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  1. Ho hum. If it he's breaking the NDA and uploading videos he's unlikely to be a serious tester... he's probably even using a XBox controller (or keyboard) and not a yoke, hence over controlling.
  2. True, we've seen pictures from Asobo recently, but no videos showing how the tyres/suspension interact with the undulations... A little bit of tyre deformation too? Probably not, but then it's not a racing sim.
  3. I think it will be released this year, maybe in December. I'd happily pay full price for it right now as "Early Access", if nothing else, it looks to be an outstanding sim for VFR.
  4. By the way, what are the specs of hardware Asobo used to produce their videos? 32GB, 2080TI, CPU??
  5. Yes of course, anyone with a dissenting opinion is a child... I got it now, thanks. The shiny, highly polished, curated Asobo videos are mostly marketing fluff... There's a limit to how many times a person can watch the same thing without getting bored. The leaked videos show MSFS is outstanding, even with some rough edges.
  6. Because 10,000+ users is not an alpha... it's a lottery... with many "alpha testers" 🙄 that are happy to breach the NDA and update videos. Hence they should open up the "alpha" to everyone.
  7. Are talking about me? I'm not a troll and have no agenda, been using FS since version 2 on C64 (Bruce Artwick/Sublogic), do you remember that one? Seems you're happy to consume new video leaks so you must not be satisfied with Asobo's efforts either (i.e. lack of videos).
  8. Really? Waiting for you to tell me how I've been embarrassed in front of millions.... Who knows, 10,000+ testers is not an "alpha", it's already in open beta territory... I suspect however they are having serious performance issues on lower spec machines.
  9. 10,000+ alpha testers, Asobo knew it would happen. So now is the time to open up the "alpha" to everyone.
  10. Really, how so? 747 Not enough? Only their global range, not wasting money on their other products that just highlight the comically oversize autogen and trees, which I turn off. Yes, I agree... it's flawed.
  11. It's a suggestion. Oh Orbx, I must have spent about $500+ on their add-ons in the past, I can't see myself buying anything from them ever again. Do they still exist?
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