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  1. This thread is dissapearing off the bottom proberly out of sight of everyone so im bringing it back up to the top in desperation !I am desperate to have this working ...I have now uninstalled and reinstalled PMDG 747X several times now with no joy ;o(" HELP " !!!Gary B.
  2. I have had to reinstall FSX and all of the goodies on my system but when selecting the PMDG 747 in the aircraft select menu in FSX nothing happens, the the simulator shuts down as it stops responding.This never happened before ???Any ideas ?O/s Vista 32bit ...Thanks,Gary B.
  3. Just Purchased the PMDG 747 version, very good but are there any other language sets avalible ???British accent would be nice as im flying a BA 747 with an american crew with the names Steve and Bob or what ever ... :((The only thing that lets the product down is having the crew names called out, " Steve " ... no my name is Gary ... !!!Anyways complaint 1 of many no doubt as im never satisfied !!!Thanks,Gary B.
  4. Right ... SORTED !!!Sweet ... Even though i've defraged and run the resgistry tool with slight improvements, after uninstalling FSX then again defragging and running the registry tool after ... were back in buisness !!!For some reason, and dont know why or care why, FSX and FS9 dont like each other on my system ...FSX can stay in its box until there are some serious add-ons avalible that make FSX better than my present FS9 set up ...Anyways ... thanks all for your help ;o)Thanks,A very happy Gary B ;o)
  5. Ok I found a registry utility on the Flight 1 web site and run the application ...a big improvement but still not what I used to get ... still getting frame rate fluctuations of between 10 - 24 fps ???Flyable but not as good as it used to be ;o(Might try uninstalling FSX all together tommorow to see if that helps ???Thanks all ....Gary B.
  6. OK,Cant find the correction tool in the Avsim library, can you steer me in the right direction ?Thanks,Gary ;o)
  7. I have infact installed the FSX and am hoping that what you say is the problem ...Too early in the morining at the moment to try, bed is calling but will try tommorow ...THanks, ;o)
  8. I cant believe this and dont understand whay ?All my frame rates on all my PMDG pruducts ( 737/600 - 700 / 737/800 - 900 / 747-400 and 747F ) have all gone to pot !Not changed anything im aware of, just one day I descided to make a flight in the 747 and frame rates are about 4 -8 per secs from the main panel.Turns out this is for all the PMDG products I own but only when looking ahead in the 2D panel.On all the 2D panels looking ahead the frame rates drop but if I look slightly left or right and conmpletely left or right from the flight deck the rates shoot back up to 25 per secs ???Outside spot veiw using EGKK pro scenery with all sliders up shows rates of 25 per sec but as soon as I get back in the 2d cockpit and look ahead, BAM frame rates back to 4 -8 ???All the products were installed months ago in the right order and there has been no problem up until now ???Very frustrating and need help badly as I need to make a PAX flgiht in the Queen !All idears and solutios to try will be most welcomed !!! ;o(
  9. This is getting me down ...Why program the load editor so persons with pirate copies of the PSS 757 cant use it .... You know it will only take a couple of days for some bright spark to crack the thing anyway ...Come on, release the load editor so us that have paid for it can enjoy !!!
  10. This happened to me before .... just go select the defualt Cessna, give it a few seconds on the ground then re-select the PSS757 ;o)That cured the problem for me !Gary B.( I always find myself editing the message after posting because I forgot to sign my name at the bottom ... " DOH ! " )
  11. > Yep sent me an email, I have DXT3 textures for you that loads fast > Many fellow simmers already asked lolSomeone email me the dxt3 textures for the fast loading flight deck ...Please, please please ... Mrgash(at)hotmail.comGary B.
  12. " Sat Sep-09-06 08:09 AM "Bloody #### Norman, that was a quick reply ... What do you do, sleep with your computer under your pillow or somthing ?Gary B.
  13. Excellent ...This will make it the perfect product." Norman " When do you plan on uploading the files for the dxt3 textures for the flight deck ? Is it the same time you intend uploading the load config program etc this weekend ?I need this badly as the slow fp's when looking around the flightdeck is the only thing really pi**ing me off at the moment !Thanks,Gary B. ;o)
  14. ALL RIGHT ... LETS CRACK ON .... !I had no email either, just got home from work and thought I would have a look on the forums and BINGO !Was planning for a early night, busy day tommorow but now, forget it ! Im up late now !GREAT !!! ;o)Gary B.
  15. >>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=14018&page=>>>Ok, I just saw that but it doesn't match because that was>published on saturday 1:45pm. Time Remaining in days was>98.9% .>>Operation>>100%>98.9%>------>1.1 % Remaining to completition.>>August have 31 days>>1.1 % of 31 days is equal to 0.341 days>one day have 24 hours and .341 day have 8.2 hours left to the>release.>>So if this data is true>>1:45pm Hour of the post from PSS + 8.2 hour left=Around>10:00pm Saturday August 19.>>*this formula was based in august :) .>>FabianWOW, hold on, check you out with the maths ... Murphy's law will mean the aircraft will be released on a day I am working so therefore I will proberly not be having this aircraft on the release date ... :(Even though I paid early for it I have this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so that would be nice please ... !Hehehe !" It will be ready when its ready ", a real crappy answer my dad used to use when asking him " How long " under similar circumstances ! But hey, ... how true though !Gary B !
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