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  1. I noticed sometime recently that my Bing imagery had been updated in San Antonio Texas compared to original. Flying here in my hometown has alway been very good graphically, particularly with KSAT airport made by iniBuilds.
  2. Very minor issue - but anytime there is an update, MSFS always resets my monitor viewing mode to "Windowed" vs "Full Screen" which I prefer. Is there some reason/advantage that perhaps I should run in Windowed mode? I do not switch into other applications while flying.
  3. I went to the Leo Bodnar and could not find this product even using their search tool. It seemed everything was hardware. Could it possibly have been re-named or removed? (Program like DIView (free utlity from the LeoBodnar website) to inspect the output of the joystick) Thanks for any updates on this!
  4. Thanks for your comment. I was blissfully unaware of all the controversy, as I had not followed any of those threads. I am now all caught up, and while sad, am totally in support of the actions being taken by developers. Hope that the .to website does not devolve into .to.falling.down
  5. Thanks All. Strange how they quietly left fs.to. Got the latest update now!
  6. I was looking at Flightsim.to so I could update this great mod. On one day it showed unavailable for download. Now I am seeing nothing to indicate it even existed. Did I miss any news about a removal or take down?
  7. The Piper Cheyenne 400LS Twin Turboprop would be an awesome plane. First choice for builder would be from FSW. Of course A2A or Blackbird/Milviz would be great. Barring those, would be quite happy if Carendo took a shot at doing one!
  8. Well truth be told I was planning to buy unless I encountered a resounding thumbs down from purchasers of their airports. Will report back on my experience. Due to family schedule this will probably be in a couple of weeks.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I may get it since after all, it’s my hometown. I have a mid-range rig which does quite well overall. Cheers!
  10. Wondering if anyone has any experience with IniScene Airports? I see that they have released KSAT in San Antonio Texas (my home). Screen shots look exceptional on their website. Would love to purchase it, and it seems very reasonably priced. Details include interior modeling. I am concerned about how their sceneries affect performance. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Try golf as a hobby if you think Flight Simming is expensive! Just pace yourself with an occasional add-on, along with freeware. This is way less expensive than FSX or P3D. Really enjoying my hobby these days!
  12. Thank you all for the troubleshooting tips. What finally worked for me was launching the sim from within the MS Store. I guess they want to be sure the Marketplace is using your most current payment credentials. Would sure help if their problem prompts were more accurately descriptive. Looks like a fine jet to enjoy!
  13. I can download free content from the marketplace. Wondering if HJet is getting a lot of action. I will try tomorrow and keep your tips handy.Thanks!
  14. Can’t buy in the online store.Keep-getting a message that another transaction has not completed, try back again. Is this normal? My first in sim purchase!
  15. Just tried -still not fixed. The Flysimware website that comes up is not the correct one.
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