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    I thought of that, so I guess IVAO needs update their MTLs, but it's ok for now I get all the majors depicted correctly (AFR BAW DAL etc..). I updated to your today 9.35 and 10.11 versions and seeing the new bvai maybe that would complete the ivao ones? I'll do another test with both ivao mtl and bvai into vmr generator and report.

    Sorry for the late reply didn't get much time. I managed to do few flights and those render like this. Pics are at MRU FRA and SIN . I still see Boeing/Airbus liveries. By the way I used to see my airplane on Real traffic page but now can't see it anymore, but I'm still connected and seeing PSXseecon traffic in the sim. Any idea? Thanks.

    Nico, I have installed the official version 10.9. I'll post some pics later from my next flight, only connected to Psxseecon to show how the IVAO MTLs render! Again thank you for your support and for re introducing IVAO MTLs into VMRGe..err AILister ;) Best regards

    Yes that is what I meant, sorry for the confusion, out of hangar livery meaning those ones have nothing to attach to if the airline is not registered in the aitxliveries file..or some like that lol. Here my VMRGenerator.log file. Thanks.

    At JFK right now, I get OK:48% shown in red out of live:201(94) in green and parked:55(209) in green, this with IVAO_MTL in VMRGenerator 10.9beta I see some traffic at JFK with still the hangar livery, when I built the aitxliveries file from ivao mtl I got some errors, EmptyRegistrations.txt IncompleFltsimSections.txt InvalidAircraftCodes.txt InvalidAirlineCodes.txt were created, so I guess those out of hangar airplanes were from those files? Best regards,

    I never heard of vpilotai, I have vpilot but vpilotai never heard of it. IVAO_MTLs run inside P3D process as they're SimObjects, so initial loading time of the sim is longer because sim needs read all those thousands objects, but then once it is loaded, done forget about them, they're ready-play, so NO burden at all. At the moment in flight P3D CPU process averages 65%. I run P3D in default Program files folder, on SSD, with 8GB graphics, on I7 3.4GHZ.

    Hi Nico, I just installed 10.9beta, in flight at the moment over the ocean so not much traffic, I'll report back after landing, another 5h or so. Thanks a lot for reinstating IVAO_MTL into VMRGenerator! Best regards,

    It's my pleasure somiller. And I might have good news for you, I was in the thinking we needed v4.2 but any v4 would do for P3D, as long as you don't use v3 which is 32bit, v4 is 64bit so you don't need wait update to v4.2, go ahead! ;) (you might as well update to v4.2 which will give you better P3Dv4, and all addons providers starting or having already updated their addons for compatibility with v4.2, including psxseecon :)) Kind regards.

    You're welcome Michael, you should join IVAO, provided Nico puts code back into VMRGenerator AND you use P3DV4.2, otherwise it won't work. Kind regards. MTL is Multi-player Traffic Library, aircrafts rendered in the flight simulators, with the Airlines liveries, to push realism further. If Nico puts code back into VMRGenerator and you fly P3DV4.2, it will work with IVAO MTL, there is no objection from IVAO to use IVAO MTL on PSXSeecontraffic, just on VATSIM, as IVAO and VATSIM are the two online flying networks. So you should join. PSXSeecontraffic not serving same purpose, although it allows IVAO and VATSIM on its platform.
  10. IVAO MTL

    There isn't a specific mtl coming with vpilot, vpilot just reads what models your sim has, if you have UTL, vpilot will see your UTL, if you have WOAI vpilot will see your WOAI and so on.. It is only IVAO providing the MTLs, and they're really good, with lights strobes beacon nav flaps etc, you need fly on IVAO network for that lol, before VATSIM vpilot, like for any mtl library UTL WOAI etc, was reading IVAO mtl, but after IVAO spoke to VATSIM about conflict of interest (which makes sense), VATSIM stopped vpilot from using IVAO mtl. Now I'm not gonna develop on that for obvious reason ;)
  11. IVAO MTL

    Hi Nico, Thanks for your input, yes I can confirm the ivao mtl has been improved, we don't see anymore fs2004 black nor invisible nor with no gear airplanes on ivao, please see pics from my initial post, IVAO has recently released a new 64bit ivao mtl library to work with P3Dv4. That would be greatly appreciated if you could put ivao code back into VMRGenerator ;) They haven't, I guess some work around had been done to be able to see ivao mtl with vpilot.
  12. IVAO MTL

    Thanks for feedback, so pity, I can see the aircrafts alright but without their livery, just a few, this morning I connected to PSXseecon and saw an EasyJet aircraft, all the rest, just the out of hangar liveries ie Boeing 747-400 liveries etc, yesterday I saw one too but don't recall which one. So it does see some. What I did, upon installing Psxseecon v9.33 and vmr generator 10.8, I copied/paste the old 8.6 (that I kept) ai_tx_liveries into vmr 10.8 so psxseecon could see some ai_tx_liveries file to work with. I don't wanna buy UTL since it does the same thing as psxseecon does, so yeah I'd have the mtl but already have ivao ones.. Indeed, a batch file programmer would come handy here ;)
  13. IVAO MTL

    You would first need to obtain an IVAO pilot ID, then download the client to connect to IVAO network, then the MTL would install automatically.
  14. IVAO MTL

    Hi, anyone can use the new IVAO models, provided they use P3DV4.2.. if FSX is used it will not work. Thanks and kind regards.
  15. IVAO MTL

    Hello, The last VMR generator v10.8 doesn't support IVAO MTL, because of old models etc, but IVAO has recently updated the MTL library for those flying P3Dv4.2, I did install the new 64bit IVAO MTL library for P3Dv4.2 this morning and then did a test flight connecting to IVAO and no more black, invisible,no gear planes! (see pics, showing on IVAO this morning at EHAM..)!AudnYFFqh7Lb31WNJ0CbnJWcaGSy Please can an update be made to VMR Generator 10.8 to allow support for IVAO_MTL again as now they are fully 64bit P3dV4.2! Thanks and great software!