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  1. I prefer the vFlyteAir (former Milviz) Turbo Otter when it comes to bigger STOL aircraft. http://www.vflyteair.com/vFlyteAir-DHC-3T-Turbo-Otter.php
  2. Apparently, that's just how the real world Yak 52 works: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/198983-reviews-about-yak-52/&do=findComment&comment=1839080 The aircraft doesn't have nose wheel steering, so you need to use differential braking at slow speeds. At higher speeds (takeoff/landing) the rudder becomes effective and can be used for keeping track of the center line.
  3. As long as everybody knows what it's about (not too hard given the forum we're currently in), it doesn't matter in the slightest if we call it MSFS, FS20, MSFSXX, FSMMXX or "that new sim for whose alpha I didn't apply".
  4. At least jet fuel is gluten free and vegan, so it made the day a little bit more healthy for everyone.
  5. I keep on buying addons for X-Plane until not only MSFS is released, but also at least one study-level addon of the aircraft categories I use the most: Turboprop airliner Vintage prop plane, e.g. DHC-2, DC-3 Vintage jet airliner, e.g. MD-80, B727 I don't care if it's 2020 or 2025 until those are all available but I won't just use MSFS because of great visuals, when all I can fly is GA or a glass cockpit airliner.
  6. Adding missing VORs and NDBs to X-Plane or FSX/Prepar3D is not hard to do, and I hope that MSFSXX isn't too different in that aspect since I also love to fly IFR without GPS/FMC from time to time.
  7. Flight Scheduler (freeware) has historic schedules from the 1950s up to 2010-ish. Routes can be filtered by origin, destination, aircraft type, flight duration or airline. It isn't available anymore from the developer, but I saved a copy of the last version 1.7 to my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e77ix7djn6qtnu7/AAAne-ehOCGIcKm15rZzOj8Qa?dl=0
  8. Nope, people are throwing far too many names around in here. It's just MSFSXX.
  9. The EADT 738 uses it's own trim commands. You need to assign these two commands to your trim buttons instead of the default X-Plane commands: x737/trim/CAPT_STAB_TRIM_UP_ALL x737/trim/CAPT_STAB_TRIM_DOWN_ALL You can do this in a custom joystick profile assigned to the x737 in order to not affect other planes.
  10. That's just one side of the medal. My feeling is quite the opposite, that FS2020 is generally seen as the holy grail. There are places on the Internet where you get downvoted/unliked/pitchforked-out-of-the-village to oblivion if you only raise the slightest criticism towards FS2020, no matter if it's constructive or just sarcasm.
  11. "Hey Bing, I need your data!" "NP, Jörg, what's the quota of your inbox?"
  12. The repetitive (or similar phrased) control questions are deriberately put in many surveys in order to check the validity of those answers. When a participant's answers to similar questions are inconsistent, those answers can then be excluded in the evaluation process.
  13. Effective immediately, I am no longer evaluating a PMDG product purchase at any point in the current five year window, nor do I see any flight simming time being allocated towards PMDG products.
  14. I use a home built console which consists of 6 sliders and 32 mechanical cherry keyboard switches. The three to the right are used for engine controls, the others are assigned to different functions depending on which aircraft I fly. But usually the lower horizontal sliders are used for rudder and tiller.
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