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  1. I am trying to load a flightplan on the 747-800 from simbrief or PFPX and it wont let me. How does it work Peter Smeal
  2. The Pictures that are in the DC-6 are the 747-400 They are in the Prepar3D Section Only Peter Smeal
  3. you can close this message. I had installed v4.3 from scratch and had the view problems. I then uninstalled it and re-installed v4.2 and changed the client to v4.3 and the views now work perfectly Peter
  4. no i am not using any 3rd party add ons Peter
  5. I know this isn't a pmdg thing, but does anybody know how to fix the view on P3D v4.3, It looks to far head and would usually press backspace to bring the view back to its normal state Peter Smeal
  6. In the PMDG Operations Center, Choose the 747V3 from the list of products, then choose the livery downloader Peter Smeal
  7. I would fly the 777 and when I am doing flying I always record How much fuel I used up. When I began flying the new 747-400 QOS II, I would complete a trip and when I turn the engines off the total fuel, in the FMC would erase the total fuel quantity and in the 777 it wouldn't erase until you turn back on the engines to complete another flight. Peter Smeal
  8. Should you start Prepar3d v3 with administrator rights on or off. Peter Smeal
  9. I was using prepar3d v3.1 and moved back to v2.5 because the pmdg 777 would always get errors over long flights and when I used v2.5 it worked better. Question is I installed v2.5 and it won't show the 737 or the 777 installed in the Operations Center Peter Smeal
  10. I just installed FSUIPC and everything above is working Peter Smeal
  11. The Landing lights on the 777 don't light up on the ground when on. The taki lights or landing lights don't light up on the ground when in VC. Peter Smeal
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