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  1. My mistake ... And yes found some relevant documentation
  2. Hi All I am trying to figure out the Proc File Format in order to Parse the data, so can anyone shed some light on this ?
  3. Yes I switched all the settings in Options Thanks Yes have P3D selected
  4. HI ... I have just updated to Pro-ATC-X v1.7.2 and set up the folder locations for P3D but after setting up flightplan etc and click Fly now I get the error message "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO FSX" even though i'm only running P3D. Any suggestions ? Cheers
  5. This is awesome news .... Great Job
  6. So is there any more news on this development ? Any sign of a release date yet ?
  7. This just gets better... Love the "Checklists"
  8. Do AI have flight plans or do they just fly to a set position ? Trying to get a better understanding of how the AI model works
  9. Been using P3D v2.5 and windows 10 for a few weeks and so far very nice, with some good fps.
  10. Yeah mine too, may even be a total switch to XPL from p3d/fsx if its as good as it looks
  11. So is there a release date set for this beauty ?
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