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  1. I am wondering same. Have the 2070RX non super. Asked a question here but only got one (but helpful) response. I followed up with my system specs which I should have included initially. Good luck and maybe we both will get some useful recommendations!
  2. Thanks Pgde Forgot to add my PC specs, they are here: EVGA Geforce RTX2070 8GB DDR I5 9600K 6 cores not overclocked Asus Tuf Z390 Pro-Gaming MB Corsair 750 watt PS Noctura NH-D9L air cooled WD Blue 1TB SATA 6Gbs 7200 Rpm Hard Drive for back up files Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD for Window and P3D Window 10 Professional
  3. Forgot to mention, I used P3D ver 4.5 and am pretty happy with 30 fps locked on current old 22" monitor
  4. Seems like a lot of questions and answers about what resolution a 2080 card can drive, However, I have the RTX2070 by EVGA. Would it be overworking to drive a 32" 4K monitor, or should I go for a QHD like the LG32GK850G running at 2560x1440. Any thoughts appreciated as I am looking to get a new monitor hopefully at a good price for the Holidays. Best Regards!
  5. Thanks Pete, I will probably give it a go!
  6. I have just done the same, and then updated the content also. No issues and no apparent changes so far. I am curious if I am missing out by not updating the Scenery component. Supposedly some new trees and buildings were added. I would think I might be required to reload my Orbx sceneries -which I don’t have a lot of. Also my UTX landclass files. My sim is running great and I worry about messing it up !!
  7. The SX product seems pretty nice. Only thing, unless not pictured, is a few of the large Maintenance hangers located near the tower are painted a bright orange/red IRL. They are pretty noticeable on approach. I modeled them from Google Earth for personal use when I used FSX. but they don't seem to show up on P3D. Probably my learning curve. I use the Ray Smith scenery which was updated by a gentlemen who placed it and some other airports here on AVSIM for P3D use. It is pretty decent overall. I live here in SAT, and yes - get out of town as much as you can in July and August!
  8. A scenery project of Cabo San Lucas, beaches, the famed arch, and MMSD could be a beautiful thing!
  9. Thanks Ernie . Kind of what I hoped and thought! I can ignore the old GEX menus etc. Really liking Orbx and although late to the party, i expect to add more - especially after I upgrade PC and add P3D.
  10. I bought and installed Global base. Reading the manual that was delivered - and it said you should uninstall GEX first. I did not, and am wondering what I should do? If I strart to uninstall GEX now, I get a warning as I have deleted my GEX back up sometime ago to save space. I am afraid it would uninstall my new Global texture files. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. Ray, Have not seen you on the forums in a while. I may have Thanked You before, and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying the work that You and the Mod team did. You have contributed much to this hobby with your real-world experience and devotion to Flight sims as well. I think you may be too under appreciated or unknown by many people, and I just wanted to give you a thumbs up for all of your hard work. We would be lost without people like you!
  12. Your contributions to this hobby are beyond compare. We have loved your products of very high quality, and the outstanding support you have given. You poured your hearts as well as your skills into your efforts. I know that you will continue at the same high levels in support of your families. I wish you well, Thanks, and Godspeed in this next and most important phase of your lives!
  13. I have two iPads. On the old one, I get what you described. The newest, though not latest model will at least still let me use the checklist feature, and approach charts if I get them via Dropbox. I think they decided to ditch this product and do other things. It's a shame they left us out to dry. This WAS a great product.
  14. Thanks Bob. I do have a bunch of PDFs so will convert to that use. Good idea on the backup!
  15. Sometime back I wrote that this software quit monthly updates and no longer appears in the App Store. Today it indicated an update was available, and when I clicked to update, it disabled all functions to view airports and approaches, which I could previously do with the outdated cycle. Metars and weather info is also no longer usable. It seems that only sectional charts and aircraft checklists continue to work ( so far). This was once a great app and it was a purchased product. I now feel cheated out of my money and am appalled at the sneaky approach they took to inactivate my app's features. Steer clear of this company and its other products -and if you have the app, don't try to "update it".
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