  4. I was ready to jump for a new i7 7700k and a 1080ti, your comment delayed the take off. Guess waiting a few weeks till 8700k is released won´t hurt too much. Thanks tgcbraun!! Cheers Carlos
  5. FlyInside P3D v4 update

    They are beta testing at this very moment and got remarkable results in FPS. Much better than native p3dv4 VR. We should expect a release this month. Actually, when I saw your post in this thread I thought it was to announce the release :/ Cheers Carlos
  6. Agree. I don´t have Kuban, but with Stalingrad I had some epic moments. Following a burning stuka for a while was one of these when your brain can´t really say if you are at home or flying over Russia.
  7. I just checked it last night and it´s amazing. The only problem is that you can´t move in street view (I´m pretty sure they´ll implement that in the near future) and you are in 360 bubbles. But the integration of google earth and street view is amazing. Btw, am I the only one who thinks that google earth on flight sim (and I mean p3d or xp11 not the one embedded in it) would be the biggest leap ahead in scenery? We still would need airports, but the rest? cheers Carlos
  8. Reduce spining clouds VR

    The default v4 clouds don´t spin as much as ActiveSky+ASCA (probably is a matter of quantity). I learnt it the hard way, I completely forgot about the spinning clouds until I bought the full package. The distant clouds look terrific, but once you get close to them... I don´t think there is an easy solution to that since it´s the way the clouds are coded (happens the same in XP11), but if someone find a way to mitigate the effect or get rid of it would make my day. cheers Carlos
  9. 3rd Party GPS Add-ons - Recommendation

    Flight1 GTN complete package here and I couldn´t be happier.
  10. Thx Richard! I´ll probably upgrade on the next couple of months. We should have a good Pc by the time the new Oculus (or whatever) arrive, because if then we have to buy a huge PC and VR googles at the same time the hole in our pockets will be massive. cheers Carlos
  11. I´ve been flying in VR since the DK2 and the first version of flyinside, and after, literally, hundreds of flights, it still blows me away the moment I seat in a "real" cockpit for a virtual flight. And it´s so cool to read first experiences of people discovering Flight Simulation thru VR. Keep them coming please. I have a 980ti too, and I have good FPS with p3dv4 but I have micro stutters with SS 1.6 or 1.7. I tried many different settings with slides to the left or to the right (but still those annoying stutters). But with SS 1.5 and no ASW it´s really smooth with the same FPS, Have you experienced with different Super Sampling settings? cheers Carlos
  12. Glad to hear! Enjoy Flying in VR! Sorry can´t help with Project cars :) cheers Carlos
  13. Mainly with the mouse or you can use programs like voiceattack, to assign keys to voice commands. If you use an external program for VR like Flyinside there´s the option of turning knobs and press buttons with the "touch" controllers as virtual hands (or Vive controllers if you have Vive headsets instead of Oculus), but Flyinside is not V4 compatible yet.Somehow I still prefer mouse or voiceattack for that. Xplane is preparing a huge VR update this fall and they are working specially hard on being able to manipulate controllers with your hands. For me the ideal set up is a physical (real)yoke and one virtual hand to press buttons and knobs. Hope they manage to do that something like that.
  14. It´s perfectly normal that sometimes starts outside the aircraft, on a wing or wherever, it detects your oculus position and if its on the table, or on the floor when it starts up, your position in the sim will be far away from the flightdeck. But, you should be able to recenter after that. It´s weird that you can´t. Follow the usual procedure: 1 - Be sure the rift is in Oculus home; 2 - start oculus tray tool ; 3.execute P3d (outside oculus home of course) ; 4 load a 2D flight; 5 change view to VR Virtual Cockpit. Then you should have an option in the add-ons menu (next to Tools and Help menu) with a VR Headset option and in there the Calibrate option. I`m saying this just to see if we miss a step Paul.
  15. hmm that should recalibrate and recenter your position in the captains seat. Sometimes it leaves me a bit too far from the panels and I recenter again moving myself physically a little further away from the panel so when I come back to my original position I´m closer to the gauges. I mean, you don´t have to move or recenter the flightdeck, only yourself.