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  1. It works perfectly on my system and so on many other users's. You use keyboard to move the camera on Chaseplane also.. Maybe there's something in your setup that is not right, you should be able to CTRL ALT then ALT. Try reset all config to default and start again. CRTL ALT and ALT not working on one user's system doesn't mean Chaseplane has to be the solution. Sure Chaseplane can release to MSFS but MSFS has already a camera system similar to Chaseplane, so why have an external addon to be on top of the already builtin camera system, one is enough. I own Chaseplane myself, used it on my previous sim, now when installing MSFS I discovered the great camera system built in the sim, VERY similar to Chaseplane. I mapped my customs views to my flightcontroller buttons like in Chaseplane, and mapped my keybaord commands like in Chaseplane, easy. PLUS the MSFS has taken a lot of setup bulk of Chaseplane and integrated it behind the scene, nothing to setup, ready to go, and it is all within the sim, no need external window to go to settings etc, Sure Chaseplane can release to MSFS but it won't be any asset, just redundancy, some people will use it... Xav
  2. Hi, I wrote this before realizing that MSFS doesn't need Chase Plane after all, in my honest opinion, since MSFS integrates already a camera system (cockpit external showcase) similar to Chase Plane, and all this built-in , so don't need both. MSFS just launched, so future updates will certainly improve this already neat camera system. Best regards, Xav
  3. Yeah, downloaded, can't wait to test it!
  4. Hi, Yes Chaseplane, come to MSFS2020, there is no debate here, your software is at present the BEST camera addon used with FSX or P3D! Now, I don't see why not in the long awaited MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR return! Best regards, Xav
  5. Flight done, 10:42 and NO simconnect event, with website 18.4! Like before. Looks like my finding about my addon automatic camera feature was what was causing the conflict? Testing again tomorrow on my next flight. I'll do couple more flight tests and if no simconnect events we'll assume back to normal. By the way, is it possible to reinstate the traffic limit feature within PSXT? It came handy on busy airports, it shows at the moment 142! Live aircrafts here at KSFO! Approaching the airfiled I could feel the performance degradation, stutters, low fps and VAS warning all of the sudden, and was wondering why, and when looking PSXT I saw that, that explained why. As you know, I'm not running a 64bit flight simulator but a 32bit so VAS is always a concern for my P3Dv3. You could just reinstate it to the PSXT 32bit version since 64bit version don't have VAS problems.
  6. Alright, next flight I'll use. I used that website one because didn't have simconnect event on last try, but had it with the thread one. Yes but I thought I send log anyway just for clarity or anything there or not there etc.
  7. Here the log from about 10min ago, in flight at the moment, no simconnect event (yet?)..about another 7h fight until landing. Flight time so far 03:45. EDIT: using the official 18.4 website update, not this forum links you sent recently.
  8. P3D itself doesn't need simconnect client if ran alone, but the addons that run with it some do, including Active Sky etc..so needed install them, hence the name SIMconnect, you probably know that already. There is no AI manager with FSUIPC, never heard of it, the only thing I can think of is the traffic limiter option within FSUIPC, it lets you if you wish set a max number of aircraft around, I never touched those traffic limiter settings left them at default, which is no traffic limit, meaning the sim can run any number of aircraft accordingly.
  9. Lol, you just said log.txt, I didn’t know you were talking about psxt log, confuses..I know where psxt log.txt is.... Computer off so it’ll have to be later when I turn it on again.. I’ll check my fsuipc, never used any fsuipc AI manager.
  10. I don't have log.txt, where do you find it? Ok normal then, since I'm using P3D v3.4, and you P3Dv5 so, it tallies. I never used FSUIPC AI manager.
  11. Ok, I've just tried it on a 20min flight and got simconnect event again. Here the Simconnect0.Log. I noticed it says SimConnect version, but I installed Flight Simulator SimConnect Client v10.0.61259.0 from the redist FSX-SP2-XPACK folder inside main Prepar3D, so not sure if normal?
  12. I had already tested a new possibility yesterday by disabling an automatic feature within one of my addons, which I believe was interacting with PSXT, and didn't get the simconnect event. With your file that might confirm, if the simconnect.ini get used on my next flight. Thanks,
  13. Thanks Steve for the tip, will try and test. Regards,
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