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  1. Then I guess it's a problem which only the author of Xview can fix, but AFAIK he stopped further development of his plugin.
  2. Normally you just need to bind the key to the standard "contact atc" command of X-Plane. This works for Pilotegde. The Transmit audio: COM1/COM2 commands do not actually transmit, but are there to choose which radio is used for talking to atc.
  3. Which version(s) of Python do you have installed? For the latest Pythin Interface (2.73.06), you need to have Python 2.7.X on your system, it doesn't work with Python 3. How did you install the Python interface? You need to unzip the file, which should give you a new folder called "PythonInterface". This folder needs to be copied/moved to the Resources/plugins/ folder in your X-Plane installaion. You also need to add a new folder inside of Resources/plugins/ called "PythonScripts". This is the place to put your own or downloaded scripts.
  4. There are two high-fidelity bizjet addons in development (HotStart Challenger 650 and Aerobask Falcon 8X), but for the time being I'd go with what ryanbatcund said.
  5. It's basically a bulk of valid oceanic waypoints for the current airac. The file itself is not used by X-Plane or any addon using Navigraph data. If you want to have those waypoints available, you need to copy the entries and paste them in a user_fix.dat which is located in the Custom Data folder.
  6. According to App Store statistics, X-Plane mobile alone generated $100k revenue in a single month (july 2020).
  7. No worries, I thought the sarcasm was obvious. I'll add an appropriate emoji next time. 😉
  8. The commitment to a flight sim by far surpasses a marriage. It lasts longer than an average marriage, it costs more than an average marriage and it is more fun than an average marriage.
  9. As far as having two (or more) sims installed. I tried that with P3D and X-Plane but that soon became too much of a hassle for me. I already spend less time than I would like to for flight simming, and we all know that this hobby doesn't only consist of flying but also maintaining the sim and addons, keeping track of updates and new releases etc. This already takes more than enought time for one sim, I wouldn't want to add another one to this equation.
  10. So after trying out the MSFS alpha and now testing the beta, I finally decided to stay committed to X-Plane and spent about $200 for addons which were on my list of things to put on hold until I made up my mind regarding a switch to MSFS. Surely, vanilla MSFS looks much better than vanilla X-Plane. But judging by what I have now (X-Plane with Orthos and addons) MSFS doesn't look so much better to justify the switch or even hassle to use it as a side-sim. It's not that I'm afraid to start from zero... I switched from FSX/P3D to X-Plane 10 some years ago, despite having spent around $2000 on addons which I haven't touched since then. But it was an easy decision, since X-Plane 10 (yes, 10) was so much more appealing to me compared to FSX/P3D, even with addons. Does that mean that I'll never switch to MSFS? Not necessarily, but I think that's a decision I'll make when MSFS has matured and X-Plane 12 is there, so we'll have a different base to compare both sims anyway.
  11. That 747 didn't land there, though. It just flew over the field during an airshow. AFAIK, the largest aircraft which are certified to land there are the B767 and the A330
  12. You need to create a user_fix.dat in the Custom Data folder using the proper format. See here for more info: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/166039-create-custom-user-defined-fix-in-x-plane-11s-new-g530-gps/ https://developer.x-plane.com/article/navdata-in-x-plane-11/
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