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  1. Do I understand this right, that there will be NO update from 737NGX for P3S v4.5 to v5? Jack
  2. I have ALL released ORBX scenerys and so far had not ONE issue with them. Reading their forum it seems there are a few problems for some users, none that has not been solved and mostly the problems are at the user end. Jack
  3. Global Base replaces the default texture files and is not a scenery so it does NOT show in the scenery list. Look in ORBX Central and you will see that it is installed.
  4. Not possible. When you try to start it the second time you will get an error message that another instance of P3D is allready running.,
  5. Yes I finally realized that. My problem was that I did not have Opera to open grid-map. Jack
  6. OkI am probably stupid, but can someone tell me how to download the scenerys? I have clicked on Spain, several places but it allways points at the same file. What am I doing wrong. Jack
  7. Problem solved after 2 days. A Spanish freeware caused LEST to crash. Thanks for trying to help me. Jack
  8. I bought Pilots LEST and installed it. When I chose LEST in the sim, it closes down. So I deactivatet the scenery so I could use the default LEST, chose it and the sim closed down. I have NO other LEST installed, doublechecked. I uninstalled SODE and reinstalled it but no change. All other airports using SODE work just fine. I have noi "old" AI planes messing it up.Interesting thing is that in the setup, after chosing LEST the image of the airplane stops rotating and when I press OK the sim closes down. It does no matter what airplane i use. All airplanes work on my other airports. I did run Event Viewer and understood nothing. Saw sometning abouit kernel.dll but is pure latin for me.Any suggestions?Jack
  9. In the Honolulu Configuration, just tick the box that FSDT PHNL is installed. Jack
  10. I have NEVER had a problem with P3D, since I installed it OUTSIDE the defaulkt location. In fact PMDG recommends that their products are installed outside the relevant Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. Jack
  11. I see that in my migrated libraries (new location outside P3D) the airports have effects and sound libraries. In the P3D/Effects are the same files having ORBX in the file name. Is it safe to delete the files in the P3D/ effects library? In P3D/Sound library are a lot of ORBX sound files, can they be deleted? Also in P3D/Scenery/World/Scenery there are lots of files like ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN_elevation_adjustment.BGL (and a lot of other files with ORBX airport names) can they be deleted? Have asked this question in the ORBX-forum but no answer. Jack the Swede in Spain
  12. Use this instead. Works with P3D v4. https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/ Jack The Swede in Spain
  13. To move/disable scenery added by the xml-method, use this. Scroll down the page. http://www.lorby-si.com/downloads.html Jack the Swede in Spain
  14. Do you have WX Advantage Radar installed? If so go to XX:\P3DV4\Modules and delete MV_WXM.dll. Wait for an update for v4.5 hot fix before you reinstall. Jack the swede ibn spain
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