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  1. chumley

    Camera Definitions

    Thanks for everything Marc Your latest comments had pointed me in the direction of Cameras.cfg and I found mine to be corrupted. I have no idea what caused the corruption but replacing it with a back-up from about a week back resulted in the return of all views as they were before. The only thing I can find that was loaded/updated on the date the Cameras.cfg backup was created was a java 8 Update 191. Circumstantially that would appear to be the culprit but not necessarily. There is another file created two days later - cameras.cfg-lltxbak - which I suspect may have been created by updating from PMDG Operations Centre - but that is a guess. Anyway, regardless I have the views back and it appears to be OK. I'll go and reinstall the 777 and see if it turns out OK. Many thanks again.
  2. chumley

    Camera Definitions

    Thanks for your comments. F9 is linked on p3d to 'View Camera 1 (select). Pressing the 'A' key cycles between the 4 options shown in my original post. In the Aircraft.cfg the only camera definitions for the 'Virtual Cockpit' are those listed and accessible by the 'A' key. How many camera definitions are in your Aircraft.cfg for the 737-800NGX with winglets?
  3. chumley

    Camera Definitions

    I haven't used the PMDG NGX since the middle of the year. At that time everything was working as expected. However, when loading the NGX yesterday there was no Captains View and the only Cockpit views available to me were: F/O Seat; Overhead Upper Panel; Overhead Lower Panel; and Center Pedestal There were 10 Camera Definitions relating to the Aircraft. I downloaded the latest file from my account today and after uninstalling the NGX using the latest installer I rebooted the Computer. I then installed the latest NGX version in Administrator Mode, ignored the Operations Centre advice of updates and checked in P3Dv4 to see if the issue had been corrected. It hadn't. I then updated to version 1.20.8855 through the PMDG Operations Centre. I checked in P3Dv4 and still only the definitions referred to above exist. This situation also occurs in P3Dv3 The same situation exists for the 777 Base Pack for versions P3Dv3 and P3Dv4. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. chumley

    Lorby Time Machine released

    Is it possible for this application to be made to automatically increment the acceleration as the flight progresses. For example - 0 acceleration for the first hour, 2x between 1 hour and 2 hours and 4x after 2 hours?
  5. chumley

    PMDG 737 Update for P3D V4

    Fools rush in ...... I have v3 and v4 both installed. I'm using v4 to tweak display settings before using any third party addons. I do have the 777 but it is grounded while the aforementioned activity continues albeit between v3 flights.
  6. The last I heard Pete said he would look into upgrading his FSUIPC to v5. He also said he would wait until P3Dv4 was released before committing to a new version. He is on vacation until the end of the week so it will be worthwhile waiting for him to make a definitive call on his next move.
  7. chumley

    P3D Installer fails

    Didn't take it as an accusation
  8. chumley

    P3D Installer fails

    Actually I downloaded the NGX file again from PMDG and it worked. I'm thinking the installation file may have been an older version and possibly predating P3Dv3. All is well now and no - not using any hacks nor will I be.
  9. chumley

    P3D Installer fails

    I have just built an new system and gone about the painstakingly slow process of reinstalling P3D and the multitude of bits and pieces including the NGX and the T7 Base version. When I tried to install the after a short while the InstallShield Wizard displayed a message "Installation cannot continue. Your registry does not show a valid Prepar3D(tm) installation location". I thought it a bit odd so I tried gain with the same outcome. I then loaded the T7 Base package and it ripped through the process installing as required. I loaded P3D and activated the T7. I rebooted the system and had another go with the NGX with the process failing at the same point. Any suggestions before I lodge a ticket with PMDG?
  10. I have just clicked on the request to start the license purchase process and it occurred to me that in the coming weeks I will be upgrading my system. With this in mind what is the process for transferring a license from one machine to another? Thanks
  11. ".......and excavating runway more quickly......." LOL - that's what I normally do when I land - heavily.
  12. chumley

    Banned again..

    ORBX quite rightly in my opinion deletes photos showing competitors scenery. I haven't seen an aircraft deleted as that is a field into which they have a very limited involvement and from memory that was only due to the personal interest JV had in the early days. They don't make weddings or birds nor for that matter FS setup rigs so they were left alone.
  13. Noticed a surge of development earlier this year then none over the past few months or at least no evidence. I understand this has been a free (to date) application and expect Roland has another life outside of FS. Hopefully development is continuing as it would be a shame for some a fantastic piece of software to fall by the wayside when it has such a following and makes FS so much more realistic and absorbing.
  14. chumley

    Camera movement in VC

    A question for anyone using Holgers EyeCorrection dll and who has a new licence. Did adding the new licence remove the ability to manually set a correction for an aircraft in V1.04?