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    I have travelled around the world. Last trip was by freighter (Rickmers-Hamburg) and I spent 4 1/2 months on the oceans of the world. I have been to all USA states except Alaska (on my bucket list). I have always loved aircraft and now that I am retired I can enjoy flight simulation (I can't afford the real thing!).

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  1. There are people still looking for it and this article is the latest "find"? https://www.wsj.com/science/amelia-earhart-lost-plane-found-843e9e9c
  2. I read on the MSFS site that the slow open time might be related to 2 issues. 1. Following MS hype of everything to the cloud (that becomes a storage/money issue for MS), regardless of impact on User. 2. Someone made decision to compress (which requires a uncompressed on open) but NO warning (ie,e, PLEASE Wait DECOMPRESSING) message. Not a strong statement on ASOBO expertise.
  3. I agree, if I am not on the sim then I am on either AVSIM or MSFS Forum to hear about new productss, or features explained that I have explored yet. Retired and at 78 at least it keeps my mind engaged every day.
  4. Randall, did you ever get a response to this issue. It is now Appril 2023 I have started to have the same issue with the G1000 in the Beech G58.. Any suggestions other than the brightness setting? Any thing fron Working Title or MSFS Support? Thanks for any information.
  5. Roy, I am a youngster at 77 but VERY glad to see you are still active with the simulator. My first aircraft flight was in a Texan T-6 in Hawaii......got hooked on aviation and can't stay away from it. Bob
  6. +1 C-5 or C-17 would be awesome. But I want a C-130H or J even more.
  7. I just flew in the Canton (KCAK) and Akron (KAKR) areas and there was plenty of weather (clouds, cold and wind).....
  8. I have submitted several Zendesk tickets to request update/corrections to airport gate assignments. I have numerous default airports that have a lot of GA aircraft parked at gates of major airports. In FSX I knew how to “edit” airport data so that the correct type of aircraft were the only ones that could park at certain gates and also control the size of the gate area. Is there a relative easy way to “edit” airport gate characteristics (similar to what we could do in FSX) to make these changes since the issue is obviously very low on the Asobo list to correct the airports with these issues? Thanks for any and all advice or suggestions…
  9. I had all kind of weird things happen today with an earlier flight. I shut everything down and waited several hours to restart the flight. When I restarted I found many of my Options reset to anything but what I wanted. I went through all of the options to make sure things were set to what I had been using and started the flight with no problems. Azure did go out on me while flying but it did come back online.
  10. Live traffic is not working for me. Everything else ok. EDIT: Services came online while in a flight so I was able to get live weather turned on. I also turned on live traffic and Data but since Traffic had been forced to offline, in Conditions, when I started the flight I think that is why I can not start life traffic. EDIT2: Still no live traffic, even with everything turned on for live traffic.....😢 EDIT3: Also found out that you might have to restart the sim so that the server connections, which came online while I was flying, get reset so that you can get live traffic again.
  11. Down in San Antonio, Texas!!! I could not even get to the Flight Simulator web site. Not flying today!!!
  12. Bert, thanks for that link. Did a short flight at 5,000 ft and cruised along at 180 KTS!!! Nice!!!!
  13. Do these same principles 20C, 1st & last apply to the Baron as well for maximum performance?
  14. Nice comparison. I am using Rex, VERY successfully and Rex has been very responsive in answering any questions.
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