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  1. Understandable from a developer's point of view. You need to focus your ressources to some platform, and as MSFS already sees more activity than P3D and X-Plane combined (50-75% of flights, depending on which statistics you look at), it's quite logical to develop for that sim if you want to maximize your chances of making a profit. Of course it's bad for all of us who don't use MSFS as their main sim (I haven't even tried it), but as a dev - at least one that needs to make a living out of addons - you need to prioritize.
  2. I guess many would happily pay that amount on a monthly basis for such a "perfect" sim. It's still very cheap compared to other hobbies.
  3. Agreed, but I would generelazie that to "default scenery and visuals", not counting the enhancement you get from better virtual cockpits in addons, that's just something you can't avoid when looking for study level systems 🙂
  4. Yes and no, IIRC Ray was referring to a post regarding scenery addons. I just wanted to point out that there are "die hard" sim enthusiasts who don't care much about scenery. I'm actually fine with what PSX gives me: some color gradients for sky and earth and runway lights 🙂
  5. I'm surely one of the few, but in 30 years of flight simming, i haven't bought (or used, if freeware) any airport or global scenery addons, as all I really care about is the aircraft side of things. The only thing I run aside from aircraft addons is a weather engine.
  6. Then I guess it's a problem which only the author of Xview can fix, but AFAIK he stopped further development of his plugin.
  7. Normally you just need to bind the key to the standard "contact atc" command of X-Plane. This works for Pilotegde. The Transmit audio: COM1/COM2 commands do not actually transmit, but are there to choose which radio is used for talking to atc.
  8. Which version(s) of Python do you have installed? For the latest Pythin Interface (2.73.06), you need to have Python 2.7.X on your system, it doesn't work with Python 3. How did you install the Python interface? You need to unzip the file, which should give you a new folder called "PythonInterface". This folder needs to be copied/moved to the Resources/plugins/ folder in your X-Plane installaion. You also need to add a new folder inside of Resources/plugins/ called "PythonScripts". This is the place to put your own or downloaded scripts.
  9. There are two high-fidelity bizjet addons in development (HotStart Challenger 650 and Aerobask Falcon 8X), but for the time being I'd go with what ryanbatcund said.
  10. It's basically a bulk of valid oceanic waypoints for the current airac. The file itself is not used by X-Plane or any addon using Navigraph data. If you want to have those waypoints available, you need to copy the entries and paste them in a user_fix.dat which is located in the Custom Data folder.
  11. According to App Store statistics, X-Plane mobile alone generated $100k revenue in a single month (july 2020).
  12. No worries, I thought the sarcasm was obvious. I'll add an appropriate emoji next time. 😉
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