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  1. Thanks Jim, you were spot on about the EMT, started to reinstall using only P3D installers and testing after each addon and all is working great. May have ago at redirecting some older addons to a temporary folder and see if I can manually move and edit files across. I recon scenery addons will be ok with this ?
  2. Ok, I guess I'm just trying too hard to her everything installed like FSX was. Thanks for the info. Will strip it all back and start again using P3D installers only. Just another quick one, if I come across installers for p3d v2 or 2.5 will they behave fine in v3 ?
  3. Just a thought. Could I not copy the fsx.exe file into the p3d route folder then use the flight 1 registry repair tool to point at that file in the p3d route then tricking fsx installers towards the p3d area ? Not sure how alike the files and folders are set between the two programs.
  4. Ok thanks. Will strip it all out and start again.
  5. Hmm, ok, but why would EMT cause this issue. I thought EMT just directed FSX installers to P3D and nothing else ?
  6. Hi all, new to P3d, been away from flight sim for a while and decided to come back from FSX to the all new version 3 of P3D. Purchased at the weekend but not had a stable response yet rofm the simulation. Have so far installed ASN and UK200 LHR extreme using the FLightsim Estonia tool. The program crashes whilst setting a scenario and selecting aircraft to any point just after getting into the aircraft. Error states Appcrash for Prepar3d3D.exe Using version, Stackhash_0a9e Most frustrating. Any ideas how to fix ?
  7. Brilliant ! that's exactly the answer I was looking for ... not ... is there any notable difference in sound ? Tone ? etc# Can you tell the difference between a 110 and a 115 by listening ?
  8. Just out of interest what's the sound difference between 110 & 115 ? Is there any notable difference ?
  9. This thread is dissapearing off the bottom proberly out of sight of everyone so im bringing it back up to the top in desperation !I am desperate to have this working ...I have now uninstalled and reinstalled PMDG 747X several times now with no joy ;o(" HELP " !!!Gary B.
  10. I have had to reinstall FSX and all of the goodies on my system but when selecting the PMDG 747 in the aircraft select menu in FSX nothing happens, the the simulator shuts down as it stops responding.This never happened before ???Any ideas ?O/s Vista 32bit ...Thanks,Gary B.
  11. Just Purchased the PMDG 747 version, very good but are there any other language sets avalible ???British accent would be nice as im flying a BA 747 with an american crew with the names Steve and Bob or what ever ... :((The only thing that lets the product down is having the crew names called out, " Steve " ... no my name is Gary ... !!!Anyways complaint 1 of many no doubt as im never satisfied !!!Thanks,Gary B.
  12. Right ... SORTED !!!Sweet ... Even though i've defraged and run the resgistry tool with slight improvements, after uninstalling FSX then again defragging and running the registry tool after ... were back in buisness !!!For some reason, and dont know why or care why, FSX and FS9 dont like each other on my system ...FSX can stay in its box until there are some serious add-ons avalible that make FSX better than my present FS9 set up ...Anyways ... thanks all for your help ;o)Thanks,A very happy Gary B ;o)
  13. Ok I found a registry utility on the Flight 1 web site and run the application ...a big improvement but still not what I used to get ... still getting frame rate fluctuations of between 10 - 24 fps ???Flyable but not as good as it used to be ;o(Might try uninstalling FSX all together tommorow to see if that helps ???Thanks all ....Gary B.
  14. OK,Cant find the correction tool in the Avsim library, can you steer me in the right direction ?Thanks,Gary ;o)
  15. I have infact installed the FSX and am hoping that what you say is the problem ...Too early in the morining at the moment to try, bed is calling but will try tommorow ...THanks, ;o)
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