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    I have travelled around the world. Last trip was by freighter (Rickmers-Hamburg) and I spent 4 1/2 months on the oceans of the world. I have been to all USA states except Alaska (on my bucket list). I have always loved aircraft and now that I am retired I can enjoy flight simulation (I can't afford the real thing!).

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  1. Nice comparison. I am using Rex, VERY successfully and Rex has been very responsive in answering any questions.
  2. As of July 20, 2021 Microsoft/Asobo is recommending removing REX Global Airport Textures IF you are having CTDs. I have CTDs with certain airports (mostly small/medium) and removing REX Global Airport Textures stopped CTD. " Solution: Remove REX Real Global Airport Textures, Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics".
  3. No thank you, not at that price! Maybe Asobo will make some of those improvements in the near future?
  4. I always fly out of the airport I landed at. Depending upon how much time I have, I determine the greatest distance I want to fly. I always fly GA and normally like to have a view (so low rather than high). I do not use any planning tools. My mission is (1) hours, now at 890 and (2) as many airports as possible (420). Real world I figure this would have cost in expenses about $140,000 USD plus the cost of either renting or buying an airplane. My MSFS investment has a pretty good ROI!
  5. Would you mind sharing your MSFS graphic settings? Thank you!
  6. 823 as of today. Being retired helps with having the hours.
  7. Per Carenado no surprise if WT G1000 (3.7) does not work. “We asked our dev area and our aircraft are not design nor tested to work with such add on, thus, we can not guarantee its full functionality.” I have shared WT notes from 3.6 that explains the issue but we will have to wait and see if Carenado wants to do anything or if WT can make it work.
  8. Instead of getting rid of ground services they need to get all these vehicles off the taxiway s!!
  9. I am using the G1000 3.5 mod and do not have that problem.
  10. I have been stable with 21.2.2, might be different for each person depending upon their total system specs,
  11. The WT G1000 is not working for me. I use it in C172S and C182T. PFD works but MFD will not work.
  12. G1000 not working for me either. I get the PFD but the MFD does not work at all. I use it on C172 and Carenado 182T.
  13. This solution worked for me. I have MSFS from MS Store.
  14. I had a similar experience with Zendesk and the Visual C++ issue. My CTDs did go away, even using latest AMD driver, but yesterday I got a CTD as I was asking ATC for an approach assignment. This is similar to my first CTDs, months ago. Hopefully they will ID the real issue and fix it. It seems to be a situation where some kind of interrupt occurs and code thread is lost.
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