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  1. Thanks, yes looks like IVAO doesn't really add to the experience at the moment but rather substracts lol. I'll just use BVAI now meaning don't need AiLister, make it simpler ;). I believe we can close this thread. ? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I just tried IVAO MTLs again without running RealTraffic/Psxseecontraffic, and nosewheel still turned on some IVAO aircrafts and no flaps etc. So I thought I go to IVAO forum and I found a thread mentioning it and saying it is a behavior they know about..here an extract of: "...There are a few stuff to know with this version, about which we ask you please not to file bug reports: Piston/Turbo-prop engines may appear to spin slowly if your frame rate is low. There is really nothing we can do about this, for now. Turbo-fan engines do not spin at all. @who knows FSXA: I have not found an animation that works for our turbo-fans, if someone knows that, please PM me, many thanks. When some aircraft are on the ground, the rotation of the nose wheel is wrong. This is an expected behavior since the animation has been conserved in the model but is not controlled by IvAp currently - we intend to re-use it in our next Pilot Client as well as ailerons/elevator/spoilers/etc... animations. Let's hope it's not that much of a factor to you folks. Any other weirdie you witness ? There should not be much, but there will be some, and we thank you for your help in hunting them. Do not report on the fact that some planes might be slightly hovering over the ground. We are already aware of this, but this will be cared about later. Please use http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=316799.0 as a template to report them in this same forum, and we will try and either fix it or mitigate it for the official release in a few (two-three) weeks. At this point, we hope that despite the few bugs remaining in this version, it will bring you a more enjoyable experience. On behalf of IVAO DevOps" So that confirms not related to Psxseecontraffic and my thinking those IVAO MTLs were to point at ;). Thanks.
  3. Ok sweet, and I tried IVAO MTL and the same no flaps etc nosewheel turned..
  4. Hi, It looks like MMUN is not the database, that's strange; I put like always the .pln file in the flightplans folder as usual, and during the flight I noticed that the Destination airport box stayed empty, whereas usually it populates form the .pln after takeoff. So I entered MMUN in the box and got this message, so it confirmed why box was empty even though .pln was in flightplans folder. I'll try the IVAO MTL later today. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I didn't get a chance to try at EHAM, I saw the flaps on my flight yesterday at ICN on this UPS 747, my aircraft on the right. This was with default BVAI mtl, no ivao/vmr generator. I'll try with just IVAO and see if I get the flaps too, if not we'll know it's coming from IVAO (and so the nosewheel turned).
  6. Ok I'll go Psxseecontraffic spotting later, and to make it worthwhile I'll set at EHAM so we can have same observation ground. I'll report later. Thanks.
  7. Lol, I meant brand new out of hangar Boeing/Airbus livery not type of aircraft lol. I don't see any on your pic. Hmm, I guess I need do further testing with IVAO_MTL then.. I use Prepar3D V4.2 (the latest). PS: looking at your pic again, the Embraer on the left, looks like he's ready to depart but no flaps, and the 777 on the runway either on a takeoff or landing roll but same no flaps..?
  8. Nice pic! It looks neat and I don't see any airbus or boeing liveries either (do you in other occasions?) OK from what you say I believe it is coming from the IVAO mtl liveries then, I'll stop using those for VMRGenerator/PSXseeconTraffic and will look into others like the ones you mentioned, if I may ask, what are the ones you're using or any recommendation?..to match the experience /quality you have? Thanks.
  9. Those two aircrafts on the pic were taxiing, it doesn't matter if they're moving or not the nosewheel stays turned regardless. Other aircrafts have their nosewheel straight when not taxiing so why are those having their turned? My flight yesterday after landing I was watching this A320 taxi to the runway with nosewheel doing some good crabbing lol.. And never saw any flaps on any aircraft since started using PSXseeconTraffic.. Using IVAO mtl and now also bvai.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if just my system but some aircrafts have their nose wheels turned. I mostly see it on the small A320s or some B737s. See pic, the two A320s. And don't know if possible to implement the flaps etc? 😉
  11. I know, I let the new version do it as always, but this time I uninstalled vmrgenerator before installing the new version because I was testing something 😉 I'll look for the 10.1!
  12. Lol I was too quick too. Matter of fact the same happened here, when I first ran Psxseecon after updating to 10.0 I got that error saying couldn't find vmrgenerator path etc because I had uninstalled it beforehand so I looked in the psxseecon config and indeed it had kept the vmrgenerator path from previous version etc, so I deleted the vmrgenerator entry since it wasn't installed and P3Dv4 wasn't running so normal as you said. Then I reinstalled vmrgenerator then it was greyed out etc.. All good now, P3Dv4 is running (not greyed out anymore) and I reinstated vmr generator path.
  13. Hi, With the new 10.0 the AI_liveries.txt folder box is greyed out, we can put VMR generator path, we see BVAIP3Dv4 greyed out in it and we don't have the hand, can't click to modify. I tried different things, even edit the psxseecon config file, still greyed out.
  14. Yes, I was just suggesting for simplicity if one doesn't have IVAO mtl, no need vmr generator anymore, so just one program does it all! :) Me I need both, since I fly on IVAO too, but tomorrow out of curiosity I'll just fly with BVAI to see how those models compare with IVAO ones. IVAO MTL folder has more aircraft folders, 376, for 8.06GB so 3X more items but lower size.
  15. I installed latest 10.0 Psxseecon and found out that don't need vmr generator anymore since Psxseecon is configured now to point to BVAI ai txt liveries, so IVAO MTL not needed anymore right? I'll do a flight tomorrow and test the new 10.0 with the BVAI. I installed the BVAI and the zip is 1.6GB, but once unzipped it is 9.19GB with 120 Aircrafts folders. Thanks.
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