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  1. Thats sounds amazing ... i guess it will be the future, we'll see how far is that future from now. The DCS kneeboad is not bad, but it can be done much better, really in your knee.
  2. You mean OpenXR instead of OpenVR i guess ... I wonder the same, if the overlays will work ... maybe they do, they use different apis, but over the same runtime. The garmins with the current "Working-Title" mods are not ugly, and can be used for navigation. I only miss the map for knowing the names of the "things" I'm flying over. I really Hope we'll have something like Avitab, it's better than overlays, more immersive.
  3. With Oculus you can take 2D windows into your VR game, and some people say with WMR you can do it too They anounced yesterday that today started the invites for other HMD, but after that they were closing the inscription.
  4. The same way that Microsoft is happy to support all cards under Direct X ... but if there is an open standard like Vulkan is better. Now we have an standard, OpenXR, since one year ago, so developpers only need to support one API, it's good for us.
  5. If we wanna speak properly, we have to diferenciate SteamVR from OpenVR. When people ask SteamVR support normally they are asking for OpenVR support. OpenVR is the VR API from Valve, and in the past was the only API for using SteamVR HMDs. Now they are adopting the new standard, OpenXR. So yes, MSFS will support SteamVR via OpenXR, once valve has finished it. But people are asking asobo to support OpenVR, what IMHO would be a total waste of time. If you wanna press someone for supporting Index, VIVE, Pimax on MSFS, you should press Valve, it's the logical path to go.
  6. Thats like waiting for a Vulkan game to get DX12 support ... very unlikely that will happen Even Steam is moving out from SteamVR: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/250820/view/2396425843528787269 Valve is excited to announce our current and expanding support for OpenXR, the new industry-wide open standard for VR & AR.
  7. Some distributors are starting to give dates like january for their orders ... it seems only people who ordered early from "official partners" will get the G2 in the upcoming weeks ...it seems this is gonna be like Valve Index, a very slow rolling launch.
  8. I'm really enjoying the Kitfox despite it flaws, the best visibility by far in MSFS !!!! And shuting down engines with CRTL+SHIFT+E I can achieve very short landings. Very happy with the purchase give the price, still i think some fixes are due ...
  9. Avitab !!!!!! And for 3rd party ATC, I think they should integrate it with the game UI via SDK. So what I expect from Asobo is mainly a good UI API for addon developers, so we have native tools, not "inserts".
  10. I made both ... and I wrote an email to support saying there was a bug on the site, and instead of the terms page there was still the DxDiag page !!!!🤣😪
  11. Yes, but 24h from when ? After you sent it ? After 9AM Nov 2nd in Redmond when they start processing it ... I'm as lost as you, I have no idea, but it seems someone must grant us some permisions before we can access VR
  12. A reminder, those instructions work only if you have been greenlit by Microsoft for using VR
  13. Yeah, I don't have motion sickness normally, but "camera shake" softening is a must. The "space" I hope it's because it's beta, and once all VR features are defined, they'll add binding for everithing, there will be a new tab in the setting for VR with all those things bindable. Maybe it's already there ... we don't know if this is beta is close to an Alpha or close to candidate release.
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