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  1. Sorry, after I finished the Phantom, I was bombarded with contracts. Currently working on an Airbus' exterior textures, while I can't disclose which or by who, it is turning out incredible. Here's a shot of the Phantom cockpit after it was finished. I still have the Substance files, and once Mark decides to do the Falcon for MSFS, I'll gladly texture it time providing.
  2. Negative, I am overloaded with my own products and contracts. If the Falcon comes to MSFS, I will indeed texture it, I have almost completely stopped developing and texturing for P3D.
  3. Already stated somewhere it wouldn't be included, it's all testing based. It also is done, it's up to the owner what they want in their interior. I have the Maddog, I'm not taking suggestions in any form currently, when I actually get back to this, i'll see. Remember this is courtesy work, I do not work for Flysimware, I do their textures as a courtesy in my spare time. Forgive me if I don't do everything everyone asks, but I won't break my back for free work like I have in the past.
  4. Now that i'm wrapping these Phantom's up, I can post a couple shots. I'll be moving on to learn some aspects of 3DS max, for some other projects, but also for the Falcon, so that I may go in and correct/re-map it with ease. That way we can get more realistic results for the textures/materials, as you will see in these screenshots. All in P3D v5, no alterations, no new shaders, no reshade, pure v5. Enjoy.
  5. Have not worked on the falcon since I posted those renders, as i'm currently doing two paying contracts simultaneously. I'm sure you can understand it taking a back seat when paying contracts take precedence. It'll get done, i'll be back on it as soon as possible. Have I ever let you all down? 😎 It's been requested I don't share any WIP shots that have not been shared by the owner already, but i'll say that it's an F-4 Phantom. Compared to the other F-4 Phantom available, I believe i've outdone said textures. Hit a whole new level of a detail on my end, super proud of it, so i'm being completely cocky. 🤣 Well, the seat screenshot I have with nothing else done around the cockpit had been shared, so why not, take a gander. Seat only, no ejection handles, etc, etc. Complete PBR, normal mapped, albedo is all. Here you go. Also a render, it's still not completely finalized, but you get the idea.
  6. To show you an answer to your question indirectly (this is for another Contract I just started) I would very much like to do glass effects for the Falcon (obviously not this old and worn, this is for Military/older fighter application) Here's a render.
  7. Here's a few before and afters of the cabin thus far. As usual, things subject to change. enjoy. BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER
  8. Not unless they are remapped. Which is the plan.
  9. Spent most of Yesterday and some of today tracking down an in-obvious issue, which eventually did and have corrected/will be corrected properly when project complete and compiled. After that, I decided it was too late to start new parts, so I began testing materials on the wood, running boards and table tops. (The red wood screenshots, while not finished, will be the default textures) Here I'll showcase my test results for a Light varnish "Tigerstripe" wood material, Gold plated trim and Carbon Fiber. If everything goes according to plan, I do plan on offering a PAID FOR service, in which I will cater to said recipient's requests for a custom interior. This will only be a texture customization, not model wise. It will include seats, interior shell, wood paneling and tabletops, the interior parts (such as AC vents, etc, etc, and carpet. That will be all 3 texture maps for each part, Diffuse, bump mapping(Which does mean you can have things engraved into seats, etc.) and Metallic maps. May also include one or two "generic" options for download on Avsim, or the Flysimware website. We will see how it all goes, just thought i'd throw the idea out there. Without further ado, here are the screenshots. First screenshot is of the unfinished default wood offering for the aircraft. The rest are my personal test of the "Tigerstripe" Carbon and Gold.
  10. I woke up 36 hours ago... 25 hours of that on these Yokes, and they should be finished, here they are. Now excuse me while I sleep for a day.
  11. I'll look at them at the end of the project.
  12. Top of the mornin' to ya, heading out for the day to run some much needed errands after working all night.. I offer the spoils of last nights debauchery: Here you see those beautiful yokes, in all of their PBR glory. Not final, of course, much tweaking there is... Also a little sneak on the throttle knobs..
  13. The difference a year and a half of learning, and practicing shows. Here's a few examples side by side in the exact angle, with time tried to match best I could. Got a little jumbled in the process. 😉 Mind you, there are a ton of parts either not finished, not final, or not done at all in both the cockpit and cabin.. Also worth noting, this is a fresh P3D v4 install, with only EnvShade/EnvTex, ASCA, AS16 and the likes. No tomatoeshade or anything, pure P3D PBR. Enjoy! Cockpit Overview First Officer view Glareshield back Cabin back Cabin forward - closed door Cabin forward - open door
  14. She looks good in the Sunrise.. HEAVY Work in progress shot.
  15. Don't ask when, don't ask why, just don't worry about. But seriously, i'm not gonna answer any questions about when, how long, or even IF. Mark is very busy. A show of what I have been doing in my boredom. Obviously it's the Falcon. And yes, they are ground up textures, and yes, it is entirely PBR thus far. Renders and a couple in sim shots. Again, seriously, no questions, and do NOT pester Mark about it, if it gets implemented, which i'm positive it will, it will be on his time. As always my work for Flysimware is free, but by all means, if you'd like to buy me a beer, a link in my signature will make that happen. 😉 Cheers
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