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  1. You forgot one, will they allow modules not comming from the marketplace ? Now that all DEVs joined, thay can change the rules ...
  2. Of course I'll take the plunge ... but I'll expend as little as posible. With MSFS 2020 I went for the 120$ edition, then I bought a lot modules I almost didn't fly, because it was nice to make grow the project and having the in the hangar in case ...
  3. Nice, then we'll have loot boxes for MSFS 2026 instead of buying modules 🙂
  4. Of course it's done ... the thing is how they market it, as a new game, or as sim update ...
  5. This is a test probe, and we have to be negative, so they don't become evil. You are really naive, thinking Microsoft makes such big marketing mistakes. Now the poor guys in Asobo will have to fix this mesh ... even if they didn't agree with this.
  6. Does the FAQ say if you'll be able to do in MSFS 2024 everything you can do in MSFS 2020 ? Or some will need both installed ?
  7. What I meant is that if that already happened with a "simple update", with a "brand new (rebaked) game", don't even dream to keep the control mapping
  8. This has already happened in updates of MSFS 2020 if you were there soon enougth ...
  9. By non customers ... but casual gammers that already bought MSFS 2020 ? Nobody is saying the product is bad, the thing is the commercial strategy, community fragmentation ...
  10. MSFS 2020 was already on Xbox, casual gamers will be angry too ...
  11. What I remember at the time was excepticism, "that can't be real, graphics are too good" 😮
  12. I was expending quite a lot of money in the marketplace because they said it was a 10 year proyect ... I see now it was a mistake. If they release a 60$ dollar DLC with missions, I'll buy it, because it doesn't fragmentate the sim.
  13. All I see it's they made a big announcement without giving more info, they knew a lot of people would have a lot of questions ... They are just expecting to see the reaction of people, to take the decision, don't be naive.
  14. That's why I'll not give a single dollar anymore to microsoft ...
  15. This is different, they said it was 10 year project, and they are fragmentating it. We have had huge updates in the past, that broke systems and modules, it's obvious this is not a creative decision from Asobo, it's just marketing from Microsoft.
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