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  1. Autogen looks so dull... maybe PBR textures will mean shiny windows (and other metallic/glass surfaces)?
  2. Are those units metres? So 128,000 is 128 km? That would be nice. Shame they don't have multiple settings, like regular scenery versus auto-gen.
  3. From the change log:- "Scenery draw distance, including airports, can now be configured. " Does this mean that scenery no longer pops up around the 10nm mark? I want to see large buildings appear way off in the distance, even if they are only 1 pixel high... Will PBR scenery textures mean the autogen buildings no longer look so dull, maybe windows will appear a little shiny?
  4. MatthewS

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Semantics... There was an implicit "promise" to deliver in about 3 weeks and Vertx let the article run without requesting a correction,Vertx have still not released, issued no update and still have no website and IMHO only made the FSElite announcement to take a little "wind out of the sails" of the Carenado release. If this happened in the "real world" with publicly listed, lawyer-ed up companies then quite likely Vertx would be subject to allegations of Antitrust behavior. Anyway, this is really just a "storm in a teacup" but come on Sean just post a one line comment anywhere with an update, remember you already went public, so we are "owed" an update. I'm sure Vertx will deliver a great product eventually, I've owned RealAir products in the distant past and they were great!
  5. MatthewS

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Wrong! This developer went public on FSElite with an announcement 4 weeks ago and seems to have "lead us on" and have us believe the Vertx DA62 would be released by now. I did not buy the Carenado on the back of his implicit promise that the Vertx would be out by now. I think he owes us an update. Frankly IMHO this type of behavior does not bode well for the type of support we can expect from Vertx.
  6. MatthewS

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Oh what a surprise... Announcement over a month ago (at the same time Carenado actually released their DA62) and no news since! Can the guy even be bothered to respond? Think we will all be waiting for months still...
  7. Ok, sounds great! Looking forward to the release.
  8. Are you another beta tester? Can you comment on Vertx's apparent claim that the DA62 features "unmatched clarity and animation smoothness in the G1000 PFD"? This is the reason I'm holding out for the Vertx rather than having purchased the Carenado. Vertx has promised us something special, have they delivered?
  9. I edited my post and removed "Just to remind everyone". Hopefully no one else gets "triggered".
  10. The FSElite article says:- Bert please comment on Vertx's apparent claim that the G1000 PFD features "unmatched clarity and animation smoothness". If the DA62 is not as portrayed by Vertx then the product is Vaporware.
  11. MatthewS

    Upgrading Cpu

    Wont be long before the water cooled OC results start coming in... If people are getting 5.5Ghz on all 8 cores on water then the I9-9900K is a bargain IMO.
  12. MatthewS

    Upgrading Cpu

    IMO just get the I9 9900K... you're probably going to have this new machine for 3 years, you'll be happy you spent the extra money, especially as P3D is CPU hungry. 5GHz on 2 cores out of the box! Maybe with water cooling and a good chip you'll get 5.5GHz on all 8 cores... who knows? This guy's getting 6.8Ghz on liquid nitrogen!
  13. Seems to me this was announced 3 weeks ago ONLY to take focus off the Carenado release. Well that worked because I didn't buy Carenado when I heard about Vertx. Wouldn't surprise me if I'm still waiting in a months time.
  14. Hmm, starting to smell like vaporware to me.... No update, no website, just some pics sent to FSElite a few weeks ago.